DC Comics

DC Comics is one of the largest and oldest American comic book companies, and a subsidiary of Warner Bros. since 1967. Popular characters published by the company include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg and Supergirl. Popular DC Comics teams include Justice League, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Teen Titans, and Watchmen.

Former US Army Cavalry Officer and pulp writer Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded the precursor to the company we now know as DC Comics, National Allied Publications in autumn 1934. His first comic book, the tabloid-sized New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 was cover dated February 1935 .

Detective Comics, a detective-themed anthology series, debuted with a March 1937 cover date, and would introduce Batman to the world with Detective Comics #27, cover-dated May 1939.  The initials “D.C.” in DC Comics come from the title Detective Comics.

The publisher would release its most important issue ever with Action Comics #1, cover-dated June 1938, and the comic book that introduced Superman to the world.

As a subsidiary of Warner Bros, the publisher’s characters and teams have been the subject of numerous tv series, films, and games.

Is This The Biggest Change Doomsday Clock Made to the DC Universe?

Doomsday Clock Clarifies Just Which State Metropolis Can Be Found In…

Where is Gotham? And where is Metropolis? Described as New York at night and New York by day, respectively, their location has been up in the air. Originally modelled on Toronto, New York City certainly became Metropolis’ greatest influence. However, it has been clarified – and contradicted – a few times. In Superman #2 in […]

A Look Back at Doomsday Clock, Ahead Of Its #12 Finale

The unauthorised sequel to Watchmen, Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will have its final chapter, #12 is out in a couple of weeks, December 18th. Alongside everything else it seems. A double-sized final issue, it will join Tom King‘s final Batman, the end of Scott Snyder‘s Doom War, the launch of James […]

James Tynion IV's Plans For Batman, Lucius Fox and Luke Fox in 2020

James Tynion IV’s Plans For Batman, Lucius Fox and Luke Fox in 2020

Batman always plans, But then, so does his new writer, James Tynion IV, writing the ongoing Batman series in 2020 from DC Comics, starting with Batman #86. And in his newsletter, which everyone should be signed up to, he laid out plans from his pitch document. And it involves the characters of Lucius Fox and […]

Are Tom King and Mikel Janin Going to... Fiz Ric?

Are Tom King and Mikel Janin Going Back to Grayson to Fix Ric’s Dick?

Tom King‘s final issue of Batman, #85, will be out a week on Wednesday along with everything else from DC Comics, it seems. His Batwoman/Catwoman series with Clay Mann that is meant to follow where his story left off, has been delayed due to King and Mann deciding that Mann should be the lead artist […]

“The Future Is Young” Batman Dark Knight Message Now Part Of Hong Kong Protests

Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool reported that DC Comics has withdrawn a tweet using the Rafael Grampa upcoming cover of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child. This came after criticism from Chinese critics that it made reference to Hong Kong protests, featuring Batwoman dressed in black throwing a molotov cocktail and that the use […]

Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau Reveals His Wonder Woman #750 Covers

Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, the undisputed king of variant covers has shown off his covers for Wonder Woman #750 in January, which will be sold exclusively from his website. Just not yet.  Preorders will begin on the 1st of December at 5pm ET… And you get to pick your favourite – and price to match… WONDER […]

Jim Starlin and Keith Giffen Do Covers For Metal Men

Jim Starlin and Keith Giffen Do Covers For Metal Men

When he’s not trying to get his portfolio back and stop people selling its pages to dealers, Shane Davis draws the new Metal Men series from DC Comics, written by his boss, publisher of DC Comics, Dan DiDio. Well, publisher status has its privileges. Including getting Jim Starlin to draw a new variant cover for […]

LATE: Neal Adams' Batman Vs Ra’s Al Ghul #4 Slips Into 2020

LATE: Neal Adams’ Batman Vs Ra’s Al Ghul #4 Slips Into 2020

Last week we reported that Batman Vs Ra’s Al Ghul #4 by Neal Adams had slipped first from the 20th of November, then to the 4th of December and then to the 11th December. We speculated if it would slip any further, and get sucked into DC’s Massive Week of the 18th of December. Seems […]