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“Wattam” Will Be Getting A Vinyl Soundtrack From Iam8bit

Annapurna Interactive and iam8bit have announced this week that they will be producing a vinyl soundtrack for the upcoming game Wattam. Along with it will be three specially designed physical PS4 copies for fans to choose from. The pre-orders will be available starting on Thursday, December 12th at 10 a.m. PDT. Sadly, the soundtracks won’t […]

Singer Marie Fredriksson (right) of Roxette during performance in Prague, Czech republic, June 5, 2011

Remembering Roxette’s Marie Fredriksson

On a dark Wednesday evening in 1994, dad and I were driving to our local comic book shop. Sports radio is all he would listen to. But on this night, he asked me if I wanted to listen to this album he just bought. It was called Crash! Boom! Bang! and performed by Marie Fredriksson […]

Why is the Billie Eilish-Van Halen Controversy Still a Thing? [OPINION]

Billie Eilish & Van Halen: Why Is This “Controversy” Even A Thing? [OPINION]

Billie Eilish committed the biggest “sin” in music: not knowing who Van Halen is. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host quizzed the 17-year old on ’80s pop culture. Among the icons she missed were Huey Lewis, Run-DMC, and Cabbage Patch Dolls. Since the appearance, social media shamed Eilish for her ignorance of […]

Laced Records Will Be Releasing A “Gears 5” Vinyl Soundtrack

Laced Records announced today that they have partnered with The Coalition and Xbox Game Studios to release the Gears 5 soundtrack on vinyl. You can pre-order them right now for $35 as there are two versions: one with standard black vinyl and one with red and orange vinyl for those hardcore fans. They will be […]

Tetris Effect Celebrates The One-Year Anniversary With A Vinyl Soundtrack

“Tetris Effect” Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With A Vinyl Soundtrack

Enhance will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Tetris Effect as they partner with Limited Run Games to release a vinyl soundtrack. There will be a 2LP and a 4LP version, with the latter having a limited amount, both of which we have details about below. Along with that, they will also be releasing a […]

Two More "Resident Evil" Soundtracks Come To Vinyl

Two More “Resident Evil” Soundtracks Come To Vinyl

Capcom and Laced Records announced today that we’ll be seeing two more Resident Evil games have their soundtracks added to vinyl. The two in question will be for Resident Evil CODE: Veronica and Resident Evil 0. Both of which we have photos of the packaging and details of the releases. Both double vinyl sets are […]

The Soundtrack To "Borderlands 3" Is Coming To Vinyl

The Soundtrack To “Borderlands 3” Is Coming To Vinyl

2K Games and Gearbox Software have partnered up with Laced Records again to release Borderlands 3‘s original soundtrack onto vinyl. There are two versions of it that you can pre-order now. The first is a 17-track double LP package with two audiophiles’ heavyweight 180g discs, one red and one white, housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. […]

"League Of Legends" Is Getting An Anniversary Vinyl Soundtrack

“League Of Legends” Is Getting An Anniversary Vinyl Soundtrack

This morning, Riot Games and iam8bit announced they would be releasing a special 10th-anniversary vinyl soundtrack for League Of Legends. The collector’s 2xLP vinyl set is available for purchase on their website for $40, and they are shipping immediately. Here’s a few details about what is going to end up being a must-own item for […]

The “Mega Man” Original Soundtrack Collection Is Coming To Vinyl

This morning, Laced Records and Capcom announced they would be releasing the full collection of Mega Man soundtracks on vinyl. Before you start assuming this is everything under the sun, it’s not. This is specifically everything int he main Mega Man series, so from the first NES game to last year’s release of Mega Man […]

"Cuphead" Soundtrack Hits #1 On The Billboard Jazz Charts

“Cuphead” Soundtrack Hits #1 On The Billboard Jazz Charts

Studio MDHR announced a new milestone for Cuphead this week as the game’s soundtrack is currently charting on Billboard’s Jazz charts. As of when we post this, the vinyl soundtrack released by iam8bit is currently #1 on the Billboard Jazz Charts. It is also currently #1 on the Billboard Traditional Jazz Charts and #6 on […]

