Get A Taste Of No Man’s Sky Soundtrack

No Man’s Sky is still somewhat shrouded in mystery, so any detail that sneaks out is gobbled up. Especially those details that tell us what it’s like to exist in the universe. A large part of that will be the music, of that I have no doubt. And you can now get your first taste […]

Los Angeles Mayor Unboxes The Latest Loot Crate

You can find plenty of things in the leading monthly subscription box, Loot Crate. A t-shirt, a vinyl figure, maybe an exclusive comic book and… electoral opportunities?   Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti will be coming up for election soon. Which means photo opportunites with local businesses are always useful. In this case, it was […]

Attack On Titan Game Hits The West Later This Year

Attack On Titan‘s game by Koei Tecmo has been getting a lot of play recently, especially as we came closer to the game’s Japanese release. Of course, this has left the many, many fans in the West asking when they will get their hands on the title. Well now we know. It’s been announced that […]

Frank Underwood Was Meant To Play The Last Of Us In House Of Cards Season One

House of Cards has had a long running relationship with video games. Monument Valley, The Stanley Parable and have featured in later series. However, his first appearance playing video games was with Killzone 3 in season one. However, according to voice actor Troy Baker, that wasn’t always the case. Speaking to me at the BAFTA […]

Taking The Lego Dimensions: Aquaman Fun Pack For A Walkthrough

Malik Forté from the Nerdist joined DC All-Access to play the new Lego Demiensions: Aquaman Fun Pack. Here we get to see the King of Atlantis in his natural environment… along with some friends… and taking on some adventures with his trident and mini-sub. Because Aquaman would need a mini-sub? Malik brings up some nice […]

Lionhead Developers Might Be Trying To Save Fable Legends From Certain Death

We got word not so long ago that Lionhead Studios would be ceasing production on Fable Legends, with the developer also likely shutting down. Well, it seems that perhaps the game may not be entirely dead. As reported by MCV, three sources in the studio have said that there are efforts from inside the developer […]

Stop What You’re Doing And Play The Miitomo App Now

I’ve seen bits of news about Nintendo’s new phone app Miitomo, and Bleeding Cool reported news too. However, I didn’t fully realize how awesome this little app was until this morning. Since then, I haven’t been able to stop playing. You can almost always count on high quality with Nintendo. Most of what they put out is […]

Mega Man Creator Tries His Hand At Making A Level In Mario Maker

Mega Man is known as one of the most masterful challenging platformers of the 8 bit age. Creator Keiji Inafune is certainly well revered when it comes to the genre. Well, Inafune has now tried his hand at Super Mario Maker as part of Polygon’s Dev’s Make Mario series. Unsurprisingly, his level is pretty tough […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Each Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Will Be The Size Of A Full Game

Final Fantasy 7 Remake came under a lot of fire when we first learnt that the game was being split up into several parts. Unsurprisingly, many would have much preferred it as one package. However, speaking to Game Informer Yoshinori Kitase has revealed that some people might have underestimated the size of each part. In an interview, […]

Uncharted 5 Could Happen But It Wouldn’t Be With Naughty Dog

We’ve heard a lot about Uncharted 4 in terms of its finality. Naughty Dog has not shied away from touting this as the final ride, at least for them. That doesn’t meant he franchise would be over though. Speaking to GamesRadar, Neil Druckmann said that he would be happy for another studio to take on an […]

Gears Of War 4 Release Date And Cover Revealed

Gears of War 4 is Microsoft’s big exclusive come fall this year. The franchise is making its next gen debut after a bit of a hiatus, and we have slowly been finding out quite a bit about the game in the last month thanks to a Game Informer cover. And now we have a specific […]

Rock Band 4 On PC Failed To Get Crowd Funded

Rock Band 4 on the PC was something that fans had asked for for a long time. The port of the game had followed the franchise around for a long time, and alas, Rock Band responded by trying to crowd fund the port on PC to the tune of 1.5 Million on crowd funding site […]

Take A Look At The Vive’s Launch Trailer

The Vive is officially ‘out now’, even if it has a staggered release so only those who ordered really early (and whose pre-orders weren’t suddenly cancelled) are getting it now. For others, myself included, the headsets are coming later. Not to let that dampen their launc though, Valve and HTC have put out a launch […]

Gears Of War 4 Will Have Splitscreen Across All Modes

Splitscreen is a dying artform. So many games want to use all the power of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for processing an image, meaning the art of playing a game with your buddy next to you has been dropped from many games. That won’t be the case for Gears of War 4 though. […]

What’s Your Pokemon Type? #Pokemon20 Wants To know!

The Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration continues! This time it’s a quiz. Ever wondered what your Pokemon type is? Now you can find out! I was just as curious as anyone, so I decided to take the quiz myself. I was surprised at how detailed the questions were, and laughed pretty hard at the Zubat question. […]

Tracer Has A New Pose In Overwatch And She Is Still Looking Over Her Shoulder

While I found the conversation about’s Tracer pose over the last week genuinely quite interesting philosophically, the political debate surrounding it has been quite silly and draining. This all started when a forum user complained about Tracer’s pose, with calls of being too ‘overt’ for the character. Blizzard then agreed to change it, causing people […]

Oulast 2 Trailer Gets All Cryptic And Hints At Something Later This Month

Outlast 2 has been very quiet since it was announced that the game was coming. Besides the initial reveal which revealed south US setting and religious themes, we really don’t know much about it. Well, this new trailer has hit, and it’s all pretty spooky. There isn’t much in it apart from a rather odd […]