Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comic Fest Convention Center Evacuated in Response to Fire Alarm

Breaking news on the ground from Phoenix Comic Fest at around 7:45pm PST was that the convention center was evacuated in response to an alarm having been triggered and the public announcement system broadcasting a request for everyone to vacate the building. The event’s official social media accounts have expressed that the local fire department […]

‘American Gods’ Orlando Jones Appointed Cosmunity Chief Strategy Officer

Not to be outdone by the “didn’t-see-that-coming”  Chapterhouse/Jay Baruchel deal announced earlier this week, geek-connecting app Cosmunity announced that American Gods actor, razor-sharp twitterer and “King of Fandom” himself Orlando Jones has been appointed as the app’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Launched in early 2017, Cosmunity is a social-networking and peer-to-peer marketplce app that allows […]

Life After Star Wars: The Fillbach Brothers Talk About Their Own Graphic Novels

From Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30): I had first heard about the Fillbach Brothers through their collaborations with Joseph Michael Linsner on some of his Dawn comics in the ’90s. They followed that up with comics of their own from Sirius and then Dark Horse. They spent almost a decade working on the Star […]

Life On Mars With Mark Gardner And John J. Rust

From Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30): I had the chance to sit down and speak with novelists Mark Gardner and John J. Rust at Phoenix Comicon last month. I was eager to hear about the books they had each authored individually, and equally excited to hear that they had recently co-written a sequel to […]

A Better Way To Longbox – The Drawerboxes Of Rich Vincent

Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool: I have used the DrawerBox Storage System for years. When I first found them, I fell in love with how easy they made it to sort through and file my comics. Through the past few years, I have slowly replaced all of my traditional long […]

Kaiju, Cthulhu And The Music To Match – Talking To Keith Foster About Kodoja

Neil Greenaway (of Nerd Team 30) writes for Bleeding Cool: Kaiju have been around for a long time, and they have amassed a huge following over the years. There are thousands of movies, games, novels and comics dedicated to the stories of these monsters’ destructive powers. At Phoenix Comic Con last month I met a […]

Devil’s Due Comics’ Sherard Jackson Talks Diversity At Phoenix Comicon

Donald Guillory writes for Bleeding Cool: At conventions, I typically walk around looking for something to catch my eye. There seem to be endless moments when I don’t stop to look around at someone’s table, displays, items for sale. There are some ventures down rows of tables and booths where I don’t take a picture because […]

Local News Covers Awkward Interviews From Phoenix Comic Con

ABC15 Arizona covers the Phoenix Comic Con when it comes around as it did last weekend. On Sunday they ran a story showing what they called the Awkward Interviews at Phoenix Comic Con… a collection of interviews with costume wearing attendees, some of which are a bit awkward. It’s sad that in all of that coverage, […]

Phoenix Comicon Rival To Install Metal Detectors At Its First Show Next Year

Outlaw Comicon, the wannabe rival to Phoenix Comicon, operating out of the same Phoenix Convention Center next year has seemingly taken advantage of the arrest at the show this year of a man who had evaded security, armed to the teeth, intending to murder a celebrity guest and as many police as he could. As […]

The Fox News Phoenix Comic Con Security Story – Before The Arrest

This weekend, Matthew Sterling was arrested after making his way into the Phoenix Comic Con with a large arsenal and a stated aim to kill Jason David Frank. The arrest which happened after a friend of the suspect called the police after receiving messages from Sterling, after Sterling had made his way in and up […]

Jason David Frank

Power Ranger Jason David Frank Responds To Being Target Of Heavily Armed Suspect At Phoenix Comicon

More details have emerged via the Arizona Republic surrounding the arrest of Matthew Sterling,  who according to Phoenix Police arrived on Thursday at Phoenix Comicon carrying weapons with the intend to target specific individuals including Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank.  As noted in the probable cause filing against Sterling, weapons recovered from him included: A TWELVE GAUGE SHOTGUN, TWO 45 […]