40th Anniversary Of Star Wars: An Ode To Action Figures, Both Past And Present

Starting in 1978, Star Wars collecting and especially the action figures took over the toy industry. No matter how many versions and variants released of characters over the years, collectors will be there, money in hand to purchase them. From the original Kenner toy line in 1978, to the weird action-hero style of Power of […]

New Star Wars 40th Anniversary Merchandise From The Disney Store

Chances are if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll be celebrating the 40th anniversary all year long. Chances are you’ll be buying a lot of stuff too. Luckily for everyone Disney is rolling out even more Star Wars merchandise via The Disney Store, so fans will have a chance to visit the online store or […]

A Look At The Logan Best Buy Exclusive Steelbook And Blu-Ray Release

Not even three months after coming out on theaters, Logan arrived on Blu-Ray this week. The film was great, I loved every second of it when I first saw it in theaters, and could not wait to get my hands on it for home consumption. As a collector (of oh so many things), number one […]

The Most Adorable Funko Mystery Minis Ever…Dr. Seuss Is Coming This Summer

These are going to be quite popular. Funko has revealed the latest addition to their popular Mystery Minis line, as Dr. Seuss characters will be getting the blind box figure treatment. From the Funko blog: “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” – Dr. Seuss Size does not matter! Now joining Mystery Minis, from […]

Titan Delights All With New Archer Blind Box Figures

Blind boxes are all the rage, and one of the biggest companies on the market is Titan. I personally like them because they produce figures from adult licenses like Alien and Predator. Now, one of the best shows in TV is getting some love, as Archer is getting the blind box treatment. Look: a press release!: […]

You Could Own Elvis Presley’s Private Jet In All Its Red Velvet Shag Carpeted Glory

I happen to know someone that this 1962 Lockheeed Jetstar would be pretty perfect for, although he has temporary use of another jet at the moment.  That aside, I’m a complete sucker for an unusual auction, and this one fits that bill just fine, in all its Elvis-pedigreed, red-crushed-velvet glory.  One can almost overlook the fact […]

June 2017 Loot Crate Has An Alter-Ego Theme, With Marvel, DC And Transformers…

Loot Crate’s June theme is Alter Ego, with its core crate including a Spider-Man item. another Marvel item, a DC item and a Transformers item. While Deadpool has seen Loot Crate DX sell out already, with Spider-Man, Transformers and Fight Club… While Loot Pets has the trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman… If you want in, […]

When I Was Little, We Made Our Own Toys… And I Still Am

Jason Bienvenu writes, Way back in 2010 I was sitting on my sofa thinking “wouldn’t it be cool to have a comic book…that had toys and maybe even a cartoon?” Well I know at that point I didn’t have the resources or knowledge to make a toy line or cartoon pilot but I could draw, […]

This ‘Bloodborne’ Statue Looks To Be Every Hunter’s Dream

When Bloodborne came out for PS4 last year, I bought it, thinking that it would be nice to play a game that challenged me. Not because I am some amazing gamer or anything, but it looked cool and I was excited to play it because it looked tough. After playing it, I was pretty terrible […]

Super7 Gets Blind Boxes Right With Alien Xenomorph ReAction Figures

On Alien Day last month, I was on the hunt for cool Alien collectibles, and stumbled upon these bad boys on the Super7 Store page. The Alien ReAction figures are awesome throwbacks to the 3.75 inch toys of old, and I’ve always loved the sculpts on these, so I ordered five of them and waited […]

NECA Can Finally Talk About Their Alien Covenant Figures, And They Are Awesome

NECA promised that the day Alien: Covenant reached theaters, they could finally reveal what their plans are for figures from the film — and they have kept to their word. This morning, they wasted no time revealing their next wave of figures and products, and they look spectacular. Lets start with the various items. There will […]

Justice League Funko Pops Arriving 3 Months Before the Film In August

After being teased at Toy Fair earlier this year, we finally have our glam shots of the first Justice League Pop figures from Funko, as revealed on their blog. While no exclusives are shown, you can take it to the bank that there will be some. At least 4 Batmans anyway, give or take. All […]

Behind The Scenes Of The Justice League Statues

DC Collectibles has released a new series of images for the Justice League statues based on the upcoming movie. Seems like they’re not hiding the fact that Superman is alive in the film anymore. Jim Fletcher, executive creative director, says that each actor got a head and full body scan to make the digital sculptures. Though […]

Want A Kickass Alien Collectible? Pick Up The Rock Candy Ripley From Funko

I am seeing Alien: Covenant tonight, and I could not be more excited. Next to Star Wars, it is my favorite franchise, and let’s face it: Ellen Ripley is the all-time greatest hero of a sci-fi film, and to me one of the best characters ever created period. I can’t get enough Ripley stuff, from […]

Unboxing The 40th Anniversary Smugglers Bounty Box From Funko

When it was announced that Funko’s Smugglers Bounty box for May would be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, I got really excited. As a fan of these boxes and Funko, my mind raced with the possibilities of what could be included in the box. This had the potential to be the best box […]