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Saying Hello To Gosh Comics

Dave McKean was signing at the new Gosh Comics today, which brought all the usual suspects out to pop by, some to see Dave, some to see the new store, some to buy comics. Even Brian Bolland popped by, in town on an errand. The old Gosh Comics in London was famous for having a […]

Metal Men – Losing My Definition

I don’t know. You wait ages for a Kevin Maguire Metal Men to come along, you pick up the 100 page Metal Men Spectacular collecting the Metal Men backup strips from last year, out this week but suddenly… Well, it looks as if the artwork has been scanned in by a shoddy pirate. Except the […]

Bryan Talbot Announces Grandville III: Bête Noire

Thanks to all the people who emailed me this one. Bryan Talbot has announced the threequel to his steampunk anthropomorphic series of graphic albums, Grandville. Bête Noire follows the original book and its sequel Mon Amour, detailing the adventures of a Sherlock Holmes/James Bond hybrid, in badger form. And here’s the cover, and page one…

The Ultimate Our Love Is Real Package – Starting At $190

Our Love Is Real has been a real cause celebre for Bleeding Cool, and the authors kindly credited us for their comics instant sell out of all three printings, and the attention that saw the first print hit $50. Well now the creators are offering the ultimate Our Love Is Real deal on eBay. All […]

Where In The World Is The Superior Charity Book?

At the Kapow Comic Con earlier this year in London, Mark Millar and friends set the world record for the fastest completion of a comic book, with writers and artists diving in to complete a new issue of Superior under the watchful eye of the Guinness Book Of World Records, the intent being to publish […]

Saturday Runaround – The Smell Of Grendel

BuffyWatch: This (right) is the Mark Texeira lithograph being printed for Wizard World Chicago next weekendas part of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer VIP Ticket, and also for sale on Texeira’s stall for $20 through the show. Limited to 500 copies, 11″ x 17″. ArchieWatch: The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco is throwing a […]

Friday Trending Topics: Double Catwoman

Looks like Warner Bros took notice of the plethora of The Dark Knight Rises paparazzi pics last week — they released an official Man of Steel pic yesterday, and today we got our first look at Anne Hathaway as  Selena Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises. Followed by a bunch of paparazzi shots, because you […]

The DC Comics New 52 Radio Ad Is Quite Abysmal

This is the approved DC radio ad that retailers can run in their local area, and get 75% of the costs back. Shame it’s so very very dire. Some of you know that for most of my working life I was an advertising copywriter, and for most of that career I specialised in radio. Well, […]

Joe Quesada Commissioned By President Obama

In Joe Quesada’s Cup of Joe column for Comic Book Resources, he reveals that back in February he began working on a personal commission for President Barack Obama. Sometime in mid-February, I was contacted by someone from the White House asking if I had time to chat with one of the President’s aides. When we […]

The Superhero With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Tonight on Channel 4 in Britain, a documentary The Superheroes Of Suburbia made by Christian Watt looked at British real life superheroes and found, as with all superheroes, their Achilles heel. Or in one case, his Achilles digestive system. Will, who works in finance, in sleepy south coastal town of Torquay’s only real life superhero, […]

Caption Comics Convention Returns To Oxford For 19th Year

After that last article, I need a feel good British comic con story. Caption. It’s the longest running comic book convention in the UK. But you won’t find any movies there, TV show cast, or even a medium-sized comic book publisher. Because Caption, returning to Oxford this weekend for its 19th year, is a small […]

The Final Edition Of Freakangels

It’s been three and-a-half years. Today Avatar published the final chapter of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s Freakangels, the long running webcomic set in a John Wyndhamian future where a world has been flooded due to some naughty telepaths, now trying to create a world worth living in. It was slice of life, it was […]

DC Combines Flashpoint Spinoffs Into Anthology Trade Paperbacks

DC Comics appear to be collecting the Flashpoint spinoff series in five combined trade paperbacks in March. With each collection ranging from 224 to 320 pages, there should be from eleven to fifteen issues worth in each volume. The World Of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern contains Abin Sur – Green Lantern and well as Green […]

El Catalogo Make A Grab For DC Comics Spanish Language Rights

Bleeding Cool has previously reported on Chile’s publishing of DC Comics, moving them into the mainstream. Looks like they’ve been too sucessful. In January, Spanish publisher El Catalogo will begin publishing comic books from DC Comics including their sub brands, Vertigo, DC Kids and Mad in Spanish, in both Spain and across South America, after […]

New Luther Strode Art In Pre Order Promotion

Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about the upcoming series from Image, The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode, as well as giving you preview pages – which didn’t exactly make us friends at the publisher So I hope no one will get upset about us putting up this preorder image with unseen artwork […]

Friday Runaround – No Plane Ticket Attached

CreditWatch: Comic shop clerk who co-wrote the Cowboys And Aliens comic talks about seeing his name in the credits for the Cowboys & Aliens film. Even if he didn’t get any of the cash. Foley was invited to Los Angeles to see Cowboys & Aliens at a special movie screening recently. “I received the invitation […]