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Rich Johnston

The internet’s original and best-known comic book reporter, Johnston has been covering the industry since he started posting his column on rec.arts.comics in 1992. His trademark mix of hard news and salacious gossip went through a number of incarnations, including Rich’s Revelations on the Twist and Shout Comics website, All the Rage for Silver Bullet Comic Books, and Lying in the Gutters for Comic Book Resources. Rich is the founder and head writer of Bleeding Cool, and the primary contributor of the site’s comic book industry news stories. He has written comics such as Watchmensch, The Flying Friar, Holed Up and The Avengefuls.

Mark Seifert

Co-founder and Creative Director of Bleeding Cool parent company Avatar Press, Seifert was a longtime contributor to Wizard Magazine during their formative years.  He blogs about recent developments in vintage comics, original art, comics history, and breaking news for Bleeding Cool.

Erik Amaya

eaBleeding Cool Head Writer For Film. Erik Amaya was infected with the film bug at an early age and never gained the immunity. Growing up in Southern California, he ultimately chose to cover the business in its wild, erratic and wondrous aspects at a variety of websites and his own blog over the last ten years. Favorite films include The Lion in Winter, Die Hard and A Matter of Life and Death, but he is always willing to show you a curious Sylvester Stallone film. He is also the host of “The Satellite Show” and its TV-centric cousin, “Tread Perilously.” He voiced puppets for a webseries, cut 16mm film and learned the secrets of emulsion before the dawn of the digital age.

Patrick Dane

PatrickBleeding Cool Head Writer For Gaming. Patrick Dane somewhat accidentally fell into the writing about pop culture online, but after several years of twists and turns, he hasn’t let go yet. During three years as a London based writer, he’s done all manner of film and game coverage, all across the world for several sites. He appears on a handful of podcasts and has played host at major events discussing both film and game in the past as well. He also likes burritos, breakfast or otherwise.

Christine Marie

CmvphotoChristine Marie is a Staff Writer at Bleeding Cool, and bibliomaniac with a love for all things creative. She hopes to one day be a Superhero/Disney Princess/Novelist. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @AWritersWay or on her blog


Warren Ellis

One of the world’s greatest comic book writers, writing everything from The Authority to Transmetropolitan to X-Men. He is responsible for the comic behind the hit movie Red and is currently working on a series of novels.

His series of columns for Bleeding Cool are best sellers in book form. They will return soon.

Dennis O’Neil

A Batman editor for a decade, transforming the character from a sixties joke to the Dark Knight we know today.

He is now a tutor for the New York University, where he teaches comic book masterclasses, for which he writes and accompanying column when they are in session.

Adi Tantimedh

LA screenwriter and screen reader, Adi reads far more movie scripts than will ever get made, looking for the gems. He shares his insightful wisdom each week on Bleeding Cool.

Grace Randolph

Grace Randolph Pic BIGMarvel’s The Watcher, and movie vlogger comes to Bleeding Cool with two epiosdes of Think About The Ink every week. Clever, insightful commentary on the comic book industry.

Aaron Haaland

From the front line of comic retailer, at A Comic Shop in Florida. His specialist knowledge of the week’s upcoming comics, as well as his desire to sell that love to their customers has made him one of the best known retailers in the industry.

Ian Mageto

JubileeBioSenior Cosplay Correspondent of Bleeding Cool. He’s a cosplayer that moonlights as a photographer. He treats convention cosplayers like a game of Pokemon…Gotta Catch ‘Em All.

See his work at


Michael Davis

MOTU_nMichael Davis is an artist, writer, mentor, and entertainment executive.

His positions as an entertainment executive include: President & CEO of Motown Animation & Filmworks, President of Animation at Magic Johnson Entertainment, President of Publishing at Blackboard Entertainment, and Vice President, Director Of Talent, and Co-founder of Milestone Media. He’s created, written, illustrated, or produced original content for comics, television, radio, publishing, and reading programs as an independent producer. Alumni from his Bad Boy Studio mentor program are some of the most respected talents working in comics, television, and illustration today.

