No Man’s Sky Has Gone Gold

No Man’s Sky has been elusive for quite some time now, that game being at the top of most wanted lists, but suffering from delays and a long production cycle. Well, put away the pitchforks, because Hello Games have revealed that the game has gone gold. At least where the disc is concerned, it is […]

A Little Late To The Game, But I’m Here: Thoughts On Stardew Valley

Last weekend, the Steam Summer sale was coming to an end and I was nudged towards the trailer for a game called Stardew Valley. Because I live under a rock most days, I completely missed out on the hype that surrounded this game for the past year. After figuring out a way to make it […]

Don’t Expect A Release Date For Insomniac’s Spider-Man Any Time Soon

One of the more surprising and potentially exciting announcements at E3 was that Insomniac are currently making a fully fledged Spider-Man game. All reports are that this isn’t shovelware, and will have a serious budget and production period. However, because of that, don’t expect to hear about the game’s release anytime soon. When asked on […]

TmarTn Apologizes For CS:GO Lotto Scandel Before Promptly Removing Said Apology

So this CS:GO Lotto story is likely to run on for some time, and it seems that with every day, something new happens. After promising that “It’ll all be laid out tomorrow“, TmarTn made his statement about the controversy that allegedly encouraged kids to gamble on a CS:GO skin site. (Well, his second, more remorseful […]

Loot Crate And Her Universe Launch LOOT4FANGIRLS

Monthly subscription box Loot Crate and fangirl-focused fashion line Her Universe are to launch a new monthly subscription box, LOOT4FANGIRLS, with five items a month curated by Her Universe, and the first box including an exclusive dress, in sizes from small to 3XL. Have they thought this through? Forgive my genderstereotyping, but I learnt not to […]

The Witcher 3: Game Of The Year Edition Has Been Confirmed

I’ve just recently seen off the story of The Witcher 3‘s main game, and have been looking towards getting into the two, supposedly fantastic DLCs for the game. If you are yet to jump into the world yet, maybe hold off for a little bit. Reports of a listing for the Game of the Year […]

Take A Look At A Failed Pitch That Would Have Taken Call Of Duty To Rome

Some are quite loud about their feelings on Call of Duty being the same every year. In fact, this year the game succumbed to a huge hate campaign against its Infinite Warfare trailer for once again taking the series to future warfare. Well, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that has been considered. In […]

Red Dead Redemption Is Finally Coming To Backwards Compatiblity On Xbox One

It finally happened. The most requested and long sought after backwards compatible title on Xbox One has finally made the jump. It’s been announced that Red Dead Redemption is now backwards compatible on the system, meaning that if you have the title on disc for the Xbox 360, it will now work in your Xbox One […]

Not Going To SDCC? Don’t Worry, You Can Still Get A Mr. Sparkle

It’s time for some Homer Simpson with a dash of sparkles, as Kidrobot brings us some new 7″ figures. The Simpsons Mr. Sparkle 7″ Medium Figure collectibles come at a price point of $49.99. Here’s what Kidrobot has to say: “Homer Simpson’s doppelganger is finally here as a medium figure! Relive the classic episode with our […]

Legion Of Collectors – Suicide Squad Unboxing

I’ve done up a quick unboxing for the latest Legion of Collectors box featuring the Suicide Squad. Somehow going into it I can’t figure out who is on the box until I open it… but I catch on pretty quick. I’m just not used to the pigtail look for Harley Quinn or the tattoos. If […]

Heads Up! You Can Play Pokemon While Playing Minecraft…Sort Of

Well, it’s not fully functional, but yes, a Minecraft Pro figured out how to create a nearly functional Pokemon Red simulator. The YouTube and Reddit user goes by Reqaug, and this video is popping up everywhere… Take a look for yourself: As a lover of Minecraft and Pokemon this is such a cool discovery. Game crossover […]

Double Dose Of Hulk Vs Wolverine Includes New Maquette And Paolo Rivera Print

Sideshow has made a reveal and a tease today and both involved the Hulk vs Wolverine. The fan-favorite Canadian mutant known as Logan made his debut in the Incredible Hulk series… a cameo on the last panel of issue #180 then a full appearance in #181… It pitted the Wolverine against the Jade Giant all […]

Perfect Dark And Crackdown Characters Turn Up On Killer Instinct Survey

Killer Instinct is no stranger to guest characters. The game has invited all sorts from the Arbiter to Battletoads into its fighting arena. Well, here are a couple other potential characters that could be coming. In a survey to the fan community (via VG247) we saw Iron Galaxy tipping their hand a little bit. In […]

Big YouTubers Accused Of Setting Up Gambling For Kids With CS:GO Betting Sites

So, YouTube is a big, weird thing that people are still trying to ‘figure out’, especially in terms of legality. There are a ton of controversies that pop up around things like fair use and criticism, but this one is really quite something, and is pretty firmly in the “shady” collumn. There is a lot […]

Sideshow Teases Zuckuss Sixth-Scale Figure

Sideshow is teasing another new figure, this one an addition to their Star Wars Bounty Hunters collection that already contains Boba Fett, IG-88 and 4-LOM… son they will unveil Zuckuss Sixth-Scale Figure. This is another figure that should be shown before SDCC. Below the teaser image is what the figure looked like from Kenner.

Who Will You Choose? Funko Announces League Of Legends Collection

One of the most successful MOBA’s of all time is getting a line of Funko POP! Vinyl’s and everyone is pretty excited about it. I’d say League of Legends is the first thing since the invention of World of Warcraft that I’ve lost friends to. Of course when I mean, lost friends, I mean temporarily as they […]

Sideshow Teases New Guardians Of The Galaxy Premium Format Figures

Sideshow Collectibles is teasing a set of Premium Format Figures of Rocket and Groot. This is part of their Guardians of the Galaxy line which has already had Gamora debut. I expect the figures to be unveiled in time for SDCC later this month. These figures appear to be based on the comic versions of […]