Sega Announces Sonic 2020 Initiative, More News to C

Sega Announces Sonic 2020 Initiative, News to Come Each Month of 2020

If you’re a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, you’re going to want to pay attention each month on the 20th from now on. Sega announced the Sonic 2020 project, which is an initiative in which the company will begin announcing additional Sonic-related information on the 20th of each month. With that in mind, the announcement website […]

Most Of The "Yakuza" Soundtracks Are Now On Spotify

Most Of The “Yakuza” Soundtracks Are Now On Spotify

If you’re looking to relive the Yakuza series through music, SEGA has apparently decided to fill that void through Spotify with several soundtracks. As part of the releasee and hype for Yakuza: Like a Dragon in Japan, SEGA loaded nearly every game soundtrack to the streaming music service. Right now you can listen to Yakuza 0 (Side A/Side […]

"Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary Selection" Up For Pre-Order Now From iam8bit

“Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary Selection” Up For Pre-Order Now From iam8bit

Love the smooth sounds of the Space Channel 5 soundtrack? You’re going to want to pick up iam8bit’s exclusive import, the Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary GyunGyun Selection album. For $39.99, you can preorder the album right now by way of iam8bit, which is the official anniversary CD with old tracks from the classic games […]

"Yakuza: Like A Dragon" May Feature An English Voice Dub

“Yakuza: Like A Dragon” May Feature An English Voice Dub

  If you enjoyed the English dub track for Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s Judgment, you’ll no doubt appreciate one for Yakuza: Like A Dragon. It turns out that very well may happen, thanks to a listing spotted by a ResetEra user. The listing was spotted on the credits list page for PCB Productions, the studio […]

"Yakuza 7" Officially Announced As "Yakuza: Like A Dragon"

“Yakuza: Like A Dragon” Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

One of the more anticipated games in Japan coming in a few week’s time is Yakuza: Like A Dragon, which will drop on January 16th, 2020. We haven’t been talking about the game much since neither SEGA or Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have been willing to talk about a western release yet. So we can […]

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Someone Found The Long-Lost “Akira” Prototype From SEGA

Once thought to be a forgotten fan dream, now a full-fledged reality. Someone found the 1995 Akira prototype game made for the SEGA Genesis. The word came down this morning on one of the fan Twitter feeds, someone had found the game and loaded up a complete video of them playing it. This is one […]

SEGA Games & SEGA Interactive Will Merge This April

The news came down this morning from Sega Sammy Holdings that SEGA Games and SEGA Interactive will merge into one company in April 2020. The company’s Chief Creative Office, Toshihiro Nagoshi, went into details about it as well during a livestream this morning from Japan. For those who aren’t aware, there is no such company […]

"Total War: Three Kingdoms" Mandate Of Heaven DLC Set For January

“Total War: Three Kingdoms” Mandate Of Heaven DLC Set For January

SEGA and Creative Assembly announced this week that the next Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC, Mandate Of Heaven, is coming next month. The new DLC will basically allow you to wage war on a massive scale. Not to mention an evolving campaign which allows you to play through the prequel campaign, then directly into the […]

Check Out SEGA's Holiday Webshort With Chao & Sonic

Check Out SEGA’s Holiday Webshort With Chao & Sonic

SEGA is getting into the holiday spirit themselves as they released a brand new webshort this week featuring Sonic The Hedgehog and Chao. It’s a cute little cartoon that will give you ’90s cartoon throwback vibes, and maybe put a smile on your face. Enjoy the video! Attention, Sonic fans! Get ready for an interstellar […]

"Two Point Hospital" Is Coming To Consoles In Late 2019

“Two Point Hospital” Receives An Official Console Release Date

SEGA released details this morning for the official console release date of Two Point Hospital, as it comes to all three major consoles. The game will now be released on February 20th, 2020. You can pre-order physical copies on their website, while digital versions are now available in all their digital shops. Enjoy the new […]

"Bayonetta & Vanquish" Will Be Out In February 2020

“Bayonetta & Vanquish” Will Be Out In February 2020

Some cool news from SEGA today as they will be releasing Bayonetta & Vanquish, a package of both games together for the 10th anniversary. The company has partnered with Weapons Van to release a steelbook version of the game, as well as releasing special PS4 themes. Plus new art created for the 10th anniversary by […]

"Total War: Warhammer II" Is Getting New DLC In December

“Total War: Warhammer II” Is Getting New DLC In December

SEGA and Creative Assembly announced a brand new DLC pack on the way to Total War: Warhammer II with “The Shadow & The Blade“. A new storyline playable in both the Eye of The Vortex and Mortal Empire campaigns, this introduces two legendary lords to the game, both with an insatiable desire to spread destruction […]

Feral Interactive Releases Nintendo Switch Footage Of "Alien: Isolation"

Feral Interactive Releases Nintendo Switch Footage Of “Alien: Isolation”

Feral Interactive has posted a new trailer today showing off how Alien: Isolation will look when it comes out on the Nintendo Switch. Originally developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, Feral has been primarily in charge of handling the port to the Nintendo console. And based on what we can see, it doesn’t […]

Yes, "Yakuza: Like a Dragon" is Getting A Demo

Yes, “Yakuza: Like a Dragon” is Getting A Demo

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the seventh core entry in the Yakuza series. It’s slated to come westward sometime in 2020. Before it officially debuts, it will receive an official demo. Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama confirmed the news to Famitsu in a recent interview. While a demo release date is still up in the air, that […]

Check Out "Alien: Isolation" on Switch With This New Gameplay Trailer

Check Out “Alien: Isolation” on Switch With This New Gameplay Trailer

One of the best Alien games out on the market, Alien: Isolation, is now on Nintendo Switch. The Switch version of Alien: Isolation comes packing all previously released downloadable content, and its available via the Nintendo eShop in case you need some extra-spooky scares now that it’s Halloween. If you haven’t yet embarked on this […]

Kazuma Kiryu Returns in "Yakuza 4 Remastered," Available Now on PS4

Kazuma Kiryu Returns in “Yakuza 4 Remastered,” Available Now on PS4

It feels like such a long wait until we finally get Yakuza: Like A Dragon, the seventh core Yakuza entry. Luckily, Sega has plenty of content to tide us over until then. Yakuza 4 Remastered is now available for PlayStation 4 owners, as it’s officially been unlocked as part of the system’s Yakuza Remastered Collection. […]

Go Bananas With “Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD”, Out Now

If you’re not doing anything right now except monkeying around, consider checking out this launch trailer. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD is out today for consoles, and it’s headed to PC on Steam this winter. This fun remake is an update port of the 2006 Wii title Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. It’s got […]

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Spooky Mode Returns This Season For “Two Point Hospital”

Halloween returns to Two Point Hospital this week as SEGA and Tow Point Interactive have turned Spooky Mode back on in the game. This time around you’ll have to deal with diseases and ailments of the haunting nature. Including what looks like a nasty case of the Pumpkin Head. Spooooooky Mode in Two Point Hospital […]

"Two Point Hospital" Is Coming To Consoles In Late 2019

“Two Point Hospital” Gets A New Console Launch Window

This morning, SEGA and Two Point Studios announced there would be a new release window for the console version of Two Point Hospital. We now know the game will be coming out sometime in the “first half of 2020”, along with the quote they sent out below. “Our community have asked for Two Point Hospital […]