Viz Media Releases December Manga Solicitations

It’s that time again where Viz Media lists the manga they’re releasing in December. Something for everyone again! Shonen Jump My Hero Academia, Vol. 22 By Kohei Horikoshi In the third match of the joint battle training, the students of Class 1-A have their hands full dealing with the unexpected creativity of Class B’s Quirk […]

Marvel September 2019 Solicitations

Frank Castle Gets Crom Curious in September’s “Savage Avengers” #5

There comes a time in every anti-hero’s life when seeing that same old god, day after day, battle after battle, just grows stale. Sure, you joined the Savage Avengers, you get all the cool toys, but it’s getting old. And then, you see some cool, bad-ass dude having the time of his life, just killing […]

Red Hood's Students Return from Worst Summer Camp Ever in September

Red Hood’s Students Return from Worst Summer Camp Ever in September

Jason Todd has had a pretty exciting life, first as the worst Robin ever, then as the latest Red Hood. He’s working for Lex Luthor now, and has probably the worst job in the DC Universe right now. He’s been tasked with training the next generation of bad guys, and it’s going about as well […]

Will "Harley Quinn" Punch Cancer in the Face in September's Issue #65?

Will “Harley Quinn” Punch Cancer in the Face in September’s Issue #65?

Harley Quinn has been on a quest lately to find a cure for a nasty diseas, and it’s not an entirely altruistic mission. Harley’s mom is dying after coming down with cancer. She’s tried some breaking and entering, and has even been putting up with her estranged family. Now, it looks like maybe all of […]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Heroes Try to Pick up the Pieces in July’s ‘War of the Realms OMEGA’ #1

There’s going to be some major changes to the Marvel Universe after the War of the Realms, with far reaching ramifications for the movers and shakers of each realm. We already know Jane Foster will be hanging up the hammer to take on an all-new role, but what’s in store for everyone else? Will Frank […]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Get Ready for Hot Ghost Rider on Ghost Rider Action with Avengers #22

Robbie Reyes is probably the coolest Ghost Rider ever, especially with that hellfire powered car! Looks like the newest Avenger is going to have some trouble with some long term goals, though, since the old Ghost Rider doesn’t cotton well to exorcisms! AVENGERS #22 JASON AARON (W) • STEFANO CASELLI (A/C) CARNAGE-IZED VARIANT COVER BY […]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Will “Old Man Quill’ Take a Nap in the Baxter Building this July?

Old Man Quill has been having a lot of fun with the universe established in Old Man Logan, with Peter trying to make his way to the Baxter Building for a secret weapon. He’s already had to deal with Doctor Doom, random wasteland denizens, and Fin Fang Foom, but it looks like he’s just about […]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Gwen Stacy Changes her Name in July’s ‘Spider-Gwen’ #10

It sounds like Gwen Stacy is feeling the strain of super hero life in a major way, and she’s got a fancy new suit that buffs her powers- sounds like a certain black spider-suit Peter Parker found in the first Secret Wars story-line from the early ’80s! Gwen’s coming up with an all-new code-name, and […]

Marvel Comics Solicitations July 2019

Thor Faces the Consequences of Ending the War of the Realms in Thor #15

Jason Aaron has done some amazing work with the God of Thunder over the last few years, so it’s kind of sad to see him wrap up his time on the series. Still, he’s given us The God Butcher, The Unworthy Thor, and Thor: The Goddess of Thunder, which were all excellent entries into the […]

The Turtle will Kill a Flash... But Which One?

The Turtle will Kill a Flash… But Which One?

The Turtle has had a long and storied career arching The Flash, going all the way back to the Golden Age of comics. The original Turtle’s power was really deliberate thinking, where as more recent incarnations of the Turtle have had something of an anti-speedforce effect, which is slightly cooler. Slightly. Deliberate thinking can help […]

Hello? Operator? Can Summer and Miguel Dial H For Hero?

Hello? Operator? Can Summer and Miguel Dial H For Hero?

The original Dial H for Hero started in 1966, with a main character who liked to yell “Sockamagee”. The series came back again in the ’80s, featuring two teens who used the H Dial to turn into super-heroes contributed by readers. I was one of those readers. My contribution, Suckman: the Human Vacuum, was never […]

Chuck Dixon and Jethro Morales Bring ‘Militia’ to Blackbox in June

Chuck Dixon (Batman, Detective Comics, Punisher: Kingdom Gone) and Jethro Morales (Chasing Hitler) are teaming up to bring Militia to Blackbox Comics in June: When 40 young girls become pawns in a bloody civil war, the stakes are high.  A special-forces unit is sent to show the world how it’s done. Terror’s worst nightmare, a woman […]

‘Soulfire’ Returns to Aspen Comics in June with Krul and Forte

Veteran Soulfire writer J.T. Krul and new illustrator Raffaele Forté are teaming up for all-new stories in the Soulfire saga this June! Soulfire is back with its biggest story-and greatest challenge to its heroes ever! Grace and Malikai have fought together to bring magic back to a world of technology, but now Grace is convinced […]

Dragonball Super VIZ Media July 2018 Solicits

Meet the Vigilantes of My Hero Academia: VIZ Media July 2018 Solicits

Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court bring you the first graphic novel collection of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, which expands on the My Hero Academia universe. Plus, volumes of Dragonball Super, One Piece, and other popular manga receive additional volume releases courtesy of VIZ Media this July. Full details below. MAY182167 MY HERO ACADEMIA VIGILANTES GN VOL 01 (W) Hideyuki Furuhashi (A/CA) Betten Court […]

wonderland Zenescope Entertainment July 2018 Solicits

Wonderland Takes Revenge in Zenescope Entertainment July 2018 Solicits

Raven Gregory and Igor Vitorino bring Revenge of Wonderland this July through Zenescope. This comes in addition to new series Paradise Court by Joe Brusha and Riveiro as well as their regular offering Grimm Fairytales and the continuation of Jasmine: Crown of Kings MAY182119 REVENGE OF WONDERLAND #1 (OF 6) (W) Raven Gregory (CA) Igor Vitorino Wonderland returns! The realm of madness is back with a brand […]

little tails, Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 3 Begins: Lion Forge July 2018 Solicits

Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 3 Begins: Lion Forge July 2018 Solicits

The Lion Forge solicits are available now with their usual promising cavalcade of Catalyst Prime titles, new graphic novels, as well as Encounter, Wrapped Up, and Infinity 8. Plus, Voltron Legendary Defender Vol. 3 begins! Unfortunately, their covers are not yet ready with the exception of Little Tales of the Forest. Here is that cover. It is quite pretty. Here are the proper […]