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The Great Wizard And Toyfare Subscription Scandal Of 2011

Bleeding Cool broke the news that Wizard was cancelled last month, and the final issue shipped the other week. It came as a suprise to staff members and readers alike. It came as an even bigger surprise to those who had just subscribed to the magazines. And wondered where their subscription dollars would go. I […]

Up Periscope On Miyazaki And Studio Ghibli

A final look at fan art created by comic pros, members of Periscope Studios. This time the work of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. My eldest daughter wants several of these on her wall… From, respecticely, Dustin Weaver, Ben Bates, Ron Chan, Dylan Meconis, David Hahn, Ben Dewey, Rich Ellis, Jonathan Case, Colleen Coover, Erika Moen, […]

Now Periscope Studios Draw Spider-Girl

We’v seen Periscope Studios’ take on Mad Men. So why not take a run around the block with Marvel’s Spider-Girl? From, respectively, Dustin Weaver, Ben Dewey, Rich Ellis, Colleen Coover, Ron Chan, Aaron McConnell and Jesse Hamm…

Periscope Studios Draws Mad Men

Periscope Studios is a collection of comic artists, writers, illustrators and designers working out of a studio in downtown Portland, Oregon. Their membership is Aaron McConnell, Ben Bates, Ben Dewey, Cat Farris, Colleen Coover, David Hahn, Dustin Weaver, Dylan Meconis, Erika Moen, Jeff Parker, Jeremy Barlow, Jesse Hamm, Jonathan Case, Karl Kesel, Kieron Dwyer, Natalie […]

Friday Runaround – The Depths Of Your Passion

QuoteWatch: “From the moment you open Glenn Beck’s The Overton Window, you are looking through his eyes — and like the best thriller writers out there, Glenn knows that the very best way to scare us is to show us what can really happen. Get ready to sleep with the lights on. This is the […]

Two Percent Of Comic Shops Violating Street Date Agreements

This week, Diamond Comics Distributors presented a report to comics retailers on the Day-Early Delivery service that came into place this year, in which shops can get comics a day before they are on sale, with a secret shopping service in the USA and Canada to ensure the street date is adhered to. And we […]

Now Lee Bermejo Writes And Draws A Batman Original Graphic Novel

Bleeding Cool has been saying that DC, after years of resisting it, were moving to letting artists write their own projects, as a way to keep them on board with the company. Well Lee Bermejo, who drew the best-selling Joker original graphic novel written by Brian Azzarello, has taken advantage of this and seized the […]

Superman Meets Wonder Woman – But Not Omaha

This is the current DC solicitation for Superman #708, out yesterday, from the DC Comics site. Except the comic sees Superman go to Lincoln, Nebraska instead of Omaha. Which is sad news for Omaha retailers, Legend Comics, Kypton Comics and Dragon’s Lair that ordered hundreds and garnered plenty of publicity over a year on the […]

Michael Murphey Explains Everything About Diamond Digital

Michael Murphey, CEO of iVerse Media has been answering questions on what exactly is happening with the new Diamond Digital service that iVerse has formed with Diamond Comics Distribution. Here are a few examples. Steve Horton asked Michael a number of questions about how the service would work. Murphy replied; The code will redeem in […]

Thursday Runaround – The Tower Of Babel

NewComicWatch: Nicholas Sutton Bell creates Brian The Great And The Hungry Primate for Act-I-Vate. (left) It’s really really nice. DigiWatch: Todd Allen throws insult upon insult on Diamond Digital. So, once again, we have a set of publishers off on one proprietary platform (iVerse) and then we have another set of publishers (DC, Marvel, etc) […]

How Erik Larsen Restored Image’s Wondercon Booth Placement With A Tweet

So I guess the layout for this year’s Wondercon just got announced to vendors? Why? Because Erik Larsen has been tweeting; Wow. Wondercon just fucked @imagecomics by sticking us in the back of the floor because Marvel decided to come back after a 10 year absence. How messed up is that? We’ve been at Wondercon […]

Wolverine’s X-Men And Cyclops’ X-Men For 2012?

I have been led to understand by a reputable comics source certain details about the future direction of the X-Men books, post-Fear Itself, possibly towards the end of the year, but definitely into the next. Understand, that is this is as a result of a recent X-summit, but also that these are plans many months […]

Spider-Man Joins Remaining Fantastic Four For… The Future Foundation!

This is the new comic by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting. FF#1. And it stands for Future Foundation. Their mission is simple: save the Marvel Universe from its greatest threats and prevent future dangers from arising. But even with knowledge of what’s to come and one of the most powerful teams ever assembled, just what […]

Diamond Digital Launches With iVerse

ComiXology made their announcement recently, that they would team with retailer website ICV2 to add a comics download element to retailers websites, allowing them to share in the revenue stream such legally downloaded comics may provide. But the big boy of comics shop distribution has just made its plans known. Bleeding Cool broke the story […]

Is This Death Day For Comics? (SPOILERS)

I am about to spoil the ending of Fantastic Four #587. At the end, off screen, the Human Torch dies. There. That’s a relief. We were spoiled by pretty much all mass media and comics media before the comic was even published. And then, very quietly, without any fanfare, two other characters died, one in […]

A Comic Show – How We Learned To Love Comics Again

Aaron and Tri-Force Mike of  A Comic Shop in Oregon, Florida, run through Wednesday’s comics for Bleeding Cool. And as always we are lucky to have them! And they’re loving the Nemesis collection, Wolverine 5.1 (and how the boys knew that The Thing wouldn’t die, you cheaters), Ultimate Captain America, Green Lantern, Flash getting Road […]

Wednesday Comics Review – Batman And Robin 20 and Knight And Squire 5

The Batman and Robin relationship is meant to be reflected in Knight And Squire. But the Batman and Robin relationship isn’t even in Batman And Robin these days, thanks to having a different Batman and a very different Robin. And it’s been much more entertaining as a result. But who does the better twisted take […]

Wednesday Comics Review – Ultimate Spider-Man 153 and Amazing Spider-Man 654

There’s five hundred issues between them, and they star the same character but these feel very different comics. For one thing, they cost the same, but you can measure the difference in your hand. Ultimate Spider-Man is light, Amazing Spider-Man is not. That’s the difference a 22 story page count and a 30 page count […]