Clankillers #2 cover by Antonio Fuso and Stefano Simeone

Clankillers #2 Review: Youthful and Innocent Deicide

Finola and Cillian are almost captured by King Padraig, but the Banshees of the forest cover the youths’ escape. Finola and Cillian seek the Dullahan, the Irish grim reaper, to aid the in killing the four clans and the Goddess Balor. Padraig returns to his castle to find Una and Reagan practicing magic and speaking […]

Animosity #15 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #15 Review: A Powerful Backstory Issue

We learn the life story of Kyle and how he came to be the man he is. He was a victim of human trafficking and only saved because the boat carrying he and the other victims wrecked just off shore. He was put into the adoption system, and he was often left behind. He noticed […]

Lost City Explorers #2 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Lost City Explorers #2 Review: Teen Angst Adventure

Helena is trying to convince her brother and her friends that their father isn’t dead and was working on a massive exploration project for Sagan Labs. She thinks he was on the trail of Atlantis, and, understandably, Homer and the others are apprehensive. Despite that, she convinces them that they need to investigate their father’s […]

A Walk Through Hell #3 cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia

A Walk Through Hell #3 Review: A Hard Book to Swallow

Shaw and McGregor continue to try and process what they have seen in this warehouse. There is no way to logically explain what they’ve seen, and we flash back to the FBI investigation into Shaw and McGregor’s pedophile suspect, a man named Paul Carnahan. The two even bring in another suspect to help with the […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of July 11th, 2018: Superman Begins Anew

Wednesday draws near, and that means it’s time for another installment of Comics for Your Pull Box. We have a ton of major releases this week, but here at Bleeding Cool we are going to try and narrow it down to the absolute must-haves and must-tries. Here is the link to the full Comic List […]

Dark Ark #8 cover by Juan Doe

Dark Ark #8 Review: Mixing Together the Mythologies

We see another flashback to Khalee and Janris before the flood. Khalee begins to see the scope of what her father is doing to the people helping with the Dark Ark, and she gleans what the purpose of the vessel truly is. In the present, Shrae meets the ancient and dark being which has been […]

Jimmy's Bastards #9 cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia

Jimmy’s Bastards #9 Review: A Brutally Cathartic Finale

Jimmy Regent is being brutally beaten by Junior while Nancy is facing the same from the two other surviving children. Jimmy finds an advantage in Junior’s biggest weakness, while Nancy takes an opportunity to get the upper hand on her adversaries. Is it enough? Can Jimmy and Nancy survive the bastards’ onslaught? This is the […]

Unnatural #1 cover by Mirka Andolfo

Unnatural #1 Review: Very Direct Satire and Very Rough Dialogue

In a world of anthropomorphized animals, you are expected to be married by the age of 25. You can only marry within your own species and a person of the opposite gender. That’s why it’s a problem that Leslie, a pig-woman, is having recurring dreams of a wolf-man lover. She’s just turned 25 too, and […]

Brothers Dracul #3 cover by Mirko Colak and Maria Santaolalla

Brothers Dracul #3 Review: A Grindhouse Action Comic

Vlad, Radu, and Mehmed are now hunting vampires across the Ottoman realm, and we join the on one such raid against the creatures. Vlad leads the charge, but Radu is pinned down after taking a few of the monsters down. Vlad asks Mehmed to help Radu, but Mehmed freezes. Vlad must save his brother, but […]

Pestilence: A Story of Satan #2 cover by Tim Bradstreet

Pestilence: A Story of Satan #2 Review – Thoroughly Unpleasant

[user_id] [user_id] Pope Price has been gathering the former infected as an excuse to sate his illicit desires. Satan has taken notice and uses this opportunity to make the Pope an offer. Elsewhere, Roderick and the Fiat Lux fight another horde of the eaters, and the devil confronts the knight here. He threatens Roderick’s family, […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of June 27th, 2018: Multiple Man and Sentry Return!

Comics for Your Pull Box is here again to help you sift through the week ahead and see what new, ongoing, and miniseries are worth a look. As always, here is the full ComicList catalog. Let’s get started! Her Infernal Descent #3 This AfterShock exploration through Hell by a bereaved mother and literary figures continues, […]

Animosity: Evolution #6 cover by Eric Gapstur and Guy Major

Animosity: Evolution #6 Review – Ghost in the Animals in the Machine

Ten Lex Animata are dead because of the Leopard, Penny, and Octavia. The City by the Sea is falling into chaos because its people are starving. Wintermute is wounded and at the mercy of Dr. North’s kindness. North himself is also on the hunt for those responsible for the Animata’s death. Gwendolyn Yi and the […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics for June 13th, 2018: Hawkman Lives

We’v reached the end of another week, and it’s time to take stock! That means it’s time for the Top and Bottom 5 comics of June 13th, 2018. What will win? What will lose? What will get people mad at me? Let’s find out together! Winners 1. Hawkman #1 Hawkman #1 finally came out this week– […]

Babyteeth #11 cover by Garry Brown and Mark Englert

Babyteeth #11 Review: The Aftermath of Doomsday

Sadie and her dad have been hiding in Palestine for months now. Sadie is eager to go into the Red Realm to save Clark and Heather. However, Sadie’s dad and Olivia are reluctant to allow this. Sadie is defiant and berates both her dad and Olivia. Olivia, on the other hand, has had experience inside […]

A Walk Through Hell #2 cover by Andy Clarke and Jose Villarrubia

A Walk Through Hell #2 Review: Chilling Imagery and Unnerving Themes

McGregor and Shaw awaken in the warehouse they entered at the end of last issue. They passed out mysteriously, and the woke up to both no longer having pulses despite clearly being alive. Then they hear muted gunshots and dropping cartridges. They investigate only to find a more shocking development. We also see flashbacks to […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of June 13th, 2018: Thunder and Wings

Comics for Your Pull Box is a bit late this week, as Wednesday is tomorrow. But, better late than never, right? Anyway, Bleeding Cool is here to help you sort out what makes it into your pull box this week. Read below to see our suggestions. As always, here is the full ComicList catalog of […]

Shipwreck #6 cover by Phil Hester and Mark Englert

Shipwreck #6 Review: A Delayed but Satisfying Ending

Dr. Shipwright has arrived at the rendezvous point where the rescue ship from his world will arrive. Isham is there waiting for Shipwright, and Isham blows the bridge where the ship would land. Shipwright learns why Isham has been chasing him as well as those among his friends who have worked for Isham. This is […]