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"Fallout Shelter" Board Game Coming Soon from Fantasy Flight Games

“Fallout Shelter” Board Game Coming Soon from Fantasy Flight Games

If you’re a fan of the Fallout franchise, especially the Fallout Shelter game that debuted a few years back for your Pip-Boy… uhm, cell phone a few years back. Fantasy Flight Games has a new board game that’s sure to get you more revved up than a super-mutant with an unlimited supply of Nuka-Cola! Fallout […]

"Scott Pilgrim" Miniature Board Game Gets Full Kickstarter Funding

“Scott Pilgrim” Miniature Board Game Gets Full Kickstarter Funding

This evening, a Scott Pilgrim-themed miniatures board game on Kickstarter just got full funding, reaching their $50k goal in about eight days. Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World was thrown up onto the crowdfunding platform looking for what is a pretty reasonable sum considering what other board games have done in the past. As of tonight, […]


Review: KNOW! The Google Assistant Board Game By Ravensburger

We’ve had some pretty good luck with Ravensburger in the past when it came to board games, so we were stoked to try out a new one called KNOW! This particular game is a trivia challenge where you can use Google Assistant to play the game. But does the concept actually come out working alright? […]


Review: “The Chameleon” By Big Potato Games

One of the board games we recently received and had a chance to sit down and review with some friends was The Chameleon from Big Potato Games. We haven’t seen much from this particular company when it comes to games for review, so it was interesting to see a big multiplayer game come in the […]

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Hasbro Announces “Ms. Monopoly” Highlighting Pay Gap Issues

Hasbro has introduced a new version of Monopoly this week as they attempt to bring the pay gap issue to light in gaming with Ms. Monopoly. The game is designed to celebrate women trailblazers with a new character gracing the box cover who shares the game’s title. In this version, properties are replaced by inventions […]

Level 99 Games Announces "Exceed: Shovel Knight"

Level 99 Games Announces “Exceed: Shovel Knight”

Ahead of PAX West 2019, Level 99 Games has announced their latest board game in partnership with Yacht Club Games with Exceed: Shovel Knight. This is a fighting card game based on the Shovel Knight universe where you can play as Shovel Knight, Shield Knight, Enchantress, and all eight knights from Order of No Quarter […]

"Contra" and "Bomberman" Board Games Licensed by Konami

“Contra” and “Bomberman” Board Games Licensed by Konami

In 2020, Blacklist Games and IDW Games will be looking to release board games based on the Contra and Bomberman franchises, respectively. These two franchises are owned and licensed by Konami Cross Media NY, and are based on video games. The release is geared towards North American crowds. Contra is a run-and-gun arcade game released […]

Universal Monsters Ravensburger Board Game Horrified Coming August 1st

Universal Monsters Fans: “Horrified” is a Scary Good Table Top Experience

Universal Monsters fans have a new experience to pick up, as Ravensburger has released Horrified. The tabletop game aims to have given players the experience of being chased by the Universal Monsters themselves, including the Creature, Wolf Man, Dracula, Invisible Man, Mummy, Frankenstein, and the Bride. You must work together to defeat 2, 3 or […]

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Review: “Clank!” Legacy Acquisitions Incorporated Upper Management Pack

One of the cooler items we got to see a few months ago back at PAX East was the Acquisitions Incorporated Upper Management Pack for Clank! Legacy. This is an interesting combination of forces going here as you have Penny Arcade lending their license to both Renegade Game Studios (who own the Clank! IP) and […]

Hasbro Set to Publish Board Games Based off Jimmy Fallon Bits

Hasbro Set to Publish Board Games Based off Jimmy Fallon Bits

Hasbro, one of the largest producers of board games on the planet, is teaming up with the folks at The Tonight Show to bring real versions of games introduced by host Jimmy Fallon. There will be three games at the launch of the project, with Box of Lies, Face It, and Best Friend Challenge hitting […]

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Review: “Jaws” The Board Game by Ravensburger

You know, of all the movies I never thought I’d be playing a board game of as an adult, one based on the ’70s blockbuster Jaws hadn’t occurred to me. It’s not like having a game based on Jaws is anything new. there was, in fact, a board game released in 1975 in time for […]

Hasbro Announces “Monopoly Voice Banking” Board Game

Hasbro is making a new change to Monopoly by creating a new audio-driven version of the game called Monopoly Voice Banking. The game will come with a small electronic voice banker which will essentially serve as an impartial third party to the side and handle a number of tasks in the game, as you use […]

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Table: Jaws Is Getting a Board Game

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Table: Jaws Is Getting a Board Game

You’ll soon have a new reason to fear to go into the ocean as Ravensburger have put together a brand new board game based on the movie Jaws. Coming up on nearly 45 years since the film terrified moviegoers into never going near an ocean again, the company will be releasing this brand new game […]

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Dungeons & Dragons Reveals a New Set of Baldur’s Gate Dice

One of the cool items to come out of the D&D Live 2019 livestream was a new set of dice specific to the next Dungeons & Dragons adventure in Baldur’s Gate. The photo below is the complete set as they appear to be drenched in rust and blood with yellow numbers shining through, complete with […]

Review: Monopoly Cash Grab Game

A while ago we had received a unique board game in the mail as Hasbro sent us the Monopoly Cash Grab Game to check out and review. We weren’t entirely sure what to make of it looking at the box, other than the obvious that it was a Make-It-Rain money shooter designed to have a […]

Penny Arcade’s PAX Unplugged 2019 Tickets Are Now Available

Penny Arcade has announced that tickets for their upcoming PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have gone on sale starting today. The tabletop-focused convention has been slated to run from December 6th-8th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and will be the 50th PAX event for the company. Right now the prices currently have Three-Day Badges for […]

Kickstarter at 10 Years: The Past, Present, and Future of Games Crowdfunding

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 10 years since Kickstarter emerged on the gaming scene, and changed the way the industry works forever. Before Kickstarter, companies that wanted to release a game had to raise their own capital, advertise their product, and then release that project into the world and hope and pray […]

Two New Sailor Moon Tabletop Games are On Their Way

Two New Sailor Moon Crystal Tabletop Games are On Their Way

Japanime Games has entered into a distribution partnership with Dyskami Publishing over Dyskami’s line of Sailor Moon Crystal talbetop games. The games are based on Naoko Takeuchi‘s manga series and the new anime from Toei Animation, and they tell the story of Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Guardians as they battle to stop evil forces. The […]

'Bloodborne: The Board Game' Set to Break $1,000,000 in First 24 Hours

‘Bloodborne: The Board Game’ Set to Break $1,000,000 in First 24 Hours

Clicking on the Bloodborne: The Board Game Kickstarter page right now is like watching the national inflation clock: the number keeps going up in real time as people keep piling on the pledges from the latest offering from CMON. Surprising? Not in the least. It’s still cool to watch, though, as that number keeps scrolling […]

Check out this STUNNING Wacky Races Board Game from CMON

Check out this Far-Out ‘Wacky Races’ Board Game from CMON

Wacky Races was, for those of us who caught it when it originally aired, must-see TV. It was also a lot of fun, with Hanna-Barbera characters competing week after week in very oddball races. There was nothing quite like seeing the likes of the Slag Brothers racing against Dick Dastardly and his pal Muttley. And […]