Viz Media’s Christmas Gift Selections for 2019

Viz Media’s Christmas Gift Selections for 2019

Christmas is coming up, and Viz Media have sent along their suggestions for their coolest manga and anime-related gifts. We like Viz. They put out the best quality books and titles, so we’re happy to present them. There should be something here for you or the manga and anime lover in your life. Anime Gift […]

Viz Media Unveils List of February 2020 Manga Releases

Viz Media Unveils List of February 2020 Manga Releases

It’s that time of the month, even if it’s Thanksgiving, where we bring you Viz Media’s upcoming manga titles for February 2020. As ever, there’s something for everyone here. Shonen Jump Twin Star Exorcists, Vol. 17 By Yoshiaki Sukeno While Rokuro and his clan expend the last of their spiritual power battling vicious Hijirimaru, Arima […]

Viz Media Releases January Manga Solicitations

Viz Media Releases January Manga Solicitations

We’re running this a bit late, but Viz Media released their full list of titles coming out in January. Shonen Jump   Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vol. 10 By Koyoharu Gotouge Despite some comic misunderstandings that almost blow their cover, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu smoke out Daki, a demon that has been devouring the […]

Marvel Comics/Shonen Jump Manga Collaboration Includes Halloween Avengers

Marvel Comics/Shonen Jump Manga Collaboration Includes Halloween Avengers

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the news that Marvel Comics and Shonen Jump would be collaborating on a new series of manga published in Japan, with a first chapter being written and drawn by Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi.  And, it seems the final chapter. Because we now have more details. These will be a series of […]

Viz Announces New Pokémon Manga and Other Titles for 2020!

VIZ Announces New Pokémon Manga and Other Titles for 2020!

There was so much going on during Anime Expo, it would have been easy to miss something. Luckily, we don’t miss anything… especially when our friends at VIZ Media are kind enough to share awesome manga news! There’s a lot to cover, so we’ll let the folks at VIZ take it from here! VIZ MEDIA […]

Lone Wolf and Cub Creator Kazuo Koike has Passed Away

Lone Wolf and Cub Creator Kazuo Koike Has Passed Away

Kazuo Koike, the creator of Lone Wolf and Cub (along with artist Goseki Kojima) and one of the most prolific creators of manga, has died. His official Twitter account and various news outlets reported that Koike, 82, was hospitalized for pneumonia and passed away on Wednesday. Koike is the creator of Lone Wolf and Cub […]

Manga and Anime Legend Leiji Matsumoto to Consult on New Project

At 81 years of age, Leiji Matsumoto is considered by many to be a living legend in the manga and anime fields. His creations have spanned decades, and many of his characters and settings have influenced and inspired generations of illustrators and animators. Anime News Network has confirmed that Matsumoto will be consulting on a new […]

Viz Announces Fullmetal Alchemist: The Complete Four-Panel Comics

Viz Media has announced the publication of Fullmetal Alchemist: The Complete Four-Panel Comics. The book will feature a complete collection of the four-panel comic strips from Hiromu Arakawa’s original Fullmetal Alchemist series (which is published in English by VIZ Media) and never-before-seen bonus strips from Japan. In Japan, four-panel comic strips are called 4-koma. They’re […]

Interview: Shonen Jump Editor-in-Chief Andy Nakatani on the New Shonen Jump

This week, Viz launched a new version of Shonen Jump, the popular digital manga anthology at and on the Shonen Jump app for iOS and Android devices. Shonen Jump, which means “boys jump”, is Japan’s most popular comics anthology, featuring the biggest and most popular series currently running, many of which have popular anime […]

C2E2: Viz Media to Release Two NieR: Automata Light Novels

During a panel at C2E2 this weekend in Chicago, manga and light novel publisher Viz Media announced that they would be releasing two NieR: Automata light novels within the next year. According to Anime News Network the two novels in question are NieR: Automata: Long Story Short and NieR: Automata: Long Story Long. From Anime News Network: Viz Media will […]

Death Note All In One-1

Everything You Need from Death Note: Our Review of the All-in-One Edition

Back in 2003, Tsugumi Ohba introduced us to the world of Death Note. Nearly 15 years later, the series now has a cult following that rivals established manga series and captured a piece of pop-culture regarding how we look at death as a character and a finalization. Last year, Netflix released a film based on […]

Children of the Whales manga

Review: Abi Umeda’s Manga Series Children of the Whales

A couple months ago we received a few manga books from the awesome people at VIZ Media. One of the books that caught our eye was the first volume of stories from the Children of the Whales series, created by Abi Umeda. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because she was the creator of the Kujira […]

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure Begins: VIZ Media May 2018 Solicits

Pokemon Sun and Moon begins. Ultraman returns! Naruto’s Uchihas go Chibi! All of this is courtesy of VIZ Media and will be released this May. Details below. Shonen Jump Title     Naruto: Chibi Sasuke’s Sharingan Legend, Vol. 3 By        Kenji Taira Synopsis           Elite ninja Uchiha Sasuke travels the land with his teammates searching for his brother Itachi. Can Sasuke stay out […]