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Action Stations: Less Than 24 Hours Remaining in SYFY, BSG Auction

We very much enjoy sharing items from film and tv available through auctions, and the Battlestar Galactica collection STILL AVAILABLE is pretty great. Hosted on ScreenBid.com, this collection includes items from Ronald D. Moore‘s reimagined Battlestar Galactica series, including several cast-signed items. There are other SYFY series included too, like Warehouse 13 and 12 Monkeys. Perhaps the most OUTRAGEOUS/FRAKKING AWESOME […]

All the Glorious Science Fiction TV You Can (and Should) Watch This Year

When we keep saying it’s going to be a strong year for science fiction television, there are some obvious reasons why. Sure, I’m going to include some not ‘hard’ sci-fi shows (like the superhero ones), it’s a seriously impressive lineup of watchable offerings in 2018. I’m going to start with the series that just hit […]

SDCC 2017: SyFy Sets ‘Galactica’ Reunion, Live Comic-Con Recaps

With only a little over two weeks to go before Comic-Con International descends upon the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC 2017), Syfy is planting its programming flag loudly and proudly at the mecca of pop culture with over 15 panels and events schedule over the course of the four days. SyFy won’t just be bringing […]

Violence Begets Violence – Todd Stashwick On What Made Deacon A Sociopath

In a new 12 Monkeys behind-the-scenes video from Syfy, actor Todd Stashwick talks about the violent past of his character of Deacon and how the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father lead him to being a sociopath. It’s a rather interesting take on the character as the actor believes Deacon fears the […]

12 Monkeys Season Two Trailer Has Some Fun With Time Travel

Though the characters on Syfy‘s 12 Monkeys are engaged in a serious mission to prevent a nasty plague from spoiling the future, they appear to be having some fun with their trek across time in the trailer for the upcoming second season. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-fKrFNa1aU[/youtube] 12 Monkeys returns April 18th.

Reflecting On The Future Of 12 Monkeys

By Brandon Engel While Terry Gilliam may have gotten his start in the comedy troupe Monty Python, he has become something of an authority when it comes to dark, genre filmmaking. All of Terry Gilliam’s early films had at least some elements of science-fiction or fantasy stories, including Time Bandits and Brazil, but he became […]

SyFy Releases Trailer For New 12 Monkeys Series

SyFy has released the first trailer for their new series 12 Monkeys based on the Bruce Willis film from 1995. The new series follows Cole (Aaron Stanford) as he is sent back in time from 2043 to find and stop the source of a plague that will annihilate the human race. The Series also stars Amanda Schull,Kirk Acevedo, Barbara […]

More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys: SyFy Network’s 12 Monkeys Panel

Adam Wolfe writes for Bleeding Cool: Justin harp dove straight into the action, letting the crowd see a 10 minute exclusive (though he admitted that some people saw the entire piolet last night so I don’t know how exclusive it could have been) footage of 12 Monekys. The scene opens with a decimated post-apocalyptic world. […]