Current projects include graphic novels, The Underground from Dark Horse and Jackie Robinson Day 1, mainstream novels such as Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Black People But Were Afraid To Ask from Full Court Press, White Winter, Black Night Books 1-4 from Simon & Schuster. The Littlest Bitch from Sellers Publishing (with David Quinn) is in its third printing and currently in development for television.

Michael is also the creator and host of The Black Panel, a powerhouse forum that brings together some of the biggest names in the African American media space.

Among his honors and awards are Mentor Of The Year from Mentor Magazine 1995, The Michael Davis Auditorium named at The Gordon Parks Academy 1996, Renaissance Award from the Arizona Black Film Festival 2006, and The Inkpot Award at Comic Con International 2013.

He fully realizes his bio is now the longest and most corporate of the BC contributors, something his haters will no doubt consider just another way to talk about himself.

 Alex Wilson


Reviewer, commentator and the man behind the production of The Weekly Bleed on Bleeding Cool. No, he can not get you Toni or Yvette’s phone number or email address, please stop asking him.

Jesse James

Comics retailer in Phoenix Arizona, Jesse James attends every comic con and loves them all. Never remoive his baseball cap.

Nikolai Fomich

nik-350x340Writer and college teacher in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. He is currently working on several projects, including a comic book series called African Odyssey, about a time-traveling history professor from future Africa. Whether he ever gets through the research stage remains to be seen. He loves comics, literature, film, history, and travel, and takes moderate pleasure in linguistics, martial arts, and describing himself in the third-person. Follow him on @brokenquiver

Joe Glass

IMG_20130830_202412Creator and writer of LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride, along with co-writing on Welsh zombie horror-comedy, Stiffs. He has also been known to write for Gay Times magazine, Sidekickcast and Bleeding Cool. He’s generally a great big, fuzzy, laid back Welsh gay.

Michele Brittany

mbrittanyAlthough Michele’s dossier appears to be highly classified, some intel has gathered from our field operatives. Behind the cover of a 9 to 5 job, it has been leaked that she is really an independent media scholar who regularly writes about spies, espionage and James Bond. She has been spotted at cons and special events along the West Coast since 2006 and this year has been covering many of those events with articles and photography. She has been known to enjoy Pomegranate vodka and rum on occasion and blogs at Spyfi & Superspies.

Jeremy Konrad

299765_2428389472931_1814326766_nJeremy Konrad is the Senior Star Wars correspondent for Bleeding Cool. He is also the co-host of The Dedicated Server, which can also be found here at BC. He currently works at a comic shop, and no, it is not glamorous at all. He would much rather be home with his little padawan, spending all of his time in a galaxy far, far away. Or hunting for toys, his favorite pastime. Talk with him about all things Star Wars or anything else really on Twitter @jeremyohio.

Daniel Celko

Dan Celko is a geek by birth and a nerd by choice.  After years of keeping his friends up to date on what has been going on with video games, he has decided to put his skills to good use as a Games Correspondent for Bleeding Cool. Now he is one half of The Dedicated Server, a gaming news show for Bleeding Cool which can be found on YouTube. Follow him on twitter @RadicalDann

Dylan Gonzalez

Drinks beer, talks about it.

Ryan Michael

Writer, researcher, Golden Age comic book enthusiast and superhero film critic.

Dirk Manning

Dirk Manning is a multiple-time published author through Image Comics/Shadowline who has also moonlighted as a comic journalist for many years on the side. He contributes occasional articles, essays and such to BLEEDING COOL when the stars enter their proper alignment. Google him or more about who he is and what he does… if you’re into that sort of thing.

José Luis del Río

JoséLuisJosé Luis del Río is a child of the seventies who grew up with comics and MSX. Then he moved to the Commodore Amiga, Twin Peaks and finally to Macintosh. In his nearly 40´s he keeps reading comics, playing computer games and reviewing series. He loves Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Zombies, Horror Movies and all those things that are not necessary in an apocalypse but we all love. He is @jldelriofortich and on Facebook.

Christopher Smith

-1Christopher Smith teaches composition at Columbus State Community College and has spent about two thirds of his life being obsessed with comics, music, and the strange, somewhat overlooked corners of pop culture. He lives with his wife, son, and two devious cats.

