E3: Is ‘I Am Setsuna’ A Return To The Golden Age Of JRPGs?

Madeline Ricchiuto writes from E3, Tokyo RPG Factory and Square Enix’s I am Setsuna was designed to be a more modern take on the JRPGs of the past. While exploring the world, you’re watching as small sprites march around in the snow from a fixed-camera third person perspective. The battle system was based on early […]

Mouse And Keyboard Support Is Mere Months Away Says Xbox

Microsoft have been moving closer and closer towards Xbox One and PC integration in the last few months. The console has been growing more simpatico with the idea of a PC, especially since the launch of Windows 10. And it looks like Xbox One is about ready to take one of its final leaps into […]

E3: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Is A Single-Player MMO

Madeline Ricchiuto writes from E3, Sword Art Online’s latest game “Hollow Realization” is a spinoff from the popular Anime/light novel series, essentially positing itself as a ghost game on the Sword Art Online servers. You control Kirito and a group of three other Sword Art characters as they search their way through this new game […]

E3: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Is A Final Fantasy You Can Play On Your Phone

Madeline Ricchiuto writes from E3, Brave Exvius is Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy mobile game. Unlike many of their previous mobile titles, Brave Exvius is new story told in the usual Final Fantasy tradition of three protagonists fighting their enemies over crystals. The gameplay of Brave Exvius is designed to evoke memories of previous FF […]

E3: Dead By Daylight Wants To Kill You

Madeline Ricchiuto writes from E3, Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight matches 5 random players together into a “nightmare” that they will never wake up from. The 1 v 4 asymmetric game style should be familiar for those who played Evolve, for Dead by Daylight one player is the Killer, the other four try to survive. […]

E3: Harebrained Schemes’ Necropolis Is Dark Souls Meets Spelunky

Madeline Ricchiuto writes from E3, “Its basically Dark Souls meets Spelunky” was how this game was first described to me, and I have to say it lives up to that comparison. Necropolis is a roguelike third-person action game in which you (and up to three friends, or none) play as a thief trying to find […]

Overwatch Reaches 10 Million Players

Far away from E3’s all encompassing gaze, Overwatch is still experiencing a huge community online. I know, because I miss it so while I’m out in LA. And the game really is growing to huge numbers quickly. Blizzard have announced that the game has now been experienced by 10 million players. That is a lot […]

You Can’t Play As A Female Link In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

There has been a little narrative growing around The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild since it was announced a couple years ago. Due to the androgynous nature of Link int he reveal video, the discussion of a playable female Link has followed. That isn’t going to be happening though. Speaking to Gamespot, producer Eiji […]

The Xbox One S Does Not Have A Native Kinect Port

The Xbox One S looks like a really clever redesign of the hulking Xbox One. It’s compact, takes away a lot of nonsense, and is supposedly even more powerful than the first console. One thing the Xbox One S doesn’t have though is a Kinect port. For a console that was once bundled with the […]

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Protagonist Gets A Name

While I wish there was much more to Mass Effect’s Andromeda’s showing at E3 this year, what was shown was pretty stunning. I can’t wait to get stuck into the title, as far away as it still seems. One domino has dropped on that game over Twitter though. Producer Michael Gamble has revealed the lead’s […]

Check Out 14 Minutes Of Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising is at its very best when it is being silly and messing around with absurdity in order to give you all kinds of silly ways to take on the Undead. It seems Capcom are going whole hog on that idea in Dead Rising 4. This footage comes from Eurogamer and you can see the over the […]

Did You Miss Out On The Mythical Pokemon Mew?

I’m not foreign to keeping an eye on The Mythical Pokémon that are released through the Nintendo Network or Game Stop. However, I just so happened to miss the train when Mew was made available back in February. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one, because Mew is back for a limited time. Mew was first […]

Abzu Gets A Lovely Looking Trailer And August Release Date

Abzu is surrounded by a buzz around these parts. I gave the game Game of the Show last E3, and I’ve been continually impressed by it. It really does just look completely lovely. You can see that for yourself in this new trailer here. It shows off the beautiful underwater environments in the game, and […]

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gets A Spacetastic Gameplay Trailer

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has had a rough go of it in terms of fan perception, becoming the most disliked trailer of all time on YouTube. This is largely due to the game’s predictable future war setting, which hasn’t seemed to mesh with what fans are wanting. . Infinity Ward did try and go quite […]

Crash Bandicoot Is Back With Three Remasters And A Skylanders Appearance

Crash Bandicoot news has been circling for quite some time now, so people expect to hear big things from this year’s sony press conference on the bandicoot front. Well, we can at least say that there is ‘some news’ here. It’s been announced that Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped […]

Insomniac Games Are Making A Spiderman Game And It Looks Great

Marvel have been pretty tepid about getting into AAA games in a major way over the last few years. People have begged for quality titles featuring their characters, but it rarely came to pass. It looks like they are getting in big now though as they’ve announced that the often brilliant Insomniac Games are taking […]