Composer Garry Schyman To Score "Battle Planet - Judgement Day"

Composer Garry Schyman To Score “Battle Planet – Judgement Day”

Some cool news this weekend from Wild River Games as composter Garry Schyman will be composing the soundtrack to Battle Planet – Judgement Day. The gaming is coming on a yet to be refined September 2019 release date, but before that happens, they wanted to spruce up the soundtrack just a hair. You can hear […]

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time" Soundtrack Goes Vinyl

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time” Soundtrack Goes Vinyl

Some cool news for retro gaming fans as the soundtrack for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time will be coming to vinyl this year. Nickelodeon and Konami have partnered with iam8bit to release the soundtrack in a couple of different forms, with pre-orders going live on Thursday morning. The two versions you can snag […]

"Endless Legend" Double Vinyl Release Is Coming In August

“Endless Legend” Double Vinyl Release Is Coming In August

Some cool news for Endless Legend fans as the game will be getting a vinyl release for the soundtrack next month with select tracks. This album is basically a compilation of all their best works from the Definitive Edition, as well as having tracks from the expansions like Echoes of Auriga, Shifters, Tempest, and Symbiosis. You can already pre-order […]

Several “Final Fantasy” Soundtracks Dropped on Apple Music and Spotify

The Final Fantasy games have some of the most compelling soundtracks in video games, hands down. Sure, there are plenty of other game soundtracks that come to mind when you think of “best game soundtrack” but the Final Fantasy series doesn’t slack on that front at all. Pretty much every one of their soundtracks can hijack […]

When London Wembley Made BTS Cry by Singing 'Young Forever'

BTS – When London Wembley Made Them Cry, Singing ‘Young Forever’

Last night at London’s Wembley stadium in front of a 60-90,000 strong audience, the Korean pop band BTS played their second of two nights. It was part of their World Tour, before going on later this week to play France. As a special surprise for my eldest daughter Eve, after some particularly strong school reports […]

Mother Soundtrack Vinyl pink

Ship To Shore Confirms Repressing Of Mother/Earthbound Soundtracks

Fans of the Earthbound/Mother games are about to get an awesome treat as the soundtracks are getting a second pressing on vinyl. The label Ship To Shore Phono Co. made a new post on their Twitter account last week letting fans know that Mother and Mother 2 had just received repressings in a limited quantity. […]

Square Enix Teases The Chrono Trigger Soundtrack Revival Disc

Square Enix Teases The Chrono Trigger Soundtrack Revival Disc

Square Enix has put out a new trailer this week teasing us with everything that will be in the Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack Revival Disc. The company teased the album last month as you’ll get both MP3 versions of all the songs and an interactive video menu that allows you to go back and relive […]

Atlus Releases a Persona Dancing Video With Lotus Juice and DJ WAKA

Atlus Releases a Persona Dancing Video With Lotus Juice and DJ WAKA

Do you need a little more Persona 3 and Persona 5 dancing in your life? Atlus has the answer for you as they released a brand new music video. The video, which features Lotus Juice and DJ WAKA, is helping promote the Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019 concert that will take place in Tokyo […]

Cuphead is Coming to Vinyl as Studio MDHR Collaborates With iam8bit

Cuphead is Coming to Vinyl as Studio MDHR Collaborates With iam8bit

If you’re a fan of the Cuphead soundtrack and haven’t been tortured by it after dying hundreds of times, you’ll be happy to hear it’s coming to vinyl. Studio MDHR has collaborated with iam8bit, who basically release most of the game soundtracks you love onto vinyl, to present both a 2-LP and a special 4-LP […]

Devil May Cry 5 Is Getting It’s Own Vinyl Soundtrack

Good news for Devil May Cry 5 fans as Capcom has partnered with Laced Records to release a vinyl edition of the game’s soundtrack. There’s also a CD version, but let’s be honest, talking about the vinyl version is cooler. The deluxe x4LP, x2LP and x5CD box sets are available for pre-order now as they […]