Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast is an American games publisher founded by Peter Adkison in 1990 just outside Seattle, WA. The company mainly publishes table top games in the fantasy and science-fiction genres.

Wizards of the Coast started as a basement-run RPG publisher and popularized the collectible card game genre thanks to the success of Magic: The Gathering. They are also known for publishing the Dungeons & Dragons RPG after purchasing the original D&D developer TSR in the mid-1990s. Until 2003, Wizards published the licensed Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Theyalso publish novels based on games such as Dungeons & DragonsMagic: The Gathering, and Legend of the Five Rings.

Wizards of the Coast has been a subsidiary of Hasbro since 1999.

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Tuque Games Announces “Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance”

This evening during The Game Awards, Tuque Games and Wizards Of The Coast announced a new D&D video game with Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. The game will serve as a spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance series and will feature popular characters from author R.A. Salvatore. This new game mixes the hack-and-slash dungeon […]

"D&D" Sapphire Anniversary Dice Kit Goes On Sale Today

“D&D” Sapphire Anniversary Dice Kit Goes On Sale Today

This morning, Wizards Of The Coast officially put the D&D Sapphire Anniversary Dice Kit on sale for the public to purchase. This set was made to celebrate the fifth anniversary of 5th Edition, as well as 45 years of the game existing. The set will run you $300 if you wish to purchase it, which […]

Liliana Deck Offered to Twitch Prime Users - "Magic: The Gathering"

Liliana Deck Offered to Twitch Prime Users – “Magic: The Gathering”

Users of Twitch Prime are eligible from December 3rd to February 10th to receive a copy of the “Liliana’s Legion” deck on Magic: The Gathering: Arena. This deck is blue and black and is a decent preconstructed deck. The 60-card decklist is as such: Planeswalker (1) 1 Liliana, Dreadhorde General Creature (22) 3 Aven Eternal 3 Eternal […]

"D&D Presents" Full Details Revealed At PAX Unplugged

“D&D Presents” Full Details Revealed At PAX Unplugged

Today during the first day of PAX Unplugged, Wizards of the Coast revealed more details of their upcoming show D&D Presents. First and foremost, the image you see below is the new logo for the show. The show will focus on new content coming out from D&D and how to use it in your game, […]

"Dungeons & Dragons" Announces New Show, "D&D Presents"

“Dungeons & Dragons” Announces New Show, “D&D Presents”

Yesterday evening, Dungeons & Dragons announced they would be launching a new livestream game on Twitch called D&D Presents. The new show was announced on Twitter, letting folks know that D&D Senior Producer Chris Perkins would be returning to the DM chair. The four individuals who will be taking up the player roles will be […]

"Bontu the Glorified" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

Wizards of the Coast Bans More in Pioneer – “Magic: The Gathering

After two weeks bearing no changes, Wizards of the Coast has finally made the decision to ban more cards from the Pioneer format of Magic: The Gathering. The three cards banned from Pioneer as of yesterday are Once Upon A Time, Field of the Dead, and Smuggler’s Copter. Wizards of the Coast had exactly this to […]

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D&D Announces “Dungeon Mayhem” Monster Madness Expansion

This morning, Wizards of the Coast announced a new expansion to the D&D multiplayer card game Dungeon Mayhem with “Monster Madness”. This expansion takes the game to a whole different level as you can now play as one of six different monsters in the game. Previously the original pack gave you four different classes, and […]

"Norin the Wary" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Norin the Wary” Deck Tech – “Magic: The Gathering”

Happy December 1st, loyal readers! Winter is steadily creeping towards us and with it high expectations for the new year, higher hopes for new opportunities, and higher heating bills. Brr! To help us begin to adapt to the idea of a whole new year (albeit a month early), we at Bleeding Cool have another Commander […]

"Frankie Peanuts" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Frankie Peanuts” Deck Tech – “Magic: The Gathering”

Today, I’m offering you a Magic: The Gathering decklist you can’t refuse. I’m going to try to make the messages behind this Commander deck tech as clear as a horse head at the foot of your bed. Capische? As an addition to the end-of-month fun we had with Mary O’Kill and her beloved pet Killbots […]

"Mary O'Kill" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Mary O’Kill” Deck Tech – “Magic: The Gathering”

Happy end of November, loyal readers! We at Bleeding Cool get that November has been long-winded, cold, and unforgiving, much like our end-of-month Magic: The Gathering deck techs for the Commander format. Personally, I think that as the months go by and winter rears its ugly head, it’ll be great to just duck into our coats […]

