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Owlcat Games Announces "Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous" CRPG

Owlcat Games Announces “Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous” CRPG

Today, Owlcat Games, a developer based in Moscow, Russia, has announced its next team-up with Paizo Games to bring Pathfinder further into the CRPG world with Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. It is not a true sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, but it does expand on what made that game so popular. This new computer game will […]

"Starfinder Character Operations Manual" Brings New Classes

“Starfinder Character Operations Manual” Brings New Classes

Paizo has done a really nice job of taking all of the fantasy tropes of Pathfinder and converting them into a science fiction setting! There is something quite thrilling about running into Halflings and Orcs in space. With the Starfinder Character Operations Manual, Paizo will be introducing brand new character options into Starfinder with the […]

Free League Gearing up for 'Alien' RPG Pre-Orders with Free "Cinematic Starter"

“Alien” RPG Gets Release Date from Free League Publishing

In space, no one can hear you scream. Until December 10th, that is, when Free League Publishing releases their Alien role playing game around the world. Here’s the press release: The xenomorphs are coming to game night! On December 10, Free League Publishing and 20th Century Fox will launch the official ALIEN tabletop roleplaying game. […]

"Legend of the Five Rings" Gets "Path of Waves" Expansion

“Legend of the Five Rings” Gets “Path of Waves” Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has been doing an excellent job of adapting the expansive lore and mythology of the Legend of the Five Rings setting into a role playing game, with players able to explore the rich lands of Rokugan. Now Fantasy Flight will be expanding that world once again, this time exploring the world of […]

"Starships and Speeders" Coming Soon to Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight

“Starships and Speeders” Coming Soon for Star Wars RPG

No matter what part of that galaxy far, far away that you and your role playing group find yourselves in, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to need some hunk of junk or other to get you from Mos Eisley to Ord Mantell. Luckily for all of us Star Wars RPG fans, Fantasy Flight […]

Free League's "Vaesen" Brings Nordic Horror to Kickstarter

Free League’s “Vaesen” Brings Nordic Horror to Kickstarter

There are about 100 million games hitting Kickstarter at any given moment, but there are a few companies that will always get my attention when one of their projects goes up for funding. One of those is Free League Publishing, a fantastic game company out of Sweden that is responsible for some of my favorite […]

Interview: D&D-Inspired Clothing Line Cantrip

Interview: D&D-Inspired Clothing Line Cantrip

Those in the D&D community may have noticed a new clothing line spring up over the past couple of months as Cantrip has started making the rounds. This is a brand new clothing line inspired by the tabletop RPG, made to look geeky yet fashionable. The company officially launched this week, and with it, we […]

Wendy's Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC

Wendy’s Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC

The folks at Wendy’s have launched their own tabletop RPG this week at NYCC called Feast Of Legends, in partnership with Critical Role and Fandom. The PDF version of the adventure was loaded online, totally free for anyone to download, along with a physical version at the convention that included dice. The game itself has […]

The "Dungeons & Dragons" "Rick And Morty" Adventure Is On Amazon

The “Dungeons & Dragons” “Rick And Morty” Adventure Is On Amazon

Amazon officially leaked the next Dungeons & Dragons module information we already kinda knew about with the next Rick and Morty adventure. Back at D&D Live 2019: The Descent in May, it was announced that there would be a complete module created revolving around the Adult Swim series, with Kate Welch leading the team on […]

Roll20 Receieves The Latest “Pathfinder” Adventure “Fall Of Plaguestone”

Roll20 announced this week that the latest Pathfinder adventure, “Fall Of Plaguestone”, has officially been added to their system. This is a fresh adventure from Second Edition for level 1 adventurers, with 12 pre-generated player characters to help the first-time players.W We have the full details of it below as the module will run you […]

Dungeons & Dragons' Next Adventure is Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus

Wizards Of The Coast Boasts About People Playing “Dungeons & Dragons”

This week, we got a surprising statistics from the folks at Wizards Of The Coast, as they revealed Dungeons & Dragons has been doing well in recent years. Bloomberg has a story up right now about how one of their staff has explored the option in this day-and-age of becoming a professional Dungeon Master. As […]

Free League's Summer Sale Is Here To Save Serious Cash!

Free League Launches Summer Sale To Save You Some Serious Cash!

One of the best ways to pass these long summer days is to get a group of friends together and visit another time and place with a good role-playing game— and right now, some of the best RPG’s on the market are coming from Fria Ligan (Free League Publishing). I have reviewed most of the […]

ENnie Award Nominations Are Here for 2019!

ENnie Award Nominations Are Here for 2019!

Gen Con 2019 is right around the corner, and with that convention comes the ENnie awards, which celebrates the very best in table-top role-playing games! Here’s the list of this year’s ENnie nominations, straight from the source: Judges’ Spotlight Winners Benjamin Adelman: The Stygian Library, Dying Stylishly Games, Author: Emmy Allen Christopher Gath: Archives of the Sky, Aaron A. […]

Tariffs on Video and Table-Top Games Held at Bay... For Now

Tariffs on Video and Table-Top Games Held at Bay… For Now

Game fans can breath a little easier, at least for a few days. The extensive round of tariffs that were scheduled to go into effect on games produced in China this week has been suspended, at least for the weekend. A cease-fire was called after a meeting with Chinese leadership at the G20 summit, where […]

Review: Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons - GameStop Hardcover Edition

Review: Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons – GameStop Hardcover Edition

One of the biggest crossover events in comic books last year was seeing Rick and Morty take on the world of Dungeons & Dragons in a four-issue arc. Penned by Jim Zub and Patrick Rothfuss with art by Troy Little and colors by Leonardo Ito, it was the pop-culture peanut butter and chocolate combo you […]

An Enhanced Version Of Pathfinder: Kingmaker Is On The Way

Last week, Owlcat Games took to the Steam page of Pathfinder: Kingmaker to let players know an Enhanced Edition would be coming in June. The Enhanced version will be a free upgrade for existing players and have a number of additions made to the game including new abilities, a new Slayer class, new items and […]

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Review: The Deck Of Many Monsters 4

A while ago we had reviewed several decks from Hitpoint Press from their awesome card series called The Deck Of Many. These are reference cards for people playing Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons so that they had easy reference cards to things happening in the game for several instances. The latest set of cards to […]

Review - Dungeons & Dragons: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Review – Dungeons & Dragons: Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Following up the massive two-book Waterdeep adventures from 2018, Dungeons & Dragons make their way out to sea with Ghosts of Saltmarsh. While there have been different kinds of adventures that involve the ocean and treacherous waters over the years in various lands and forgotten lore, few times in the history of D&D has the […]