 Cameron Hatheway

20140501_143615Cameron Hatheway is a podcaster, writer, reviewer and beer snob living in San Diego. His comic book podcast Cammy’s Comic Corner started in 2007, and since then has evolved into Geeky Talky and Drinky Talky. He has been on the Comics Podcasting All-Stars Panel at Comic-Con International a handful of times, as well as a guest host on other podcasts over the years. While attending Sonoma State University he was the Arts & Entertainment Editor and Online Editor for the campus newspaper the Sonoma State STAR, making sure the medium of comics was getting much deserved attention in Northern California. Cameron has written for,, and his personal favorite You can reach him on Twitter @CamComicCorner where he’s usually found tweeting vulgar pick-up lines to Chris Thompson.

Jared Cornelius

BioPhotoJared Cornelius was kept out of really good schools because he spent his young life reading comics and playing video games.  He’s previously been a garbage man, security guard, model, college recruiter, waiter, and prep chef, all in service of becoming a Bleeding Cool contributor writing about games and sometimes comics.  After being told to stop sending submissions to Cat Fancy and Modern Bride he was found by Bleeding Cool EIC Hannah Means-Shannon who promptly put him to work.  He’s commonly referred to as a hack by his family and friends and is regularly self-deprecating on his Twitter @John_Laryngitis.  He can be found bobbing up and down in the Atlantic Ocean in his free time.  

Phil Harris

Phil+AGMPhil Harris (@PhilipGHarris) is a games developer who is currently working with One Thumb Mobile on their MMORPG Celtic Heroes and with Pyre Studios on a number of their tabletop game projects. He also writes for Pixels for Breakfast.


Christopher Helton

ChristopherHeltonPicChristopher Helton is a blogger, podcaster and tabletop RPG publisher who talks about games and other forms of geekery at the long-running Dorkland! blog. He is also the co-publisher at the ENnie Award winning Battlefield Press, Inc. You can find him on Twitter at @dorkland and on G+where he will talk your ear off about gaming and comics.


Brian Goldberg

Brian is the Senior Toys and Collectibles Correspondent for Bleeding Cool, writing about all things geek in the world of collectibles and merchandise. He’s frequently to be found prying into exclusive mysteries at conventions. If you would like to speak Geek with Brian, please email him at

Greg Baldino

Chicago resident interviewer with the biggest contact list in comics. As comfortable talking to the small presses as he is to the biggest movie directors, Greg tracks down the most interesting of comic book life experiences.

Alex De Campi

Music video director and comic book writer, Alex De Campi writes Uncanny Valleygirl for Bleeding Cool, offering deep digital comic analysis.


Michael Moran

Respected contributor of TV and movie reviews and analysis. He likes a lot of things. Probably more than you.


Paul W Franklin

Bleeding Cool’s resident film extra, detailing his every experience on set.

Andrew Wheeler

Google Gourmand, when he’s not writing about food, he writes about comics minority issues in No More Mutants. Currently on secondment to Comics Alliance.

Khandie Khisses

Burlesque performer, and appearing in Alan Moore’s upcoming film Jimmy’s End, Khandie is a recent recruit to geekdom but dived in with both feet.

Julz Hendricks

JulzHendricks-86Superheroes came into Julz Hendricks’s life much later than she would have liked, so she is making up for it by surrounding her 2 kids with them every waking minute. She is a huge advocate for kids comics, and supports kids comic creators whole heartily. In her spare time, you will find her catching up on Hellboy, and raving about The Phantom Stranger. On the weekends you can catch her hanging out with the Panel 2 Panel team. She also cohosts an all-female podcast, Chickcast. You can find her on Twitter, @JulzHendricks rambling about Daredevil being the best Superhero movie, among other things!

Andrea “Yunie” McFall

YunieAndrea “Yunie” McFall has been a cosplayer for well over a decade now. While quietly active in the cosplay community with her blog, Cosplay Blog with a Brain (yes, there’s a story there…), she also enjoys gaming, comics, movies, and just being an all-around nerd. And if there’s Elektra or Black Widow involved, she’s sure to be interested. Or zombies. Because who doesn’t love zombies?

About Mark Seifert

Co-founder and Creative director of Bleeding Cool parent company Avatar Press. Bleeding Cool Managing Editor, tech and data wrangler. Machine Learning hobbyist. Vintage paper addict.

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