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Wonder Woman Loses Her Pants

Here’s the cover to the DC Comics DC Relaunch Sampler comic hitting stores next week. And Green Lantern spoilers at the bottom aside, Let’s check have a closer look at that Wonder Woman image and compare it with the one that was previously released. Looks like someone decided that by hook or by crook, Wonder […]

Superman #713 – The Return Of Kittengate

Bleeding Cool reported a month ago on what was dubbed Kittengate, the pulling of Superman #712 from the printers and its replacement with an inventory issue. Chris Sims of Comics Alliance compared the solicitation and promotion of the original issue and concluded that this was because of the appearance of the character Sharif, a Muslim […]

SCOOP: HD Trailer To Garth Ennis’ Stitched

This is the trailer to Garth Ennis’ Stitched, his short zombie/mummy war film, with an eye to a full length version being funded, and also launching a new comic book from Avatr. The film will premiere at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday evening, July 21, at 8:15 pm in Room 6DE. Garth will be […]

Liam Sharp Launches Madefire Publisher At San Diego

Comics writer/artist Liam Sharp and Ben Wolstenholme of Moving Brands, are debuting their new company Madefire at San Diego Comic Con next week. Sharp had previously founded a print publisher Mam Tor, which originally published my own Chase Variant comic originally. Liam tells Bleeding Cool; What I found with Mam Tor was that the costs […]

Is Marco Rudy The First Casualty Of The DC Relaunch?

The new October solicitations being dribbed and drabbed out through DC’s Source and friendly websites. And everything is looking pretty shipshape, exposed genitalia aside. One change appears to be Marco Rudy no longer being the listed artist on Suicide Squad #2, replaced by Federico Dallochio and Ransom Getty already. Other amendments include Al Barrionuevo assisting […]

Wednesday Comic Reviews: The Red Wing 1 and Captain America 1

Two comics about time travel and war, in very different ways. Out today is The Red Wing #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra and Rachelle Rosenberg from Image. As well as Captain America #1 by Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven for