Check Out the New International Aquaman “Fish Boy” Trailer

Warner Bros. aquatic superhero film Aquaman is getting ready to splash into theaters in just under two months, and that means we’re getting more trailer/tv spot/international trailer goodies. The most recent is the “Fish Boy” trailer, which is *technically* a 30 second tv spot, but ALSO has what looks like an international trailer attached to […]


JoBlo Releases ‘Aquaman’ Trailer in Retro 8-Bit Style

James Wan‘s Aquaman is right around the corner, and we could not be more excited to see the Warner Bros. flick about the King of Atlantis and his journey to become so. Our friends over at have just released the newest entry in their 8-Bit Trailers library, a retro look (and feel) to the Aquaman trailers already […]

New Aquaman Image Shows Off Atlantean Technology

One of the scenes fans in Hall H got to see from Aquaman was Arthur and Mera going to what appeared to be ancient Atlantean ruins in the middle of the desert. We’ve seen them getting to that location in the trailer, jumping out of the plane, but we got to see the two of […]

DC and Warner Bros. Have Big Plans for Black Manta After Aquaman

Fans of the villainous Black Manta shouldn’t be worried about him being a one-and-done villain in Aquaman. It sounds like DC and Warner Bros. are planning on keeping the character around for a little while. Cinema Blend spoke to producer Peter Safran, who made it sound like they were planning on keeping not only Black […]

New Motion Poster for Aquaman Teases the Boy Becoming a Man

Warner Bros. has released a new motion poster for Aquaman. This one shows a young Arthur Curry standing behind fish at the aquarium and moves to the image from the poster of the adult Arthur standing in front of fish under water. Home is calling. #Aquaman – In theaters December 21. — Aquaman Movie […]

Aquaman Is Getting an In-Universe Prequel Novel

Aquaman might be heading to the big screen this year with his first solo outing but he’s jumping to the novel first. According to Heroic Hollywood and later confirmed via the Harper Collins website that Aquaman is going to get a picture book guide for kids and a prequel novel aimed for young adults. The […]

Aquaman: Amber Heard Says Mera Is Her Own Superhero

The scene stealer in the Aquaman trailer certainly appears to be Mera played by actress Amber Heard. It looks like she’s going to have an interesting dynamic with Aquaman and her power over water makes her a little more powerful than him. spoke to Heard about Mera’s motivations when we meet her in the […]

Maybe Jason Momoa Dropped an Aquaman Spoiler During SDCC

First and foremost, HOW HAPPY ARE WE TO HAVE THE AQUAMAN TRAILER FINALLY?! Thanks to director James Wan for making sure the Hall H audience at San Diego Comic-Con got some amazing visuals during the Warner Bros. presentation. There were two, yes, TWO, trailers shown during the Aquaman portion of the panel, and both were amazing. The first was […]

Check Out Pretty Much the Entire Cast of Aquaman on New Magazine Cover

Den of Geek is releasing a special issue of their magazine, and the cover is something really special. We get a first look at things such as Ocean Master’s helmet and a first look at Dolph Lundgren as Nereus. There are some insane-looking creatures in there as well, and considering that human beings have zero […]

Director James Wan Talks About the Tone of Aquaman

There is only one way to keep things interesting in the superhero genre, and that is diversity of tone. The fact that the Marvel movies can have Captain America: The Winter Soldier on one of the end spectrum and Guardians of the Galaxy in another is important. We haven’t really seen that much of diversity […]

James Wan Had a Request for the Producers of Justice League Concerning Aquaman

There had to be a level communication when it came to what aspects of Aquaman were introduced in Justice League and what they decided to hold back on. Producer Peter Safran recently spoke to Cinema Blend about what director James Wan specifically wanted let out of Justice League and how they could do about complying […]

Aquaman: The Black Manta Suit Is Straight out of the Comics

We’re learning more about Aquaman as the days go by, and this time we get some more information about one of the villains. Black Manta, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, already looks great from the one image we’ve seen so far. It’s always fun to see comic-accurate costumes in superhero movies, and Collider spoke to […]

James Wan Talks About Keeping Aquaman a Self-Contained Film

It seems like we’ve been waiting for forever for any information about Aquaman, and now the set visit information is finally starting to come out. spoke to director James Wan about how he wants to keep this separate from other DC movies. At the time of this set visit we hadn’t even seen Justice […]

Aquaman Producer Talks Changes to the DC Universe Going Forward

To say there’s a lot on the line when it comes to Aquaman is a bit of an understatement. While Wonder Woman might have justified the DC Extended Universe existing, they really needed Justice League to stick the landing. No matter what fans of that movie say — and they do exist, and that’s fine […]


Aquaman Brings on the Composer from Wonder Woman

Film Music Reporter has learned that Aquaman has found its composer. They are bringing on Rupert Gregson-Williams, who previously did the music for Wonder Woman. There were a lot of things to like about Wonder Woman, but one of the standouts was absolutely the soundtrack. Gregson-Williams made the music of Wonder Woman really fit not […]