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Damian Gets Catfished in Teen Titans #35 [Preview]

Damian Gets Catfished in Teen Titans #35 [Preview]

Teen Titans #35 is in stores this week from DC Comics, and it features a major milestone for Damian Wayne, according to this preview. As we look in on an intimate scene at Mercy Hall… As Damian and Djinn prepare to rekindle their almost romance, with Djinn apparently on the rebound after her confrontation with […]

Batman Explains Why He Beats His Children in Batman #81 [Preview]

Batman Explains Why He Beats His Children in Batman #81 [Preview]

A lot of things can be said about Batman. That he’s paranoid. That he is a psychopath who dresses up like a bat to beat up mentally ill criminals, for one thing. That he has a dumb mustache, for another. But most importantly, that he has severe daddy issues. Not only were his parents killed […]

Impeachment in the Dark Multiverse in Flash Forward #2 [Preview]

Impeachment in the Dark Multiverse in Flash Forward #2 [Preview]

President Donald Trump has decried the impeachment inquiry being conducted by Democrats in the House of Representatives as a witch hunt and treason, but as we see in this preview of Flash Forward #2, Trump doesn’t know how good he’s got it! After murdering a bunch of people in Heroes in Crisis, Wally West wasn’t […]

Moira MacTaggert Will Get Her Own Comic in Dawn Of X

Moira MacTaggert Will Get Her Own Comic in Dawn Of X

Jonathan Hickman has been answering questions about a certain comics about over at Adventures In Poor Taste, following the conclusion of last week’s Powers Of X and before this week’s launch of X-Men. Along the way we learnt; The door marked GALM in Krakoan was meant to be MARS, and they got the look of […]

Bookstores Will Sell More Comics Than Comic Stores in 2019

Bookstores Will Sell More Comics Than Comic Stores in 2019

ICV2 recently ran a presentation to the comic book industry, ICv2 Insider Talks 2019 – The Future of Comics in the Age of Streaming, with a keynote speech from founder Milton Griepp that had two major takeaways. The first is that kids comics – stuff like Dav Pilkey‘s Dogman, Raina Telegemeir‘s Guts and Shannon Eric […]

House Of X and... White Nationalism?

House Of X and… White Nationalism?

Last week saw the final issue of Powers of X #6 by Jonathan Hickman and RB Silva, and the conclusion of the weekly run for the last three months between that title and House Of X, setting up the new Dawn Of X titles. It saw Charles Xavier abandon his dream of integration of mutantkind […]

Tom King Should Write a DC Black Label Book

Tom King’s a Real Bastard – and Why He Should Write a DC Black Label Book

Batman kills babies. Tom King makes people cry. And if they’re not crying, they’re definitely feeling something. At New York Comic Con last weekend, the line to meet Tom King stretched across all of Artist Alley. (Those people had to buy something from his booth to earn their spot in line.) So just why hasn’t […]

The Daily LITG, 14th October 2019, Happy Birthday

The Daily LITG, 14th October 2019, Happy Birthday Mark Seifert

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 15 most-read stories yesterday Epic Games Trolls Fans By Ending “Fortnite”, Causes Twitch Errors “Oathbreaker” Ban List Updated – “Magic: The Gathering” Suspended “Hearthstone” Player […]

Spitting Image

A Look at the American Return of Spitting Image

I am a child of Spitting Image. The rubbery puppet satire show that ran on Sunday nights on ITV for over a decade in the UK taught a generation who their politicians are, at the same time as destroying them onscreen. Turning the work of cartoonists and comics writers into three-dimensional reality without any CG […]

Talking with Skottie Young

Talking with Skottie Young: Leaving Deadpool and Working Hard on Middlewest

Earlier this summer I got a chance to talk and ask some  questions of the great Skottie Young at ACE Comic Con in Seattle.  Due to technical issues this video was unusable until now.  All the parts of this interview are still timely though as Skottie Young hints at his upcoming Marvel project and talks […]

mark millar

Mark Millar Still Playing the Media Like a Maestro

Bleeding Cool remains in awe at Mark Millar‘s manipulation of the media. We first noted it when he managed to get a local journalist to run puff pieces on his work in the Scottish Sunday Times, with relatively looser editorial strictures than the main paper. Only for the pieces to then appear on the main […]

Captain Marvel #11 [Preview]

Carol Finally Gets Her Act Together in Captain Marvel #11 [Preview]

Captain Marvel #11 is in stores from Marvel Comics this week, by Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain, and Clayton Cowles. We’ve got a preview below. Carol finally figured out how to stop Star from draining her powers, but as a result, Star has moved on to draining the life force of everyone in New […]