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2000AD Vs JMS – Twilight Zones And Future Shocks

 JMS was quoted, talking about The Twilight Zone comic, saying You can't do a Twilight Zone story in ten pages, or one twenty-two page comic book; you need to be able to establish and develop the character, and that takes time. You could never do a single comic book with the depth of storytelling you'd […]

More On IDW's Rogue Trooper Rebellion

Here's some more detail spinning out of that IDW Judge Dredd/2000 AD panel. Remember reading the US reprint versions of the 2000 AD-related material in the late 80s / early 90s and being blown away by the creative greatness and wonderful weirdness of it all?  I'm betting a lot of you do.  2000 AD might […]

The Return Of Grant Morrison And Steve Yeowell's Zenith?

Zenith was 2000AD's first superhero strip, published in the eighties, written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Steve Yeowell. It basically got Morrison his gig on Animal Man, and the rest is history. Serialised over a number of years, it was collected in paperback, but then it seems a new printing was suddenly halted. It […]

BC Mag #1: Gaze Into The Fist Of Dredd!

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Gavin Lees In the mid-twentieth century, Britain began to build upwards. In place of the rubble and desolation caused by World War II, tower blocks were erected as quick solutions to house a booming population. They offered futuristic monuments to post-war progress and reassurance in the vision of government. It […]

The First 1500 Covers Of 2000AD

Thirty year's worth of the British weekly sci-fi comic 2000AD, flash flash flash… Watch as the price sloely creeps up, as the logo switches and switches back and how the comic almost seems to physically absorb Starlord and Tornado, like a hungry beast. A great way to start your day.

Leigh Gallagher Proposes By Comic. She Says Yes!

A couple of days ago in his blog, 2000AD artist Leigh Gallagher posted the following strip, in which he proposes to his long time girlfriend, Niki. And today we found out the answer… and it's a big yes! Leigh writes; Seriously, thank you so much for all the kind words guys. It was a bit […]