Where’s The Money At With Wizard World?

Wizard World has entered its latest SEC Filings for 2011, as they are obliged to do as a publically owned company, and there is some interesting reading. The thing about these filings is that they have to be brutally honest and direct, covering worst case scenarios for potential investors. They are intended to be read […]

DC Wins Big At The Diamond Gem Awards 2011

Diamond Comic Distributors has again awarded the winners of their Diamond Gem Awards for 2011. And DC Comics have wiped the board, with their name on eleven of the twenty-one awards.  Though now they are listed as DC Entertainment rather than DC Comics. DC has again won for Best Publisher, an award they have won […]

The Top 500 Graphic Novels Of 2011

We ran the top ten graphic novel sellers of 2011 a couple of days ago. Well, here is the top 500, distributed by Diamond to North American comic stores. We noted that there was no Marvel title in the top ten. Turns out there’s none in the top forty-eight, with Kick Ass coming in at […]

101 Films From 2011 That You Really Shouldn’t Have Missed

I think 2011 has turned out to be a vintage year with well on the way to 200 hundred new releases that I thought were easily worth the time and money that I spent on them. I’ve whittled that list down to the 101 films I think movie buffs should catch up with, for one […]

2011’s Biggest Box Office Hits, Both In The US And Around The World

Let’s contrast and compare the year’s biggest hits at the “domestic” American box office versus those that have performed best across the rest of the world. These would presumably be “non-domestic”… so that’s what, exactly? “Feral”? There are a good handful of differences to be uncovered and not just where Tintin is concerned. Here are […]

The French Comics Market In 2011

In the French comic book market, it’s been another year of growth, with 5327 comic book volumes published over 5165 last year. These are typically 48-72 page colour hardcover volumes. While there are 310 comic book publishers in France, four of them, Media Participations, Delcourt, Glenat and Flammarion take almost half the business, with Delcourt […]

The Odd And Interesting International Titles For Some Of 2011’s Movies

The mood has taken me this weekend to look into the international names for some of 2011’s movies. In most cases a film will travel overseas and keep its name intact, or be translated literally. In other cases, there’s been a swap made, to make a new title more appealing in this new marketplace. So, […]

Ch-Ch-Changes At The DCU For February

Rob Liefeld writing and drawing an issue of Hawk And Dove! With Batman in it! With big bat thighs that are wider than… Dove. Federico Dallacchio off Suicide Squad! Tom Raney on Suicide Squad! Keith Giffen not drawing O.M.A.C! Scott Koblish and Scott Kolins drawing it all now! Ivan Brandon off Men Of War! (But […]

Gendercrunching: DC And Marvel September 2011 – And Marvel 1996-2011

Tim Hanley writes for Bleeding Cool. September was a surprising month in several ways, with the DCnU books making a disappointing splash, ladywise, while an ignored Marvel quietly had its best month of the year. My apologies for the delay with this month’s stats. I know that September was a while ago now, but I […]

No Drop Off From #1 To #2 From September To October For DC Comics

Here’s the top 100 best selling comic books and graphic novels in the month of October in comic stores through Diamond Comic Distributors. This does not include UK sales, and items with an asterisk are returnable by the retailer for a small fee, and so have been reduced by DIamond by 10% to compensate. Superman […]

DC Comics Smashes Marvel Marketshare In October, Takes 51% Of Sales

Back in March this year, Marvel Comics had a 40% share of money spent on comics through Diamond Comic Distributors, and a 45% share of the number of comics sold. DC had only 27.62% and 31.5% share respectively. Well what a change half a year can make. After taking Marvel on marketshare for the month […]

Cosplay Sunday At MCM London Expo

What a fun day that was. And what fun costumes! Stories to come tomorrow but for now, here are a few to enjoy,with special praise for the feline costume with a working jaw! And the gallery is followed by a little dancing…

Rufus Dayglo’s Tank Girl Poster For London MCM Expo

This is Rufus Dayglo’s Tank Girl poster for next month’s MCM Expo London Comic Con, one of a hundred made for the show. Naturally Rufus will be there, also with the likes of Gail Simone,  John McCrea, David Hine, Hunt Emerson, Al Davison. And me, probably. Well, it is my local.

VIDEO: The Dragon*Con Cosplay Parade 2011

Thanks again to Bill Meeks of MeeksMixedMedia, embedded at Dragon*Con for Bleeding Cool for this video of the grand annual Dragon*Con parade of cosplayers through Atlanta. Wow, there’s over half an hour of footage here, from one viewpoint. Shout out anyone you know…

Fear Itself Gets Another Three Issues In Marvel November 2011 Solicitations

We gave you fifty-seven and a half Marvel solicitations yesterday. Well here are another twelve. And yes, I know, you thought Fear Itself finishes in October with issue 7. Well, Marvel have this thing called marketshare. So now we get Fear Itself #7.1, #7.2 and#7.3. Shameless, Marvel, absolutely shameless. FEAR ITSELF #7.1 Captain America Written […]

Fifty-Seven And A Half Marvel Comics Solicited For November 2011

Marvel’s November solicitations are a little later than usual. Maybe they’re trying to finish up a few. Bit they have sent a stack of finished solicitations to a number of comic book websites, only giving them a certain amount each. IGN, CBR and Newsarama, neither site seems inclined to link to the other. Not to […]

The Big Lie Isn’t Just A Truther Text… It’s An EC Comic

Rick Veitch is old school. Coming into comics in the seventies, he worked on  horror and war comics with a twist that were heavily influenced by the origins in William Gaines’ EC comics. Something nasty in the woodshed, a overall sense of foreboding, the grisly only finally revealed in the last panels. It’s a sensibility […]