"Thromok the Insatiable" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Thromok the Insatiable” Deck Tech – “Magic: The Gathering”

Happy Turkey Day to all our loyal readers from Bleeding Cool! After we wrote up our Oko, Thief of Crowns Magic: The Gathering deck tech (days in advance of Thanksgiving, to be frank), we figured you’d all probably have room for seconds. So, we cooked up another batch of deck techs for those with a more… insatiable […]

"Oko, Thief of Crowns" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Oko, Thief of Crowns” Deck Tech – “Magic: The Gathering”

Happy Turkey Day to all those in the United States who celebrate! To commemorate this day of questionable decisions, both in history and on the third helping of stuffing, we at Bleeding Cool have written up another Oathbreaker deck tech for Magic: The Gathering. Oathbreaker, for those just beginning to read Bleeding Cool‘s deck techs on […]

We Gave "Hearthstone: Battlegrounds" A Shot During BlizzCon

Review: Dungeons & Dragons – Dungeons & Tombs: A Young Adventurer’s Guide

Earlier this year, Wizards of the Coast and Ten Speed Press unveiled a new line of Young Adventurers Guides for kids to learn about Dungeons & Dragons. The first two, which we reviewed, focused on Monsters & Creatures and Warriors & Weapons. The latest addition to this series came out today with the intriguing title […]

Holiday Review: Dungeons & Dragons - Essentials Kit

Holiday Review: Dungeons & Dragons – Essentials Kit

With the holidays on the way, we thought we’d revisit a product for those looking to get into Dungeons & Dragons with their Essentials Kit. When you first take a look at D&D in general, sometimes it can be daunting. The books, the knowledge, the planning, the character creation. When you get it you just […]

"Secret Lair" Product Teased - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Secret Lair” Information Revealed – “Magic: The Gathering”

Wizards of the Coast has done it again! They have successfully hidden a product from its consumers until the very moment it matters for public consumption. Last time, it was Magic: The Gathering‘s “Mystery Boosters”; this time, they’ve finally revealed their new project for Magic: Secret Lair. For those of you who somehow missed my last article […]

"Heliod, God of the Sun" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Heliod, God of the Sun” Deck Tech – “Magic: The Gathering”

Hey there friends and loyal readers of Bleeding Cool‘s segments on Magic: The Gathering! When I covered the Gods of Amonkhet over the course of the past few weeks, I did so with a purpose: I wanted to segue into a discussion of the Gods of Theros. And, now that the talk of Amonkheti deities is out […]

"Mystery Booster" Bonanza at MagicFest Richmond - "Magic: The Gathering"

“Mystery Booster” Playtest Cards Rise in Price – “Magic: The Gathering”

A few weeks ago, prior to MagicFest Richmond, we at Bleeding Cool reported on the existence of the Mystery Booster product for Magic: The Gathering, essentially a grab-bag of a product which had in it cards from most of Magic‘s 26-year history. Additionally, when it was unveiled at MagicFest Richmond at long last, it was revealed to also […]

Following Up on The Misprinted "Command 2019" Deck - "Magic: The Gathering"

Following Up on The “Misprint Intellect” Deck – “Magic: The Gathering”

You may remember my article from August covering Emiel van Daele‘s find of a misprinted “Mystic Intellect” deck from Commander 2019. This rare Magic: The Gathering deck had been printed with both sides of the printing on one face of each and every nonfoil card. We had interviewed Emiel and his colleague, Charly Traarbach, back then and inquired […]

"Pramikon, Sky Rampart" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

Wizards Issues “Apology” Re: Forsaken Novel – “Magic: The Gathering”

After one heck of a long week since the novel’s release, Wizards of the Coast has finally issued a statement apologizing for the seeming erasure of character Chandra Nalaar’s bisexuality in Greg Weisman‘s book “War of the Spark: Forsaken”. This apology arises amid a plethora of tweets and complaints by the LGBTQ+ players of Magic: […]

"God-Eternal Rhonas" Deck Tech - "Magic: The Gathering"

“God-Eternal Rhonas” Deck Tech – “Magic: The Gathering”

Welcome (or in many cases, welcome back) to our Magic: The Gathering deck tech analyses of the Amonkheti gods and the grim, grisly fates that took four out of the five of them (or is that the eight of them? The verdict is out). Currently, we are covering the fate of poor Rhonas, the “indomitable” snake-headed god of […]