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Tabletop Games Thrived Through Kickstarter in 2019

Tabletop Games Thrived Through Kickstarter in 2019

Kickstarter appears to be the present and the future of tabletop gaming. According to data released by Kickstarter themselves not even a week ago, they funded $208 million-plus dollars worth of games last year, more than any year before it, continuing an upward trend of games companies both commercial and indie alike coming to the […]

Riot Games Producing New Board Games

Riot Games Producing New Board Games in the Future

Riot Games, developer of the popular MMO League of Legends, is working to elaborate on producing within the tabletop board game world. Harping on the popularity of their first board game, Mechs vs. Minions, Riot Games is developing a second tabletop game, called Tellstones: King’s Gambit. Mechs vs. Minions was released in 2016, at a $75 price point. […]

Target Spotted! "Space Marine Adventures" Seen at Retailer

Target Spotted! “Space Marine Adventures” Seen at Retailer

Games Workshop has been loyal to a fault towards their invested player-base. In most every way, from Warhammer 40,000 to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop has been fostering a good working relationship with players who know their games. Recently, it has been revealed that Games Workshop is putting out a new line of games, known as […]

Fantasy Flight Employees to be Laid Off, "Call to Action" Issued

Fantasy Flight Employees to be Laid Off, “Call to Action” Issued

A couple of days ago, Fantasy Flight Games, gaming powerhouse behind such games as Arkham Horror, Legends of the Five Rings, and others, made a decision to lay off their entire role-playing games department, Fantasy Flight Interactive. All of the employees in the department are allegedly at risk of having to leave the company. We […]

Fantasy Flight Games Actually Releases "Barkham Horror"

Fantasy Flight Games Actually Releases “Barkham Horror”

Yes, this is an actual game. Based on an April Fools’ Day joke made some time ago, Barkham Horror: The Meddling of Meowlathotep is a standalone Arkham Horror adventure wherein players play as anthropomorphic hounds instead of their normal, human counterparts. The caveat is that the titular horrors have been replaced with cat versions as well. From Fantasy […]

Pandasaurus Games Updates Their Company Logo & Style

Pandasaurus Games Updates Their Company Logo & Style

The folks over at Pandasaurus Games decided it was time for a change in 2020, and so the company has brought on a brand new look. The company turned to Helm’s Workshop in Austin, Texas to design them a new brand for the company moving forward. Below, you have a taste of what that branding […]

Hasbro Kicks Up Political Discourse With "Monopoly: House Divi

Hasbro Kicks Up Political Discourse With “Monopoly: House Divided”

As we enter a major political voting year, Hasbro has decided to kick things up a few notches with a new game in Monopoly: House Divided. The game literally has you picking one of two sides, represented by the colors red and blue. Then you travel around the board as if you’re on a campaign. […]

Hasbro Reveals Second “Monopoly” Title With “Monopoly Speed”

Earlier this week, Hasbro revealed Monopoly: Longest Game Ever. To counter-act that game, today they revealed Monopoly Speed. The previous game revealed this week has you going all the way around two different boards in an insane attempt to collect all the properties before you can win. This one… not so much. A single full […]

Hasbro Releases "Monopoly Longest Game Ever" Edition

Hasbro Releases “Monopoly: Longest Game Ever” Edition

For those who are into the long game of Monopoly, Hasbro has answered the call by giving you the Monopoly: Longest Game Ever edition. The designers have made an insane gameboard with two rectangle rows going all the way around the board once and then again with an inner-sphere of spaces. It has 66 properties, […]

"Divinity: Original Sin - The Board Game" Gets Funded In Four Hours

“Divinity: Original Sin – The Board Game” Gets Funded In Four Hours

Larian Studios launched a Kickstarter this week for Divinity: Original Sin – The Board Game, and got results far faster than expected. The devs originally put up a bid of $160k to get the game funded, and not only did that happen in four hours, as of when we’re writing this, they’ve doubled the amount […]

You don't have to be bored this holiday season with these board games!

7 Nerdy Board Games to Counter Your Holiday Boredom

Looking to cure the wintertime blues this holiday season? Hot Topic has exactly what you need — board games! From Rick and Morty to The Office, they have a board game for almost every fandom. Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Edition Operation $35.90 Oh jeez Rick. Not another Rick and Morty game! But this game […]

"Fallout Shelter" Board Game Coming Soon from Fantasy Flight Games

“Fallout Shelter” Board Game Coming Soon from Fantasy Flight Games

If you’re a fan of the Fallout franchise, especially the Fallout Shelter game that debuted a few years back for your Pip-Boy… uhm, cell phone a few years back. Fantasy Flight Games has a new board game that’s sure to get you more revved up than a super-mutant with an unlimited supply of Nuka-Cola! Fallout […]

"Scott Pilgrim" Miniature Board Game Gets Full Kickstarter Funding

“Scott Pilgrim” Miniature Board Game Gets Full Kickstarter Funding

This evening, a Scott Pilgrim-themed miniatures board game on Kickstarter just got full funding, reaching their $50k goal in about eight days. Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World was thrown up onto the crowdfunding platform looking for what is a pretty reasonable sum considering what other board games have done in the past. As of tonight, […]


Review: KNOW! The Google Assistant Board Game By Ravensburger

We’ve had some pretty good luck with Ravensburger in the past when it came to board games, so we were stoked to try out a new one called KNOW! This particular game is a trivia challenge where you can use Google Assistant to play the game. But does the concept actually come out working alright? […]


Review: “The Chameleon” By Big Potato Games

One of the board games we recently received and had a chance to sit down and review with some friends was The Chameleon from Big Potato Games. We haven’t seen much from this particular company when it comes to games for review, so it was interesting to see a big multiplayer game come in the […]

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Hasbro Announces “Ms. Monopoly” Highlighting Pay Gap Issues

Hasbro has introduced a new version of Monopoly this week as they attempt to bring the pay gap issue to light in gaming with Ms. Monopoly. The game is designed to celebrate women trailblazers with a new character gracing the box cover who shares the game’s title. In this version, properties are replaced by inventions […]

Level 99 Games Announces "Exceed: Shovel Knight"

Level 99 Games Announces “Exceed: Shovel Knight”

Ahead of PAX West 2019, Level 99 Games has announced their latest board game in partnership with Yacht Club Games with Exceed: Shovel Knight. This is a fighting card game based on the Shovel Knight universe where you can play as Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Enchantress, and all eight knights from Order of No Quarter […]

"Contra" and "Bomberman" Board Games Licensed by Konami

“Contra” and “Bomberman” Board Games Licensed by Konami

In 2020, Blacklist Games and IDW Games will be looking to release board games based on the Contra and Bomberman franchises, respectively. These two franchises are owned and licensed by Konami Cross Media NY, and are based on video games. The release is geared towards North American crowds. Contra is a run-and-gun arcade game released […]

Universal Monsters Ravensburger Board Game Horrified Coming August 1st

Universal Monsters Fans: “Horrified” is a Scary Good Table Top Experience

Universal Monsters fans have a new experience to pick up, as Ravensburger has released Horrified. The tabletop game aims to have given players the experience of being chased by the Universal Monsters themselves, including the Creature, Wolf Man, Dracula, Invisible Man, Mummy, Frankenstein, and the Bride. You must work together to defeat 2, 3 or […]

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Review: “Clank!” Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated Upper Management Pack

One of the cooler items we got to see a few months ago back at PAX East was the Acquisitions Incorporated Upper Management Pack for Clank! Legacy. This is an interesting combination of forces going here as you have Penny Arcade lending their license to both Renegade Game Studios (who own the Clank! IP) and […]