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bubble tea ellicott city

Nerd Food: Bubble Tea from Tea-Do in Ellicott City

Bubble tea is impossibly popular right now. From kiosks in the mall selling the delicious drink to kiosks in Disney World, you can find bubble tea almost everywhere now. In Baltimore (and the surrounding areas) alone there are dozens of tea shops. One such place is Tea-Do in Ellicott City! I played it safe and […]

Nerd Food: Smoke BBQ is the Perfect Way to Ring in Summer

There’s something about BBQ and warm June afternoons that make me feel like a kid again. Usually I just grill at home, but currently I don’t own grill. Luckily for me, Smoke in Cockeysville, MD makes some damn good BBQ. This modern American BBQ restaurant has two locations in Maryland — the aforementioned Cockeysville location, […]

frozen desert violet lemonade epcot 2018

Nerd Food: Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade from Epcot

Purple is all the rage at Disney World right now. From the famous purple wall in Tomorrowland to the friendly purple dragon Figment, there’s no end to purple power in Disney! One of this year’s most popular (and Instagrammable) treats at the 2018 Flower and Garden Festival was the frozen desert violet lemonade, found at the […]

epcot potato pancakes

Nerd Food: Potato Pancakes with House-Made Applesauce from Bauernmarket in Epcot

During Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, guests have the opportunity to try many new foods not commonly offered in Epcot. In the Germany Pavilion, the Bauernmarket kiosk offers German drinks and light fare such as this: potato pancakes with house-made applesauce! Potato pancakes with applesauce are nothing new to me — we eat them during […]

disney world epcot bubble tea

Nerd Food: Bubble Tea at Joy of Tea in Epcot

I drink bubble tea fairly regularly. I enjoy milk tea with tapioca bubbles, which is a classic bubble tea combo. Lucky for me, Disney World has one spot that does sell it: The Joy of Tea! The kiosk is right outside the China Pavilion inside the World Showcase in Epcot. Bubble tea is a staple […]

rice cream norway pavilion epcot

Nerd Food: Rice Cream at the Norway Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase

While spending time at Epcot last week, I did what I do best: try different types of food. This was an easy task since the Flower and Garden Festival was also going on, so there was even more food than normal! I admit that I seldom spend time in the Norway Pavilion. Since it’s mostly […]

birthday cake ice cream disney world

Nerd Food: Birthday Cake Ice Cream at Disney World’s Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

One of my favorite things to do it grab an ice cream cone and people watch in Disney World. Seriously — if you’ve never sat down alongside Main Street USA and watched everything, you’re missing out. There’s something magical and timeless about Main Street USA, and paired with an ice cream cone from Plaza Ice […]

columbia harbour house disney world

Nerd Food: Having Lunch at Disney World’s Columbia Harbour House

Lunch time at Disney World can be particularly busy. I’ve always planned to eat either an early or late lunch, avoiding the 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. crowds. Most lunch places don’t open till 11 a.m. in the parks anyhow, so I have a nice 30-minute window of mostly empty restaurants. Generally I try to eat at […]

millennial pink brownie cupcake disney world

Nerd Food: Millennial Pink Brownie Cupcake at the Confectionery in Magic Kingdom

There’s something about the trendy millennial pink color. It’s fun, it makes me happy, and it lends itself to just about everything. Inside the Main Street Confectionery in Magic Kingdom, the creative bakers and creators have come up with fun ways to celebrate the color in their food! This Millennial Pink Mickey brownie cupcake is just one […]

japan crate mochi

Nerd Food: Mochitto Ichigo from Japan Crate

Oh my gosh, I love mochi. It’s one of my favorite Japanese treats. Not sure what mochi is? Well, according to Google… Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. I’ve had mochi filled with ice cream, red bean, green bean, and more. This time I’m having it with a […]

Nerd Food: Get Energized with Green Tea from Tenzo Tea

I tend to wake up everyday at 5 a.m. Most days I function just fine and I’m usually in bed by 10. But some days (like today) I’m up later for various reasons. I don’t really like to rely on traditional energy drinks to keep me going, and I don’t drink a lot of coffee. […]

punch in the face cold brew coffee

Nerd Food: Nitro Punch in the Face Cold Brew Coffee from Backyard Beans

Ooooh, coffee. I don’t drink it terribly often, but when I do, I like it strong. Backyard Beans makes a number of coffees for you to pick from, but I was instantly drawn to their Nitro Punch in the Face Cold Brew Coffee. Backyard Beans was even cool enough to provide a handy dandy video […]

Star Wars Popsicles

Nerd Food: These Star Wars Popsicles are Perfect Makeshift Lightsabers

May is a big Star Wars month. Between May the Fourth and the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, there’s plenty of Star Wars to go around. Naturally, this means there’s plenty of food out there too. Popsicle is normally my go-to treat for the summer, and these Star Wars-themed pops seemed like the perfect […]

hulk out tea nerdfelt

Nerd Food: Hulk Out Green Tea from Nerdfelt Tea

On Mondays we all need a way to get the stress out. Some work out, some go to happy hour, and some relax with a nice cup of tea. As you all know I drink tea fairly regularly, as it does calm me down. Today I’m drinking Hulk Out tea from Nerdfelt Tea, a delicious […]

spicy skittles

Nerd Food: Sweet Heat Skittles Give Your Mouth a Spicy Kick

Generally I shy away from spicy foods. They upset my stomach and make my acid reflux go insane. I’m sure many of you feel my pain. These spicy Sweet Heat Skittles have been out for over a month at this point, and honestly? I’ve never seen them in a store nor have I heard people […]

solo chewie cake cups

Nerd Food at Home: Don’t Fly Solo When Enjoying These Chewbacca Cake Cups

Are you excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story? Well, even if you’re not, there’s no denying these Chewie Cake Cups are simply adorable. These are the perfect addition to any Star Wars viewing party! Ingredients 1 box chocolate cake mix + required ingredients 1 box chocolate pudding mix + required ingredients 1/2 Cup semisweet […]

millennial pink milkshake disney springs

Nerd Food: This Millennial Pink Milkshake is to Die For

So you have the millennial pink spirit jersey and ears but have you tried the newest sweet treat? Introducing the Millennial Pink Shake from Vivoli il Gelato topped with pink sprinkles, strawberry crispearls, and a fresh strawberry! 🎀🍓 — Disney Springs (@DisneySprings) April 17, 2018 Disney is really going all out with this trendy […]

japan crate plum candy

Nerd Food: Dragon Plum Candy from Japan Crate

Traditional Japanese candy and cuisine have been a staple in my diet for some time. I know I’ve been talking about Japan Crate a lot lately, and for good reason. They send over unique and fun Japanese snacks, which also includes traditional candy — such as this Dragon Plum candy! I’ve never had Dragon Plum […]