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Was That Merry from "Lord of the Rings" in the "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" Trailer?

Was That Merry from “Lord of the Rings” in the “Star Wars” Trailer?

Eagle-eyed viewers have now had a couple of days to pore over the trailer for the final movie in the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. People have identified a startling number of the bazillion ships in that mind-busting shot with the Millenium Falcon, a familiar VCX-100 that is almost certainly the Ghost from […]

Ranking Live Action “Superman” Actors [OPINION]

“Superman”: Ranking Our Live-Action “Last Sons of Krypton” [OPINION]

The CW‘s upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths mega crossover event is attempting to bridge across multiple DC superheroes from its various live action incarnations – including their champion, Superman. What’s amazing about the effort is the actors they were able to secure – with Tom Welling, Tyler Hoechlin, and Brandon Routh to reprise their roles […]

The Enduring Gravity of Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”

The Great Dictator is a 1940 American film starring, written, produced, scored, and directed by Charlie Chaplin. This was Chaplin’s first true talking picture as well as his most commercially successful film. Today this 80-year-old film is not only still startlingly poignant, but staggeringly relevant. The Great Dictator is arguably Charlie Chaplin’s best and most […]

Alita: Battle Angel

Edward Norton Talks Opting For “Alita: Battle Angel” Over “Avatar”

Actor Edward Norton was recently featured in the film Alita: Battle Angel for a cameo that set up a potential sequel, but as it turns out there’s a little more to the story. Norton recently discussed his role in Alita: Battle Angel, which actually came in place of appearing in the highly anticipated Avatar II. […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

“Zombieland: Double Tap” Early Draft Featured “Ghostbusters” Reunion

Zombieland: Double Tap almost had a different post-credit ending if things went as planned. The theatrical post-credit scene bore little to do with the overall plot of the film. It makes up for an event during the first film. There are SPOILERS from here on out. . . . The original post-credit scene had Bill […]

Human Lost: A Futuristic Thriller Brings the Popular Novel to Life

“Human Lost”: A Futuristic Thriller Brings the Popular Novel to Life

The anime film Human Lost tackles a cyberpunk future with intensity and a surprising showing of heart as one of Japan’s most established stories is brought to life. The film follows Yoza Oba, a struggling man who’s privy to strange dreams that ultimately change the direction of his life in this unique adaptation. Based on […]

"Trick r' Treat 2" Possibility Remains Up to Legendary Pictures

“Trick r’ Treat 2” Possibility Remains Up to Legendary Pictures

The Halloween themed Trick ‘r Treat has earned itself a cult following over the years and many have hoped that the franchise could receive a chance to return once again. After the possibility being brought up by director Michael Dougherty, there hadn’t been any official word until he recently spoke up about the project and […]

Kaneda and Motorcycle Crew, from "Akira" 1988

Taika Waititi Gives Update on Live Action “Akira” Film

Akira fans have been waiting several years to see what could happen with a potential live-action film and its likeliness has teetered ever since conversations began. Now, director Taika Waititi is giving us a little more information on the Hollywood adaptation of the popular anime film as well as when we can expect it to […]

Jason Momoa Says He Pitched The Concept For "Aquaman 2"

Jason Momoa Says He Pitched The Concept For “Aquaman 2”

There’s no denying that Warner Bros. Aquaman is one of the best DC projects in recent years, with overwhelming success from both critics and audiences. With that acclaim came the desire for a sequel, and Aquaman star Jason Momoa has now revealed that he’s playing a role in the discussions for the proposed Aquaman 2. […]

Robert Pattinson Talks “The Batman” and Bringing a Complex Hero to Life

With every casting announcement, Matt Reeve’s film The Batman is building itself up to me a major film for the DCEU with Robert Pattinson taking on the role of the Dark Knight. The actor has shared his thoughts on the upcoming film, how this Batman isn’t your standard hero and his admiration for Reeve’s creativity. […]

“Venom 2”: Naomie Harris Tapped to Play Shriek

Sony’s up the ante on Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) will contend with Shriek as she joins Carnage for the Venom sequel. Naomie Harris is in talks to play the Marvel villain, according to Variety. The post-credit scene of 2018’s Venom focuses on incarcerated serial killer and redhead Cletus Kasaday (Woody Harrelson), who ends up evoking […]

Report: 'The Batman' Will Have Rouges Gallery Members Penguin, Catwoman

Warner Bros. Continues Their Search For Penguin in “The Batman”

Matt Reeve’s upcoming DC project The Batman has recently found two of the three villains said to be in the film, and now the search for the final Gotham based criminal continues. After the announcement of Jonah Hill’s choice to pass on the film and the news of Paul Dano playing The Riddler, reports are […]