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Thor: Ragnarok Art, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Having Lunch with the Thing

Thor: Ragnarok Art, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Having Lunch with the Thing

As a collector of vintage comics, other old paper, and original art myself, I've often said that there's a lot that even a very good scan can't tell you about the historical paper object in question.  The quality and nature of the ink, the texture of the paper, and often even the smell of the […]

First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

First Tintin Cover Art by Hergé Bidding Passes $1 Million at Auction

After making original comic art auction history just last month with the $5.4 million sale of Frank Frazetta's cover painting for Eerie #23, the famous "Egyptian Queen" painting, Heritage Auctions has one heck of a follow-up on their hands with this week's European Comic Art Signature Auction. The headline piece of the auction, Hergé's very […]

Finding Doomsday Clock Original Art in a Paris Comic Shop

You can see me come across a couple of pages of Gary Frank's original art for Doomsday Clock in Pulp Comics in this video, as I wandered through Rue Dante in Paris earlier this week. I confess I was a little surprised. I popped back in for a better look the following day. It wasn't […]

A Look at Erica Henderson's Gallery of Original Art at Orbital Comics, London

Erica Henderson went on a very British holiday. And ended up at Orbital Comics in London to launch a gallery of her original work, over the weekend. I'M AT ORBITAL COMICS FOR THE START OF MY ART SHOW- THEN AND NOW: AN ERICA HENDERSON EXHIBITION! — Erica Henderson (@EricaFails) January 5, 2019 Massive thanks to […]

Comic Connect Walking Dead Art Auction Collage

Walking Dead Fans: Do Not Miss Out on Comic Connect's Art Auction Ending Soon

Few modern comic series have reached the heights of Robert Kirkman's zombie epic The Walking Dead. Going for 15 years strong now, it is arguably the most successful modern ongoing comic as far as back issues are concerned. One corner of the Walking Dead universe collectors are starting to heat up on would be in […]

Batman 1839, Part 1: Mad Men of Gotham

Indeed the materials are so profuse that the author who deals in them requires neither invention nor imagination, but merely a fair talent for telling the truth takingly, for once he begins, he will find it scattered about him in rich confusion, any quantity of the prettiest and most interesting little loves — murders — […]

Rare Superman Comics Ashcan Auction Closing Tonight at Comic Connect

As a serious Superman collector myself, I've wanted one of the three known copies of this Superman Comics Ashcan ever since I started reading Gary Colabuono's articles about the DC Comics ashcans in the mid-1980s. Historic, incredibly rare Superman? Sign me up. As a matter of fact, I made a point of checking out Colabuono's […]

Action Comics #1 CGC 8.5 $2,007.500 Comic Connect Sales 6/11/2018

Action Comics #1 CGC 8.5 Sells for $2,052,000 After Bidding Resumes at Comic Connect

Now it's official: an Action Comics #1 CGC 8.5 (white pages) has just sold for $2,052,000 at Comic Connect auction. The closing price for the 1938 comic, featuring the first appearance of Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster,  is the third-highest price ever paid for a comic book, behind the $3,207,852 sale of an Action Comics #1 CGC […]

the abyss art

IDW to Publish Michael Kalulta's Original Art for James Cameron's The Abyss Adaptation

IDW is to republish the 1989 graphic novel adaptation of James Cameron's The Abyss by Dark Horse VP Randy Stradley and legendary artist Michael Kalulta in their relatively new Artisan Edition format, a smaller more affordable reproduction of original art boards. Now in the one-of-a-kind Artisan Edition format, the comic adaptation of the Academy Award-winning film […]

suspense comics #3

Suspense Comics #3 and the Iconography of Fictional Hate

Suspense Comics #3, up for auction at Comic Connect tonight, features an infamous Alex Schomburg cover for this 1944 comic book from a lesser known publisher Continental (it's complicated, but they used numerous other publishing names also) which also published titles such as Captain Aero Comics and Cat-Man Comics, among others. Suspense Comics is a short-lived suspense/horror […]

mystery tales comics

The First Children of the Atom and the Lost Marvel Comics of the Atomic Age

I've been revisiting old comics through the lens of world history lately, and the results are often surprising. We tend to think of comics as being influenced by film, books, and other media, and while they have been, it's far less true than one might think. The era of the early 1950s, a time that […]

Batman v Superman Vintage Comics Fight: Place Your Bets

Fans have been having this debate about Batman vs Superman for a long time.  Long before the characters actually met in comics, film, or any other format, in fact. The first record I can find of it is a note that the Superman team had won the school soccer league in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, in May […]

You Will Never See a Jack Kirby Original Art Double-Page Spread This Cheap Ever Again

Rather tantalizingly captioned "For Your Personal Collection" in the upper left corner, this double page spread from Our Fighting Forces #155 by Jack Kirby and inker D. Bruce Berry is an interesting combination of two things that Kirby is well-known for: "Kirby Machines" and World War II.  Our Fighting Forces #155 was published by DC […]

Detective Comics #27 Going up for Auction on February 20th

Detective Comics #27, featuring the first appearance of some character named The Batman, will see a pretty nice copy go up for auction on February 20th. The Hake's Americana & Collectibles auctions will handle the sale, with the auction ending around March 13-15. Yesterday we teased a huge Batman announcement concerning the upcoming Hake's Americana […]