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The "Trials of Mana" Remake Looks a Little Bit... Outdated

The “Trials of Mana” Remake Looks a Little Bit… Outdated

Square Enix showed off their Trials of Mana remake during PAX West earlier this month. The game is designed so you can play either the original 2D, or the brand-new 3D version. And while the 3D graphics do give the title a much-needed overhaul, they seem a bit dated. There’s nothing partuclarly bad about the 3D version of […]

"Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers" Reveals 5.1 Patch Details

“Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers” Reveals 5.1 Patch Details

Square Enix released details this week about the new 5.1 patch coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, including NieR content being added. You can check out some of the additions on the way as well as the art below, and if you’re new to the game, the company is offering a free trial. Vows of […]

The First Three "Dragon Quest" Games Are Coming To The Switch

The First Three “Dragon Quest” Games Are Coming To The Switch

Dragon Quest fans are going to be going back in time later this month as Square Enix is re-releasing the first three games onto the Nintendo Switch. All three games will be released on September 27th as digital downloads on the eShop. These were some of the best NES era RPGs, and now they’re here […]

“Octopath Traveler” Prequel Has An English Version Coming

It looks like Square Enix are already preparing to have Octopath Traveler Tairiku no Hasha appear in the west after some screenshots popped up this week. The company has been answering tweets from users who have questions about the upcoming mobile release on the game’s Twitter account. The most recent, which they said would be […]

Square Enix Shows Off "Marvel's Avengers" Gameplay At Gamescom

“Marvel’s Avengers” Shows Off More Of Iron Man This Week

Over the weekend, Square Enix released a couple of videos to show off more of Marvel’s Avengers, specifically giving you a profile and look at Iron Man. Last time they did this a couple of weeks ago, we got a brief look at The Hulk and seeing what he could do as he took on […]

"Romancing SaGa 3" Is Headed To The West In November

“Romancing SaGa 3” Is Headed To The West In November

Square Enix announced today that for the first time, Romancing SaGa 3 will be headed to North America in November with a second title shortly after. We’ve now learned that the game will come to all major consoles as well as Steam for PC and mobile devices on November 11th, 2019. After that, SaGa Scarlet […]

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” Gets A New Extended Trailer

Before Square Enix rolls into Tokyo Game Show 2019, the company has released a new extended trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake. Along with it came a proper description of the game from the company beyond the usual byline of it being a remake as well. This time around we get introduced to a lot […]

"Star Ocean First Departure R" Will Be Released On December 5th

“Star Ocean First Departure R” Will Be Released On December 5th

After being announced back in May, Square Enix finally revealed this week that Star Ocean First Departure R will be released in December. December 5th, to be exact, as you can now pre-order the game from Square Enix directly. Along with the new details of what this version will have, the company released a new […]

"Kingdom Hearts III" Re Mind DLC will Launch This Winter

“Kingdom Hearts III” Re Mind DLC will Launch This Winter

The long-awaited story DLC for Kingdom Hearts III, titled “Re Mind,” will be releasing sometime this winter. And because Tokyo Game Show is next week, Square Enix has decided to give fans an early look at the DLC, so they can get some idea of what to expect from Sora and pals in the next chapter […]

Square Enix Announces "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles" Remastered Edition

Square Enix Announces “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles” Remastered Edition

After being teased for nearly a year, Square Enix finally announced when Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will be released. The game will officially be coming out on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile for iOS and Android devices for January 23rd, 2020. What’s more, the company will be bringing a preview version of the […]

Square Enix Shows Off "Marvel's Avengers" Gameplay At Gamescom

Square Enix Highlights The Hulk For “Marvel’s Avengers”

Square Enix is slowly putting out small videos showing off different aspects of Marvel’s Avengers, and the latest one shows off The Hulk. The video isn’t a lot, you get thirty seconds of footage, half of it gameplay where we get to see Hulk smash. Some of it against AIM and their highly equipped army, […]

Square Enix Releases Iconic Art Of “Final Fantasy VII Remake”

As part of the buildup to the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix has released some new artwork that will take you back. This week on their Twitter account for the game, the company posted this image of the game, showing off one of the most famous pieces of game art you’ll ever […]

Square Enix Shows Off "Marvel's Avengers" Gameplay At Gamescom

Iron Man’s Roller Skates are Not in “Marvel’s Avengers”… Yet

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics shared quite a bit of new info about Marvel’s Avengers at PAX West last week, along with a hands-on demo of the E3 level. The info session was scheduled after the hands-on demo and mostly went into detail on the core gameplay pillars and business model. The gameplay pillars were essentially […]

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[REVIEW] “Final Fantasy VIII Remastered” was Worth the Wait

Square Enix has finally released Final Fantasy VIII Remastered after a long wait. The remastered edition of the game was originally thought to have been a pipe dream we’d never see fulfilled due to a lost source code. However, the source code was recovered and the final result is absolutely worth the long wait time. Now, […]

The "Trials of Mana" Remake Releases Next April on PS4, Switch, and PC

The “Trials of Mana” Remake Releases Next April on PS4, Switch, and PC

  Square Enix used today’s Nintendo Direct to reveal the fact that the remake of Trials of Mana will release on April 24, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam. The various different game versions will also have several special pre-order bonuses for those who decide to pick up the game early. The […]

The Keyblade War Story Event is Live in "Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross"

The Keyblade War Story Event is Live in “Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross”

Square Enix has announced that the “Keyblade War” Story Event has launched for Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] players worldwide. The story arc is a long awaited addition to the Kingdom Hearts mobile title, as it previously only existed as part of the web browser game Kingdom Hearts χ. For Kingdom Hearts fans, the event includes the first […]

The Long, Long Wait for "Final Fantasy VIII Remastered" is Now Over

The Long, Long Wait for “Final Fantasy VIII Remastered” is Now Over

Love it or hate it, Final Fantasy VIII has returned today in its remastered form after some serious begging by fans. For fans of the game, this is the perfect chance to re-experience the game 20 years after its initial release. For those who never got around to playing FFVIII, or got stuck on Disc One, Final Fantasy […]

We Tried Out "Final Fantasy VII Remake" At PAX West 2019

We Tried Out “Final Fantasy VII Remake” At PAX West 2019

One of the first appointments I made for PAX West 2019 took me to Square Enix where I tried out a demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake. What we encountered for the demo is what you may have read from others, including Madeline’s experience at E3, in which you get to play the first mission […]