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Bud Light Becomes The Official "League Of Legends" Championship Series Beer

Bud Light Becomes The Official “League Of Legends” Championship Series Beer

Bud Light joins up with another esports league as their official beer, as the League Of Legends Championship Series takes on its latest sponsor. The beer brand has slowly been getting more involved with esports recently after seeing several games take off. Last year they worked with both the Overwatch League and the NBA 2K […]

Xbox Project xCloud Adds a Selection of New Titles

Xbox Project xCloud Adds a Selection of New Titles

If you’re in the Project xCloud Preview, Microsoft likely just made your day. There’s a whole new series of new titles that just got added to the project’s streaming library. The invite-only test that allows players to try out Xbox One titles over the cloud streamed to mobile devices now includes a wider variety of […]

The "Trials of Mana" Remake and "Mana Collection" Coming to Nintendo Switch

“Trials Of Mana” Gets A New Character Spotlight Trailer

This week, Square Enix released another character spotlight trailer for Trials Of Mana as we slowly get closer to the game’s release. This time around they decided to showcase Hawkeye and Riesz, to give you a better idea of how the character balance will come out in the wash. Trials Of Mana is set for […]

Ubisoft Reveal More Details On The Six Invitational 2020

Ubisoft Reveals More Details On The Six Invitational 2020

Ubisoft is getting ready for the finale to the 2019-2020 Rainbow Six Siege season with The Six Invitational 2020 next month, and new details are out about the event. First up, we now know all of the teams taking place in the tournament, which we have listed below. A number of returning champions and contenders […]

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“Killer Queen Black” Receives Several Additions With Hydra Update

Killer Queen Black has been doing alright since its release, bringing the arcade hit to home consoles. Now it has a new update adding more content. Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, have released the Hydra Update (1.60) with a ton of new additions, most of which don’t require anything online to use. The first big addition is […]

Daybreak Games Announces

Daybreak Games Announces New Names For Three Of Its Studios

Daybreak Games had an interesting announcement today as they have renamed three of their studios with newly assigned responsibilities. The three new studios are Dimensional Ink, Rogue Planet Games, and  Darkpaw Games. As far as the studio breakdown of games, here’s the plan they have moving forward. Dimensional Ink will be focusing on DC Universe Online […]

Nintendo Reveals What They're Bringing To SDCC 2019

Nintendo Gets A Jury Verdict Overturned In Wii Remote Case

Nintendo announced this morning that a federal court in Dallas ruled that a patent asserted against the company’s Wii remote was not valid. Back in 2017, a jury awarded $10.1 million to iLife Technologies Inc. over an infringed patent revolving around the remote. The two companies have actually been battling each other in court for […]

Wale To Perform At Royal Ravens "Call Of Duty" League Home Series

Wale To Perform At Royal Ravens “Call Of Duty” League Home Series

Another performer has jumped on to perform during the Royal Ravens inaugural home series, as Wale will perform during the Call Of Duty League event. ReKTGlobal was happy to announce today that the rapper and lyricist will kick off the opening night concert for fans in attendance. Wale joins DJ Nicky Romero, who will headline […]

Bandai Namco Announces “Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions’

Bandai Namco has announced this morning a new entry into the Captain Tsubasa series, game Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions. Based on the works of Yoichi Takahashi, the game chronicles the athletic adventures and mishaps of Tsubasa Ozora. As well as the team he plays for and the success they have under his leadership. […]

"Fortnite" & TikTok Come Together For An Emote Contest

“Fortnite” & TikTok Come Together For An Emote Contest

Epic Games has gotten together with TikTok to have another crossover event in Fortnite, but this time around, there’s immortality at stake. Kinda. The two are throwing an Emote Royale, which is basically a contest to create a new emote for the game. The entry process is free and pretty simple. First, you need to […]

“Disintegration” Is Getting A Technical Beta Next Week

Private Division and V1 Interactive have announced that there will be a technical beta taking place next week for their upcoming title Disintegration. If you’re not familiar with the game, this is the new first-person shooter from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto‘s studio V1. We had a chance to play a little of the game at […]

Buy "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" at Best Buy For a Special Gift

Buy “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” at Best Buy For a Special Gift

If you’re planning on picking Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it debuts, you might want to put your pre-order in at Best Buy. You can get a special reusable Tom Nook badge for your trouble by doing so. It’s technically a “phone and tech badge” from the likes of Controller Gear. You can remove it […]

Team17 Announce "Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair" For E3 2019

“Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair” Is Getting A Free Demo

Some cool news from Playtonic and Team17 as Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair will be getting a free demo to try out the game. The news came down on the developer’s Twitter feed, letting fans know there will be a version of the demo for all platforms they’re releasing on. Steam will get the first […]

Sega Announces Sonic 2020 Initiative, More News to C

Sega Announces Sonic 2020 Initiative, News to Come Each Month of 2020

If you’re a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, you’re going to want to pay attention each month on the 20th from now on. Sega announced the Sonic 2020 project, which is an initiative in which the company will begin announcing additional Sonic-related information on the 20th of each month. With that in mind, the announcement website […]

"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare" Will Get Special CoD League Skins

“Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare” Will Get Special CoD League Skins

Much like how Overwatch has skins from the Overwatch League, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting skins to match the new Call Of Duty League. In a now-deleted blog post, Activision revealed this week that they will be adding all of the teams from the league into the system. As you can see from […]

"Fortnite" Adds New Competitive Rules Focused On Collusion

“Fortnite” Adds New Competitive Rules Focused On Collusion

Epic Games added some new rules to competitive Fortnite this week, specifically targeting anyone who may cheat through collusion. Throughout 2019 there apparently had become a major problem with signaling, which many picked up on, where players would throw the game or lend aid to others in order to boost a single player or team […]

Someone Leaked Combat Footage From PS5 Exclusive “Godfall”

Would you like to know what the PS5 exclusive game Godfall looks like? Someone leaked footage of the gameplay for you to watch right now. Ever since the reveal at The Game Awards 2019, people have been wondering what exactly Counterplay Games and Gearbox Software have been working on. Because while the trailer looked impressive, […]

Techland Officially Delays “Dying Light 2” With No Release Window

Yet another title joins the pile of video games being pushed back as Techland revealed this morning they are delaying Dying Light 2. The game has been teased for over two years with a planned release for Spring 2020. But in all that time the company never officially put down a release date. Which got […]

"Cattle And Crops" Is Coming To PC After New Partnership

“Cattle And Crops” Is Coming To PC After New Partnership

This morning, Toplitz Productions announced they have formed a new partnership with Masterbrain Bytes to fully release their farming game Cattle and Crops. The game has been sitting in Early Access on Steam for over two years as a casual farm simulation game, but really hasn’t really changed much toward becoming a full-fledged release. While […]

“Halo: Combat Evolved” Beings MCC Testing In February

Some cool news for Halo fans as 343 Industries will be beta testing the original Halo: Combat Evolved next month for the Master Chief Collection on PC. The devs posted the information quietly on Halo Waypoint, detailing that they would start work to bring the game into the fold. People who participate in the beta […]