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Jennifer Contino Leaves Comicon. Not Sure Where For. was one of the earliest big brand comic book websites, hosting both the likes of Newsarama and Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat, before both left for pastures new. And for several years Jennifer Contino has been writing news reports for the site. However, I understand she has now left, owed a tidy sum of […]

A Couple Of Joe Casey Interview Cuttings Swept Up From The Floor

Yesterday, Joe Casey gave an illuminating interview into how comic book marketing works, regarding his recent Superman/Batman comic being an Our Worlds At War Aftermath title. The piece suggests that “according to Casey, he wasn’t even aware that his “Superman/Batman” story was meant to be an aftermath of an event he himself wrote for years […]

FREE: Fall Out Toy Works #1 From Image Comics

As the third issue of the Fall Out Toy Works series looms upon us, Bleeding Cool is giving you the first issue of the series for free, followed by the first seven pages of the upcoming third issue. Fall Out Toy Works is by Brett Lewis and Sami Basri, with Sunny Gho and Imaginary Friends […]

Lawyers Demand Olivia Munn Comic Be Destroyed!!!

Olivia Munn is an American actress and TV presenter, best known for her work on Attack Of The Show – and she’s even got a part in Iron Man 2. Excellent geek creds all round. But it seems that yesterday Olivia Munn’s lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to online store Heavy Ink,over its sales Antarctic […]

Digital Comics Developers React To The iPad Announcement

Oh you thought you’d had enough iPadness had you? No such luck my fellow men. Here’s a runaround from Jim Shelley of some of the people who were talking up the possibilities the other week… Jim: After seeing Apple’s unveiling, what do you think of the iPad now? Mike Meyer Weasel Floss Studios I’d say […]

Swipe File: Fight Man and Chase Variant

I remember reading (and enjoying) this Evan Dorkin comic, coming off his excellent Bill And Ted comic book (now available in glorious black and white from Slave Labor) But clearly that front page gag must have stuck in my subconscious mind and was regurgitated a few months ago when naming… Apologies to Evan… and thanks […]

Friday Runaround From Cambridge To India

PaperWatch: The Guardian ask if the existence of Kick Ass will make Spider-Man 4 redundnant – and describe Kick Ass, rather wonderfully as Matthew Vaughan’s forthcoming adaptation of the little-known John Romita Jr comic book Which makes a nice change, no? UniWatch: Cambridge University launches a new institure to study children’s literature, everything from Victorian […]

Watchmen 2 – How Modern Journalism Works

So I run a well sourced story on Bleeding Cool that a series of Watchmen prequel/sequel comic book projects are being considered, even pursued, at DC Comics. Triple sourced from people who, naturally, do not wish to be named, a solid piece that reported on the current state of play, with a few illustrative aspects […]

The Untapped Movie Mine Of Vertigo Comics

“I will say that Vertigo is an area of great interest to me. It is even less well tapped than other parts of DC, and could potentially offer amazing stories for our future television video game, digital and consumer products businesses” – Diane Nelson Recently, Time Warner Inc. Chairman & CEO Jeff Bewkes stated that […]

VIDEO: International Kick-Ass Trailer

Here’s the international Kick Ass poster. Empire gives it five stars apparently. I’m still not allowed to tell you what I gave it, bloody embargo. Anyway, here’s the new international trailer…

Avengers Animation Gives Clues To Movie Lineup?

Froma publishing fair in Hong Kong comes this look at the Avengers teams for animation – seems a good way to get the kids used to differing continuities from the get go! Coud this reflect the upcoming movie cast? Obviously no Wolverine, and maybe Black Panther is his substitute in the slightly-older version of the […]

Brendan McCarthy Brings Paradax To Hollywood

I understand that London comic book creator Brendan McCarthy is currently in LA, taking  meetings with a number of  major film studios to pitch a top-secret animated movie project, developed with a big name comics writer. But he’s also talking about a motion capture CGI TV series based on his classic ‘bad boy’ superhero comic […]

Wizard Comic Con Gets Its Game On

Apparently a number of the Wizard World Comic Cons this year will be hosting what they call “Sanctioned Trading Card Gaming tournaments” Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, World of Warcraft TCG, basically that means big rooms of people playing card games, not reading/buying comics, with someone watching out for anyone who is being naughty. Oh and […]

Thursday Runaround – We’re Still Standing

MausWatch: Art Spiegelman is to give a lecture at the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium on the Dickinson College Campus, Carlisle, Pennsylvania today at 7pm on the evolution of comic books and their value in society, as part of their Morgan Lecture series. I’m told that the event has attracted so much attention and so many […]

PREVIEW: Mark Millar And Steve McNiven’s Nemesis #1

Oh like the servers didn’t need testing today anyway… ah well, in for a penny… a six-page preview of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Nemesis #1 coming out from Marvel. And did you know that after the success of auctioning off the name of the supercop in Nemesis #1 for charity, that Mark is considering […]

Get Ready For Watchmen 2

I’ve heard this one rumbling for a while now. First there was the story that DC Comics Publisher and President Paul Levitz had personally prevented any Watchmen 2 projects, because, despite their differences, he believed that as this would be against Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ wishes, it would cause very bad feeling in the […]

SPOILERS: That’s One Dead Avenger – Siege #2

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Okay that’s the spoiler space over. Now we knew there was a dead Avenger coming. The solicitations have been full of it, dire warnings about an upcoming Avenger death. Something called Fallen, it’s name ready to be changed on release of this important twist, and possibly the point on which […]

Rob Liefeld Draws Cover To Chase Variant… Variant

I gave you a preview of Chase Variant earlier today, my new comic published by Image in a couple of weeks or so. And somehow (I’m blaming my evil twin), MTV got the drop on the 1-in-10 variant cover by none other than Rob Liefeld. Rob created the first four-armed character I can recall, in […]

Publishing The Graphic Novel At NYU #1 by Dallas Middaugh

Dallas Middaugh is a comics industry veteran-turned-teacher. He writes for Bleeding Cool about his new course at the New York University. So the plan is that I’m going to be teaching “Publishing the Graphic Novel” for NYU this Saturday, and for two more Saturdays in February. It’ll be my second time teaching this class, and […]

Chase Variant Needs You – Preview, Précis And Retailer List

Chase Variant is a new oneshot comic book written by me, Rich Johnston, featuring the drop-dead gorgeous artwork of Saverio Tenuta and Bagwell. See for yourself… It’s a balls-to-the-walls action adventure featuring an armed-to-the-teeth multilimbed assassin being hunted down for her genetic assets. While simultaneously her world is formed and shaped by a card game […]