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The Adult In The Room – A New Column By Lee Barnett

Ricki Tarr has not lied to us, not in any material way. He has simply done what agents the world over do: he has failed to tell us the whole story.  – George Smiley, TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY. I can quite understand why the movie based on the book from which I quote above has […]

Tomorrow Is The Final Day For Eisner Award Nominations

March the 6th is the last day publishers or creators can submit their work for the 2012 Eisner Awards. The tentative categories are best short story, best single issue, best continuing comic book series (at least two issues must have been published in 2011), best limited series (at least half of the series must have […]

Monday Morning Breakfast Runaround

VagrantWatch: Kate Beaton puts her story about the loss of her community – and a human life – back online. LengthWatch: The Secret Service from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons will be seven issues long. MillionaireWatch: Tony Millionaire looks to his future. “Being a cartoonist is a great way to make a living — it’s a […]

Shazam! The New Cloaked Look Of Captain Marvel

It’s the New York Post so I think we can believe it. Possibly. DC Comics have given them details on the new Captain Marvel, renamed Shazam! so as not to give their rival any free advertising whatsoever. Geoff Johns gives the paper the official line, “We changed his name for a lot of reasons. One […]

Sunday Trending Topics: Ralph McQuarrie

From George Lucas: “Ralph McQuarrie was the first person I hired to help me envision Star Wars. His genial contribution, in the form of unequaled production paintings, propelled and inspired all of the cast and crew of the original Star Wars trilogy. When words could not convey my ideas, I could always point to one […]

Hot Comics – The Two Hundred Dollar Club (March 2012)

Here are the comics published within the last thirty years that have been burning up the top of the charts and selling over $200. All raw copies, no slabbing here, no variant covers, no artificial collectibility, just the standard books that, if you have them in your collection, could pay your rent for a few […]

PREVIEW: Man Of God by Craig Partin and Yvel Guichet

Man Of God: The Death of John Morris by Craig Partin and Yvel Guichet out in May from Pinwheel Press – a supernatural horror mystery set over the backdrop of a brewing mob war. The first issue a full 24 page story with 2 back up strips on top, one by by Stu Berryhill, the other  by […]

A New Creator Owned Series By Howard Chaykin And Matt Fraction

As revealed by the TalkComix people below (around the 8 minute mark) at the London Super Comic Convention, Howard Chaykin, as well as starting work on Black Kiss 2 which he describes as “absolutely disgusting”, will be working on a new creator owned series with Matt Fraction. Since Image Comics are publishing Black Kiss 2, […]

Jack Of All Trades by Dave Wallace – Clash Of Titans

Dave Wallace writes for Bleeding Cool; Welcome to back to Jack of All Trades. This week, I’m choosing to run an entire column of reviews spotlighting a publisher that might not be as familiar to US readers as it is to those of us in the UK: Titan books. As well as publishing material in […]

Saturday Trending Topics: The Quesada Code, The Pandora Code

A couple of interesting mysteries emerged on the net today: one having to do with the New 52 character Pandora, the other having to do with Marvel Entertainment COO Joe Quesada. Based on nothing more than a hunch, I wonder if Joe’s infinite mystery (I see he’s said he’ll have a new twitter icon on […]

Joe Quesada Looks To The Infinite Future Of Marvel

This is Joe Quesada’s new Twitter icon. It is labelled Infinite.jpg and shows the sign for Infinity. He tweets; The future of storytelling is ∞ The possibilities are ∞ The future is ∞ I understand that whatever this is in reference to, it it all about Marvel’s plans for the future. With SXSW round the […]

The First Fourteen Pages Of Double Jumpers

[issuu width=550 height=425 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120304000716-39c27c4e52e943d2a6b83252d3f0c21d name=double_jumpers_preview_1-14 username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px id=cfe378e3-2e38-d3b4-28b8-da9d529fc399 v=2] That is the first fourteen pages of Double Jumpers, a new book from Dave Dwonch (Space-Time Condominium) and Bill Blankenship (Thunderchickens…. yes, that Thunderchickens), described as “a mature-readers series ideal for fans of epic fantasy action and old-school platform gaming. Double Jumpers will also be […]

Breaking Pandora’s Code – Raven, Zealot And Shazam!

UPDATE: DC message board poster billee0918 has taken credit for the mysterious posts, after exploiting a loophole to create a new identity, even though the registration process had been closed! Congrats Billee, you gave us all a lot of fun!   The DC Message boards are being deleted to make way for a new snazzy […]

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Sells Out In Ninety Minutes

That’s all she wrote folks. Once you got passed the web forwarding system embedded on the emails that sent out – that crashed pretty much immediately – this was a relatively fair system. And it worked. If you got in within the first minute, then you probably got to buy all the tickets you wanted. […]

Four Day Tickets, Saturday And Friday Sold Out For San Diego Comic Con 2012

UPDATEx2: And… there goes Friday. UPDATE: Saturday has now sold out, Friday is almost gone. The site is now telling recent signees that they do not have a chance of getting a ticket now… Original  article: That was fast. At around the half hour mark of going on sale, the four day ticket for San […]

San Diego Comic Con Ticket Problem Solved

A number of people are reporting problems getting into the San Diego Badge Sales. It’s not, however, a problem with the server. But a malformed link. The e-mail send out to those with Member IDs gave people a link to click on. The link however, does not work when you click on it. Instead, copy […]

In Half An Hour, San Diego Comic Con Tickets Go On Sale

In half an hour ticket sales open for San Diego Comic Con 2012. If you didn’t register for a Member ID, I’m sorry but you are out of luck. No begging, borrowing or pleading will suffice here. And hopefully the site will stay up. Hopefully. Last year, let’s face it, was a clusterfuck. This year, […]