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Square Enix Will Release "The Turing Test" On Switch Next Month

Square Enix Will Release “The Turing Test” On Switch Next Month

Square Enix will finally bring the Bulkhead Interactive game The Turing Test to the Nintendo Switch as the game will be released in February. The game was released back in 2016 and made its way to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But for some reason, the devs didn’t bother with a Wii U version. Now […]

Square Enix Just Announced "Project Xehanort" for Smartphones

Square Enix Just Announced “Project Xehanort” for Smartphones

The Kingdom Hearts saga is far from over, at least in the eyes of Square Enix. The company just announced a smartphone and Amazon free-to-play title called Project Xehanort, which is headed for launch in spring 2020. As you can imagine, it’s tied to the Kingdom Hearts mythos, but we won’t even go into its […]

The "Trials of Mana" Remake and "Mana Collection" Coming to Nintendo Switch

“Trials Of Mana” Gets A New Character Spotlight Trailer

This week, Square Enix released another character spotlight trailer for Trials Of Mana as we slowly get closer to the game’s release. This time around they decided to showcase Hawkeye and Riesz, to give you a better idea of how the character balance will come out in the wash. Trials Of Mana is set for […]

"Dragon Quest: Your Story" Hits Netflix Next Month

“Dragon Quest: Your Story” Hits Netflix Next Month

Dragon Quest is about to get its own Netflix special next month, and you’re invited to check it out. You’ll be able to stream Dragon Quest: Your Story starting on February 13, 2020, which is great news for fans of the popular RPG series. Based on the story of Dragon Quest V, it follows a […]

"Mobius Final Fantasy" is Shutting Down in Japan First, Then Globally

“Mobius Final Fantasy” is Shutting Down in Japan First, Then Globally

Looks like it’s officially time to say goodbye to Mobius Final Fantasy. Square Enix will be ending service for the mobile game on March 31 in Japan and then on June 30 worldwide, according to an official announcement from the company. You can find the official termination of service announcement below: “Greetings, Warriors of Light. […]

Avengers, Wait to Assemble: "Marvel's Avengers" Delayed

Avengers, Wait to Assemble: “Marvel’s Avengers” Delayed

Just after announcing that Final Fantasy VII Remake would be launching a month later, citing the need for more time to polish the game up, Square Enix confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers is also being delayed. The game has been pushed back from May 1 to September, which will effectively keep it from being any sort […]

"Final Fantasy VII Remake" Just Got a Last-Minute Delay

“Final Fantasy VII Remake” Just Got a Last-Minute Delay

We’ve got bad news for anyone looking to make a March trip to Midgar part of their upcoming 2020 travel itinerary. It looks like the Final Fantasy VII Remake is no longer releasing that month. In a statement posted to the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account, the new release date of April 10 […]

Square Enix is Opening a Theme Park, But It's Not Related to "Final Fantasy"

Square Enix is Opening a Theme Park That’s Unrelated to “Final Fantasy”

Square Enix is hard at work opening its own large-scale theme park, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, or even Kingdom Hearts. But it’s still a pretty cool idea – the theme park will be opening in Tokyo Tower, and will be packed with special ninja-themed attractions. It’s called Ninja […]

"Final Fantasy" Artist Yoshitaka Amano Created a "Vogue Italia" Cover

“Final Fantasy” Artist Yoshitaka Amano Created a “Vogue Italia” Cover

Vogue Italia is trying something new for its line of 2020 covers, and that means ditching traditional photography for the first time in the magazine’s history. As such, there are seven different covers for the magazine’s lineup, all donated by established artists. One just happens to include the legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, who […]

Nintendo Releases "Dragon Quest" Hero Into "Smash Bros." Today

The “Dragon Quest” Hero Almost Didn’t Make “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

A new interview reveals that it was more of a challenge to add the Dragon Quest Hero to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate than we thought. In an interview with Nintendo Dream, both Dragon Quest XI producer Hokuto Okamoto and director Takeshi Uchikawa were asked about the character’s inclusion into the Smash series. Turns out, it […]


A New “Final Fantasy VII Remake” Leak Reveals Game Size

Those of you looking to get Final Fantasy VII Remake will need to clear out a ton of space or buy a new storage device. One of the biggest questions that had yet to be introduced by Square Enix in terms of the game was the amount of space it would be taking up. Especially […]

Brittany's Most Anticipated Games of 2020:

Brittany’s Most Anticipated Games of 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Out of all the games set to debut in 2020, it’s safe to say I’m most interested in getting Final Fantasy VII Remake. I can’t think of any other game that made tears stream down my cheeks the moment it was announced. You may laugh, or call me a fangirl, but I absolutely couldn’t believe […]


Someone Already Leaked The “Final Fantasy VII Remake” Demo Opening

A few days ago we told you about the leak of a Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, and today the intro to that demo has also been leaked. No one seems to have any clue as to how this video came about, but it’s been making the rounds today. The video doesn’t really show anything […]

Square Enix Shows Off "Marvel's Avengers" Gameplay At Gamescom

Rumor: Could LEGO Have Leaked Characters For “Marvel’s Avengers”?

So one of the weird rumors going around this week is that LEGO may have helped tip off some of the characters coming to Marvel’s Avengers. The rumor mill is swarming around a couple of LEGO toys that were added to the website last week. One of them being an Avengers Speeder Bike Attack, which […]

Square Enix Will Bring "Gunslinger Stratos" To PC

Square Enix Will Bring “Gunslinger Stratos” To PC

Some cool news has emerged about the next Gungslinger Stratos game from Square Enix, as the game is apparently being ported to PC as well. The word came down from producer Nobuki Kadoi, as he took to the game’s blog and announced two things. The game was coming to PC, and that he was leaving […]


It Appears We’ll Be Getting A Free “Final Fantasy VII Remake” Demo

It looks like there may be a cool surprise on the way for Final Fantasy VII Remake fans as it appears Square Enix will be releasing a free demo. A new listing has popped up on Gamstat, the wonderful website that managed to leak the Resident Evil 3 Remake reveal this year. The listing, which […]

Square Enix Announces "Kingdom Hearts 3" ReMind DLC at E3 2019

Square Enix Reveals More About “Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind” Story

Square Enix released a little bit more info this week about Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind and what to expect in the upcoming DLC. For starters, the story that you’re getting will detail another adventure revolving around the Keyblade Graveyard before you hit the final battle. He will retrace the hearts of the seven Guardians […]

Ardyn Izunia From "Final Fantasy XV" Joins "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT"

Ardyn Izunia From “Final Fantasy XV” Joins “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT”

Square Enix dropped a small bombshell onto the Final Fantasy community today as Ardyn Izunia will be headed to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The news came down today during the Fourth Anniversary Livestream, which you can see in full here. He will be added to the arcade version on December 24th, while his console appearance […]


“Final Fantasy VII Remake” Receives Several New Screenshots

Square Enix has released a new set of screenshots from Final Fantasy VII Remake this week, including a couple of iconic images from the game. The images don’t really show off anything from gameplay, a lot of them are from the cutscenes in the game showing off some familiar faces. The two that stand out […]

"Final Fantasy XIV Online" Reveals 5.2 Patch Details

“Final Fantasy XIV Online” Reveals 5.2 Patch Details

Square Enix had a few reveals regarding Final Fantasy XIV Online today, including the details of the upcoming 5.2 patch contents. We have the full list for you here, which came with a number of other points of interest from the company. Like the fact that Final Fantasy XIV Online has surpassed 18 million players, […]