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New "Monsterpocalypse" releases: Ulgoth, Apes, and Robots, Oh My!

New “Monsterpocalypse” releases: Ulgoth, Apes, and Robots, Oh My!

Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press is unlike any other miniature game on the market. Players assemble and paint teams of giant monsters, then bring those monsters together to fight it out over a model city. Monsterpocalypse takes everything you love about Godzilla, King Kong, Ultraman, and Power Rangers and puts it all into the palm of […]

"Monsterpocalypse" Contest Could Put YOUR Store In-Game!

“Monsterpocalypse” Contest Could Put YOUR Store In-Game!

The folks at Privateer Press have a pretty nifty contest going on for their Monsterpocalypse monster-fighting miniature game— and the winner gets their favorite game store immortalized in resin for their giant monsters to destroy. One of the really fun aspects to Monsterpocalypse is the inclusion of finely detailed resin buildings, many of which have […]

"Monsterpocalypse" Going Ape Over "King Kondo" (REVIEW)

“Monsterpocalypse” Going Ape Over “King Kondo” (REVIEW)

There are few things I love more on this earth than giant monsters. Give me a game where I can fight giant monsters against other giant monsters, and you will have my heart forever. So, imagine how much a goofball like me is going to flip out over a game like Monsterpocalypse, the kaiju-fighting-kaiju maniature […]

"Warmachine" New Releases Include New Kovnik

“Warmachine” New Releases Include New Kovnik

Three new releases for Privateer Press‘ Warmachine miniatures war-game are hitting game stores right about now, with a pirate, a warjack, and a new take on an old favorite ready to take their place in your army now! Warmachine: Khador – Kovnik Apprentice Kratikoff The woman who would become one of Khador’s greatest warcasters entered […]

Privateer Press Announces Robert E. Howard Mini Crate Series

Privateer Press Announces Robert E. Howard Mini Crate Series

Privateer Press has been knocking it out of the park lately, first, by continuing to release truly gorgeous miniatures for their Warmachine and Hordes games, and then by re-launching Monsterpocalypse as a jaw-dropping love letter to giant monster mayhem. What’s next? It looks like Privateer is about to bring some truly iconic characters to life, […]

The Top 5 Games for International Table Top Day

International Table Top Day: Top 5 Games You Should Check out

International Table Top Day was launched by the folks at Geek and Sundry a while back, and I can’t think of a more fun day to celebrate! There are so many really cool and interesting table top games out there right now, with a game on the market for just about every like and interest. […]

More Details on MonPoc’s ‘Empire of the Apes’ from Privateer Press

June is going to be a pretty exciting month for me. The garden should be coming along nicely, the days will be warm and long, and Empire of the Apes is coming out for Monsterpocalypse. Guess which one I’m most excited about? King Kondo and his army of apes are going to hit big on […]

New 'Infernals' Faction Coming for Warmachine in July

New ‘Infernals’ Faction Coming for Warmachine in July

There’s a brand new faction coming to Privateer Press‘ Warmachine miniatures game, with an entirely new range of minis to make your heart happy and your wallet empty! This new faction won’t be out until July, so get your pre-orders arranged and start saving up ! Composed of otherworldly horrors and soldiers drawn from the […]