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Take a Look at the Marvel Celebrates Stan Lee Comic Book (VIDEO)

Take a Look at the Marvel Celebrates Stan Lee Comic Book (VIDEO)

At the beginning of the week, Marvel Comics hosted a big Stan Lee Memorial event at the New Amsterdam theatre in Manhattan. With plenty of comic book creators still in town for New York Comic Con, it became a big thing with the likes of Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Cox, Ming-Na Wen, Joe Quesada, Bob Layton, […]

Stan Lee's Soapboz for July - From

Stan Lee’s Soapbox for July – From December 1968

Running through Marvel Comics’ titles in July, and in memorium of the man’s life, will be another of Stan Lee‘s Soapbox columns originally published in Marvel’s titles, this one from December 1968… The next time anyone puts you down for reading a comic mag, try hitting him with this little soliloquy which I’ve used on […]

Serious Allegations Made About the Last Days of Stan Lee

Before his death on Monday, Bleeding Cool had been covering a very difficult two years for Stan Lee following the death of his wife Joan Lee in 2017. There have been allegations of elder abuse, harassment, court proceedings, police involvement, and social media accounts. There has also been a variety of businesses using his name for a variety […]

Vincent Zurzolo On The Human Element of Stan Lee’s Super-Heroes

Quotes about the relationship between power and responsibility have been around a lot longer than you might think. Voltaire talked about it in the time of the French Revolution. Winston Churchill spoke on the concept in front of the House of Commons in 1906. Theodore Roosevelt brought it up when he explained his reasons for not seeking a […]

Stan Lee, Oliver Stone, and the Mystery of the Lost Stan Lee Movie Cameo

It’s no understatement to say that Stan Lee has become just as famous to the current generation of fans for his movie cameos, as he is for his co-creation of a very large chunk of the foundation of the Marvel Universe. Whenever a new Marvel movie is announced, questions about Stan’s cameo in the film […]

Stan Lee, Comics Legend, Has Passed Away at 95

TMZ is reporting via a statement from Stan Lee‘s daughter J.C. Lee that the comics legend has passed away at the age of 95   #BREAKING: Legendary Comic-Book Writer, Publisher and Film Producer Stan Lee Has Died. R.I.P. — TMZ (@TMZ) November 12, 2018 Stan Lee was the co-creator of the Marvel Universe, now […]

Who Has Control Of Stan Lee’s Twitter Account Now?

A few weeks ago, Stan Lee tweeted that he had finally regained control of his Twitter account, but that he couldn’t regain access to his Facebook page. Before that, Stan Lee’s Twitter account had transformed into one that tweeted out pop culture news and was believed to be controlled by POW Entertainment. Then things changed […]

A Terrible Year in the Life of Stan Lee: A Retrospective

Over the past year, Bleeding Cool has been running a considerable number of stories regarding Stan Lee‘s personal life and how they have impacted the headlines. There was a time when I commented how unusual it was to see TMZ running Stan Lee stories, but of late that has become a daily occurrence. Recently there […]

Stan Lee Associate Keya Morgan Arrested Today in Hollywood

Two weeks ago, Ryan Parry, writing for the Daily Mail, reported that police were called after Stan Lee was held up by “suspected gunmen” at his home in the Hollywood Hills. The story went wide, with other placed dropping the “suspected” aspects, including Comic Book, The Daily Mirror, CBR, Metro and more. It was Stan […]

Stan Lee Recently Tweeted a Photo of Him and His Brother, but It’s Actually from 2013

There has been a considerable amount of concern expressed of late regarding Stan Lee‘s welfare, with old friends finding themselves ostracized from being able to get in touch with the 95-year-old comic book legend, over his condition during marathon signing and photo sprees, at the same time ex-business partners and his company are served in […]

Stan Lee’s John Travolta Photo Tweet Actually from 2 Years Ago

Much has been made of a recent tweet from Stan Lee‘s Twitter account showing himself, his current representative and movie producer Keya Morgan, and actor John Travolta. I have been learning new dance moves from John Travolta thanks to my dear friend and partner @KeyaMorgan. — stan lee (@TheRealStanLee) May 30, 2018 It indicates an […]

Police Called After ‘Suspected Gunmen’ Argue With Stan Lee

Ryan Parr, writing for The Daily Mail, has another Stan Lee exclusive story. This states that police were called after two suspected gunmen confronted Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee over alleged moneys being owed to them, last night. And that one of them had attended the property in Hollywood Hills the night before. The identity of […]