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Serious Casting Suggestion: Matt Berry as Wolverine?

Serious Casting Suggestion: Matt Berry as Wolverine?

Man, this suddenly feels a lot like Wizard Magazine: A Guide To Comics but I’m rolling with it. Whoever makes another Marvel X-Men movie with Wolverine in it, please consider casting Matt Berry. He’s not a ‘pretty boy’ like Hugh Jackman and he’s certainly not ripped. But he’s relatively short, stocky and he’s not shy […]

“Doctor Sleep” is a Cover Band Sequel to “The Shining” [Review]

“Doctor Sleep” is a Cover Band Sequel to “The Shining” [Review]

The movie version of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s decades-later sequel to The Shining, arrived with a ton of hype and mostly positive reviews. Writer-director Mike Flanagan is probably the best adapter of King stories. He’s a massive King fan and meticulous, serious and thoughtful filmmaker. King reportedly disliked the Stanley Kubrick adaptation of The Shining […]

[Op-Ed] Theater Owners And Voters Must Embrace Streaming Services

Theater Owners and Voters Must Embrace Streaming Services

The times they are changing. Instead of having one or two options for entertainment it seems that we have hundreds of different options. Now, more than ever it seems that going to the theater to see the latest and greatest release is the exception rather than the rule. Streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney […]

Jojo Rabbit Shouldn't Be A Problematic Film For Disney

What “Jojo Rabbit” Has to Say About Redemption (Spoilers)

In my final year of college, my long-time Hebrew professor, a very guarded woman when it came to her personal life, came into class one morning and told the story about how Nazis ruined her family. She told us about her family members who had been in concentration camps and the family’s eventual run to […]

Castle of Horror: The Stephen King Retrospective

Castle of Horror: The Shining (1997): The Stephen King Retrospective

In the lobby of the lovely Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado sits a gift shop, right next to the wide, wooden central stair. The gift shop long ago embraced the one thing that the Stanley is most famous for above all else: its place as the inspiration, so the legend goes, for Stephen King’s […]

Stephen King Adaptations That Could Use a Remake [OPINION]

Stephen King Adaptations That Could Use a Remake

Stephen King is the most adapted author in the modern era with 48 theatrical, 26 television, and 17 derivative projects. That’s not counting comic books or remakes. With the release of his latest adapted work Doctor Sleep in theaters, here are five titles we could revisit. The Running Man (Stephen King as Richard Bachman) In […]

James Dean Resurrected Through CGI in Vietnam War Drama “Finding Jack”

Why James Dean’s Posthumous Casting is Not Worth the Outrage [OPINION]

A few angry Hollywood voices spoke out against Magic City Films. The studio cast the late James Dean in the Vietnam War drama Finding Jack and they plan to recreate the 24-year old actor, who died in 1955, through CGI. Critics took to social media to express their outrage. Starts with James Dean, Who’s Next? Knives […]

From "Casablanca" to "Grave of the Fireflies": Twelve Must See WWII Films

From “Casablanca” to “Grave of the Fireflies”: 12 Must See WWII Films

Beginning in 1945 the heroic and tragic events of World War Two have served as inspiration for thousands of films and counting. Midway comes out this week and the best estimate numbers these films over 1,300, and this does not account for documentaries or even cold war propaganda films. It could take a lifetime to […]

Big Trouble in Little China: Sidekick in Red Lipstick (Neon Cinema)

Big Trouble in Little China: Sidekick in Red Lipstick (Neon Cinema)

In 1986 John Carpenter, horror movie auteur and all-around fantastic synthesizer champion, put something remarkable before unsuspecting audiences. That movie was Big Trouble in Little China, and it featured Kurt Russell as Jack Burton, a truck-driving blowhard with delusions of grandeur. The fact that Jack Burton was not the hero of the movie, a schlocky […]

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Castle Talk: Frank Sabatella on The Shed: Suspense, Bullying, and Monsters

This week, Castle Talk podcast chatted with Frank Sabatella, writer and director of the new film The Shed. The Shed tells the story of a bullied young man Stan (Ja Hay Warren) and his best friend Dommer (Cody Kostro) discover a murderous vampire living in Stan’s shed. Seeing the bloodshed and destruction the monster is capable of, Stan knows he has […]

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Don’t Blame ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’s’ Box-Office On This Cast

Terminator: Dark Fate will go down as one of the biggest flops of 2019 and will likely cost the studio over 100 million dollars in losses. Now it would be easy to point out and shout from the rooftops that this somehow tied to there being three female leads in the cast, but that would be […]

“Good Morning, Midnight” Demian Bichir Cast in George Clooney Sci-Fi Film

Demian Bichir is one of the busiest working actors now that he joins the George Clooney post-apocalyptic science fiction feature Good Morning, Midnight for Netflix. Directing and starring, Clooney plays Augustine, who is a stranded scientist in the arctic and tries contacting a spaceship, according to Variety. Story of Good Morning Midnight Based on the […]

2019 Fall Preview: What Disney/Fox Movies Bleeding Cool Staff are Hyped For (Yes, Star Wars)

“Frozen 2” Focuses Heavily on the Sister Bond Between Anna and Elsa

One of the things that a lot of people liked about Frozen was the focus on the bond between sisters Anna and Elsa. There haven’t been a lot of Disney movies that have focused on a sibling bond over a romantic relationship. People have been waiting for five years to see what kind of sequel Disney would […]

Star Wars: Naomi Ackie Got Advice from Kelly Marie Tran About Trolls

Star Wars: Naomi Ackie Got Advice from Kelly Marie Tran About Trolls

The Star Wars fandom has done a lot of good over the years. They have raised money for charity, helped petition sick fans to see the movies early, and a whole bunch of other good things. It hasn’t been all good though; fans have Star Wars have a reputation for taking out character details they […]

"Jurassic World 3" is Bringing Back Two Cast Members from "Fallen Kingdom

“Jurassic World 3” is Bringing Back Two Cast Members

The cast of Jurassic World 3 continues to grow. We found out back in September that Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill would be returning for the third movie on top of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. It seems that some more familiar faces from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be returning as well. According to Collider Justice […]

"Midway" Review: Another Mid-Tier World War II Movie

“Midway” Review: Another Mid-Tier World War II Movie

Midway is, unfortunately, a rather mid-tier World War II movie that makes the Battle of Midway feel oddly secondary in a movie bearing its name. Director: Roland Emmerich Summary: The story of the Battle of Midway, told by the leaders and the sailors who fought it. When it comes to World War II movies there […]

"Jojo Rabbit" Review: A Powerful Comedy That Covers Difficult Topics Brilliantly

“Jojo Rabbit” Review: A Powerful Comedy That Covers Difficult Topics Brilliantly

Jojo Rabbit aims to tackle the difficult subject matter blind devotion and a coming-of-age film with grace and comedic flair that just works. Director: Taika Waititi Summary: A young boy in Hitler’s army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home. The coming-of-age story paired with the imaginary friend trope is […]

“Paranormal Activity 7” Receives Official 2021 Release Date

Another Paranormal Activity film is in the works and now after wondering when we can expect the film to hit theaters, Paramount has finally given us an official release date. On March 19, 2021, 14 years after the initial release of the first in the franchise, Paranormal Activity will return to theaters to continue expanding […]