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Collectibles Perfect for Gamers This Holiday That Bring the Action

Collectibles Perfect for Gamers This Holiday That Bring the Action

Video games are the lifeblood for the gamers out there. Nothing says nostalgia like bringing home those digital characters to the real wolrd and deiplaying them on your shelves. So this is dedicated to all the gamers out there and here are some kickass action figures you can add to your gaming center this holiday […]

“Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Final Quest Has Taken Flight 

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has been remastered and released multiple times. And no matter how many times they release them I will buy them. This massive open-world RPG has provided me endless hours of fighting dragons, trolls, giant spiders and some farmers after I steal their vegetables. To let you relive those iconic moments McFarlane Toys have […]

Arya Stark Escapes Kings Landing with New McFarlane Figure 

Arya Stark Escapes Kings Landing with New McFarlane Figure 

Arya Stark is one of the leading ladies inside the world of Game of Thrones. She was definitely a fan favorite and quite popular throughout the entire series. Well it didn’t seem like a lot of characters got a lot of drive from their backgrounds or grow throughout the show, However, Arya Stark definitely did from […]

Doom Guy Gets an Exclusive Variant Figure from McFarlane Toys

Doomguy Gets an Exclusive Variant Figure from McFarlane Toys

Doom is a bloody masterpiece and has been an icon in the gaming community. Show your love for that iconic game with the newest exclusive figure coming exclusively to Walgreens. Doomguy Doom slayer figure it will be 7 inches and highly articulate with over 22 moving parts. The variation is the bronze-colored Space Marine armor […]

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Bloodshot Comes to Life In The New McFarlane Toys Figure

Bloodshot is best known as a character inside the world of Valiant Comics. Bloodshot will hit the big screen on February 21, 2020, with Vin Diesel portraying him. We don’t know too much about the movie but we do get to see a glimpse of Vin Diesel as this iconic character. McFarlane Toys has revealed […]

Doom Slayer Figure Fully Revealed by McFarlane Toys

Doom Slayer Figure Fully Revealed by McFarlane Toys

Doom fans finally have a new line of figures to collect. Hopefully anyway. This new Doom Slayer figure from the new game Eternal stands at 7 inches tall and features some awesome sculpting work. He comes with a base, a shotgun, and two different blades. It features 22 points of articulation, and will come in […]

McFarlane Toys Reveals First Figures From Their New Harry Potter Line

McFarlane Toys Reveals First Figures From Their New Harry Potter Line

Harry Potter is finally getting a dedicated line of figures, and McFarlane Toys have shown off the first releases in their new Wizarding World of Harry Potter line. The first four figures will be Voldemort, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, all based off their appearance in the final film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part […]

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McFarlane Reveals New Fortnite Figures, Including Ragnarok

New Fortnite figures are coming soon from McFarlane Toys, following up on their successful launch. The four new highly articulated figures will come with character-specific accessories, and feature authentic sculpts to their in-game counterparts. Of the four, Ragnarok gets my attention, as that figure would fit into any figure display, let alone a Fortnite one. […]

DC Comics

McFarlane Toys Announces License to Produce DC Comics Figures

In another bombshell announcement prior to New York Toy Fair, McFarlane Toys has announced that they have acquired a license to produce figures based on DC Comics properties. And not just any figures, highly articulated, 6-12 inch figures. This comes a day after announcing that they will also be producing a line of Harry Potter […]

McFarlane Toys Announces New Line of Harry Potter and Wizarding World Figures

McFarlane Toys will debut a new line of figures and toys from the Harry Potter and Wizarding World series at New York Toy Fair later this week. The first wave of figures will consist of Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Lord Voldemort from The Deathy Hallows, and Buckbeak from The Prisoner of Azkaban. Read below a […]

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Collage

Check Out McFarlane Toys New Line of ‘Game of Thrones’ Figures

G.ame of Thrones fans and collectors may finally have a worthy figure line to the throne. McFarlane Toys have revealed pics and details for their first figures from the show: Daenerys, Jon, Arya, the Night King himself, and dragon Viserion will all be available. Each will come with character-specific accessories, tons of articulation, and GoT […]

McFarlane Toys Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Figure 4

Let’s Take a Look at McFarlane Toys Fortnite Cuddle Team Leader Figure

Fortnite holds zero appeal for me as a video game. Sorry to those that enjoy it, I am glad that you do. I found the game incredibly boring and unfun. What I do however enjoy about it are the character designs. Some of them are quite inventive, and figures and other such things were inevitably […]

McFarlane Toys Fortnite Figures

McFarlane Toys Fully Reveals Fortnite Figures, Up For Preorder Now

Fortnite fans, you can soon bring home your favorite skins as action figures from McFarlane Toys. Shown off at cons recently, they have finally revealed full images of the first of what will surely be many figures in their new Fortnite line. Four figures in all, and Rainbow Smash as a fifth if you want […]

Walking Dead NYCC Exclusive COllage

Walking Dead’s Princess of Pittsburgh Heads to NYCC

Walking Dead and NYCC go together like PB&J, and for years and years McFarlane Toys has been bringing sweet exclusives to the show for fans to get. This years however looks like one of their better ones. Juanita Sanchez, the Princess of Pittsburgh will be available at the show to purchase in two versions. The […]

McFarlane Toys Fortnite Teaser

McFarlane Toys Acquires License to Make Fortnite Figures and More

McFarlane Toys has joined forces with Epic to create a new line of products based on the mega-popular Fortnite game. The deal will include the ability for McFarlane to make not only figures, but statues and “high-end accessories”. So think role-play items, which would be a must for fans anyway. The teaser below features the […]

Stranger Things Ghostbusters Figure Box Set

Stranger Things Kids Ghostbusters Figure Set Hits Gamestop in October

Stranger Things fans: our ultimate figures of the Fab Four are here. The figure box set of the boys dressed in their Ghostbusters outfits from Season 2 by McFarlane Toys. They come with their homemade proton packs and traps, 14 points of articulation, great sculpting, and figures bases featuring the shows logo. This box set […]

barb dart stranger things toys

Stranger Things Barb and Adorable Dart Coming from McFarlane Toys

Stranger Things fan-favorite Barb is getting her own action figure. She comes with a Trapper keeper and features 12 points of articulation. She will be exclusive to GameStop. Also releasing from McFarlane Toys is an adorable squeezable Dart that has its mouth open when you squeeze him, revealing his teeth and such inside. Check out […]

stranger things dustin lucas toys

Stranger Things Faves Dustin and Lucas on Their Way from McFarlane

Stranger Things figures will be coming fast and furious from McFarlane Toys this year. We already got Hopper and Eleven, and next up will be Dustin and Lucas. The highly detailed figures, which will also come with a multitude of packed in accessories, will be available in stores and online later this month. While I […]