The Secret Origin of Red vs Blue in Video Game Multiplayer

Red and Blue have been used as juxtaposed colors for a long, long time now across a number of fields including politics, sports, war, and video games. The color scheme seems almost ubiquitous (though it isn’t the only color coordination used to indicate conflict). This likely comes down to color theory and symbolism. Red and […]

Capcom and Tatio Announce Street Fighter V for Arcade

One of the biggest differences between Street Fighter V and all of the other titles in the series is that it was the only one that didn’t play in arcades first. That all changes in 2019 as Capcom and Tatio announced at Tokyo Game Show that they’ll be forming a new partnership to bring the […]

Red Bull Launches First L.A. Killer Queen Tournament Called Hive Hustle

Do you and your friends think you’re the best of the best who ever played Killer Queen in the arcade? Well, Red Bull is giving you a chance to prove it. The company will be throwing a tournament for the game called Hive Hustle, their first taking place in Los Angeles on September 15th. The tournament […]

There’s a Kickstarter Funding a SEGA Arcade Pop-Up Book

We rarely report on anything Kickstarter related, but this one deserves a slight nod for the content they’re showing off from SEGA. This particular project is kind of awesome as they are pitching a coffee table book that will document the history of Sega’s entire line of classic arcade games throughout the years, and show […]

crab towne usa pinball

Arcade Chaser: Crab Towne USA in Glen Burnie, Maryland

My idea of a fun Sunday afternoon tends to involve beer and pinball — and Crab Towne USA in Glen Burnie, Maryland, is there for those exact reasons. Crab Towne features some pretty damn good food. We indulged in some crab balls, fries, and drinks, and everything was satisfying. The crab balls were a welcomed […]

Asking for a Fight: We Review Razer’s Panthera Arcade Stick

We’re about to dive into the prime season for fighting game tournaments around the U.S. with events like Dreamhack and Evo set to be some of the biggest draws of the year, and with it comes the yearly fascination from average gamers for proper arcade sticks. There will always be a bit of an old-school […]

Someone Made A ‘Cuphead’ Arcade Cabinet

Cue up the Fry “take my money” meme, because this guy can have it. A Reddit user named Xiubeda has built a Cuphead arcade cabinet and it looks like a thing of beauty. Considering the game’s animation is on par with titles like Dragon’s Lair and The Act, this is something that would be amazing to […]

We’re Getting A New TMNT Arcade Game Debuting At IAAPA

Remember the good ol’ days of four-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games? Of course, you do! Those old arcade cabinets are still kicking around to this very day, including the original 1989 cabinet with the weird looking version of April on the side. There’s one at a local arcade near me as I write […]


Arcade Chaser: Views From The NYCC 2017 Syfy Area Arcade

Bleeding Cool’s Lauren Sisselman is usually the Arcade Chaser around here, but Gavin Sheehan gave it a go at New York Comic Con 2017. In the middle of all the chaos that is NYCC, I decided to take a break and browsed the Syfy lounge just below the press area. Many of us got to […]


Lauren Looks Back: The Game Of Skee-Ball

Skee-Ball has been an arcade staple for over 100 years, but even more fascinating is the muddled history behind the popular arcade game. The game was invented by Joseph Fourestier Simpson, who filed the patent in 1907 and gained it in 1908. Skee-Ball was a hit, but something went wrong. Some reports say he suffered […]

A Look Back At The Show ‘Starcade’ With The Creators

A couple weeks ago, Twitch launched another of their marathon live streams, this one specifically featuring Starcade, the 1980’s arcade game show that used to run on TBS with the occasional syndication afterward over the past few decades. The stream did so well that Shout! Factory decided to load the complete library up for people […]

jersey jack

Arcade Chaser: Exploring The Jersey Jack Pinball Factory

On a rainy Tuesday morning I made my way up to Lakewood, New Jersey to visit the Jersey Jack Pinball facility. The building is unassuming with a simple sign outside, but inside is a world of pure imagination. Jersey Jack made their pinball debut in 2012, with their innovative Wizard of Oz machine. Jack Guarnieri […]

Arcade Chaser: The Silverball Pinball Museum In Asbury Park, NJ

Just a reminder: I love pinball. A lot. It’s kind of a big part of my life. I’ve known about the Silverball Pinball Museum for years. I went for the first time four years ago, and I try to visit it every so often. It’s only a 2 1/2 hour car ride from my house, […]

adrenaline amusements

Arcade Chaser: Spider-Man Homecoming Game By Adrenaline Amusements

Last month we had announced the newest (and exclusive) game to Dave and Busters: Spider-Man: Homecoming from Adrenaline Amusements. I generally don’t spend a lot of time at D&B, but I had to try this game out. The machine is pretty flashy and eye-catching, but despite the fact that D&B was crowded this past week […]

Get Ready For Retro Arcade Action With Twitch’s ‘Starcade’ Marathon

It may be San Diego Comic Con, but that won’t prevent Twitch from getting into the spirit of things and announcing a brand new Twitch marathon. At the SDCC panel today, Twitch announced a partnership with Shout! Factory to host a marathon of Starcade. If you don’t remember the show, Starcade was a classic game show […]

Vienna Devs Are Bringing Games To Coffeeshops To Create Modern Arcades

The arcade was a fantastic idea, but despite the resurgence in arcades with the arcade-bar combo, we’re long since past the arcade heyday. Just, don’t tell Lauren Sisselman I said that. In place of the traditional arcade, a group of Vienna game devs have decided to use the city’s many coffeeshops to get their games into players […]

Arcade Chaser: There’s An Arcade Inside Orlando International Airport

I travel a good deal, and as such, I spend a considerable amount in airports. Most of them are all the same: there are some overpriced shops and food, you’ll be bored, and not everyone there is friendly. MCO is an above-average airport. There’s a decent amount of shopping and food, there are aquariums throughout […]