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Thursday Runaround – Diamond’s Building Sold, No Returns

BuildingWatch: The massive warehouse that Diamond Comic Distributors rents in Olive Branch, has been sold for twenty-one million dollars to AREA Property Partners. BribeWatch: Wired describes Marvel’s exchange of a rare variant cover for destroyed copies of DC’s Flashpoint spinoffs as a “bribe” to destroy DC comic books. StageWatch: Powerless is a superhero comic book […]

And Finally… Apathy In The UK

You know there’s been a lot of fuss in the news (and especially the American news it seems) about riots in England. Truth is, it hasn’t affected 99% of people. Most cities have seen no trouble at all. And even where there have been problems, it’s been localised to certain areas and streets. That’s not […]

Swipe File: Stan Lee’s Romeo And Juliet And Marek Okon

Here is the big cover image from Stan Lee’s Romeo And Juliet: The War, to be published by 1821 Comics in November. And here is an image by Marek Okon for ImagineFX, as part of an article on how to create sci-fi images, with a how-to guide. Looks like someone followed that guide a little […]

Scott Lobdell Asks Alex De Campi To Come Back

Scott Lobdell, upcoming writer of Red Hood And The Outlaws, Superboy and Teen Titans, writes for Bleeding Cool; There has been a lot of talk recently about Women In Comics… but what is even more exciting is seeing what some of these incredibly talented women do outside of comics. Today I am thinking of one […]

DC Comics’ Legion Flight Ring Giveaway In October

For every 25 copies of Legion: Secret Origin #1 by Paul Levitz and Chris Batista, comic book retailers can order a bag of 50 Legion of Super-Heroes Promotional Flight Rings. The idea is they can give them away with the comic… or sell them… or whatever they want really. So not only do you get […]

What If Jill Thompson Drew Supergirl, Batgirl And Wonder Woman?

This weekend, I bought my six year old daughter the new Lil’ Endless Storybook by Jill Thompson. Today she has mostly been drawing Despair and Barnabas. I’d love to by her something featuring Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Just saying. In case any beancounters are reading.

Marvel Makes A Digital Land Grab Ahead Of The DC New 52

In three week’s time, DC begins to publish all its superhero DCU (DC Universe) books as day-and-date digital, selling them on the same day in digital format as well as print, via their ComiXology App. Today however, Marvel have snuck in there first with a different offering. Making all their digital comics available on the […]

Now Marvel Teases The Return Of The Human Torch

There’s an October solicitation for a Fantastic Four poster by Joe Quesada that is blacked out in the Marvel Previews. Which is really handy for shops thinking about ordering it. Well, I think this is it. The cover to Fantastic Four #600, presumably. And it was blanked out for a reason.

How Marvel, DC And You Can Save The Comic Industry by Phil Hampton

Phil Hampton of Comics Academy writes for Bleeding Cool; This is with a message of hope for the future.  Or rather it’s a call for a change of focus to give this great industry a long and prosperous future. And the good thing is that, whether you’re a creator, retailer, publisher or consumer, you can […]

Squirrel Girl Gets A Fear Itself All Of Her Very Own

Not enough people remember than Steve Ditko and Will Murray created Squirrel Girl. A superhero with a big tail and the ability to control squirrels which, en masse, proved a rather powerful adversary. Rediscovered by Dan Slott for Great Lakes Avengers, she was an anachronistic, happy go lucky character who could, apparently, take down Galactus […]

Death Comes To Hellboy: The Fury #3 (SPOILERS)

There has been a lot of death in comics of late. Marvel even promised a death every quarter at one point. From Captain America to Batman to Ultimate Spider-Man to Aquaman to Bucky to… well, you get the idea. Usually they are played out as last-page-of-the-issue, shock horror, cliffhanger ending, albeit one teased for days […]

Preview: Castle by Brian Bendis, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Lan Medina

Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm: A Derrick Storm Mystery is the story within the story in comic book form, by Brian Bendis, Kelly Sue deConnick and Lan Medina, published next month by Marvel… And it doesn’t stop there, we also hear how a Marvel character will be appearing in Castle later this year, too. But for […]

War Goddess #0 And Lady Death #8: Boundless Plugs Of The Week

From Avatar’s sister company Boundless… today sees the launch of War Goddess #0 by Mike Wolfer and Pow Rodrix… here’s some solicitation and preview… Boundless unleashes our second on-going monthly series, written by Mike (Lady Death) Wolfer and featuring a whole new World that is populated by re-imagined versions of some of the most popular […]

A Look At Fear Itself #6… Courtesy Of Fear Itself #5

The new issue of Fear Itself gives us a look at things to come. Thor being given a lift home after a heavy night’s mead drinking, a bridge and Iron Man mixing up a potion with Merlin. But will it be alcoholic? And then we have a look at some other tie ins… Comics courtesy […]

Hellboy In Hell Coming In 2012 From Mike Mignola

May 2002 – Wizard “Mignola promises that we’ll find out exactly where Hellboy comes from and to whom he’s directly related to soon enough. ‘I’m going to explore all of this in detail in the next full length Hellboy mini-series, Hellboy in Hell,’ explains Mignola. June 2002 After seeing Lord of the Rings I realized […]

A Place In Space In Croydon Still Standing, Opening Again

Despite the wishes and advice from police and local service, the owners of A Place In Space in Croydon have got back into their premises. While fire did blaze down the street as a result of rioting, it stopped next door and A Place In Space has, very luckily emerged with full undamaged stock and […]

Wednesday Runaround – Bad Guys, Censors And The Kids

ByrneWatch: The cover to Cold War #3 from IDW by John Byrne. VillainWatch: DC’s The Source unveils some new villains appearing in issue 3s of the relaunch. 52Watch: The New 52 as seen by Art Balthazar in upcoming Teen Titans and previewed in Time Out Chicago. CensorWatch: The iPhone and the iPad seem to have […]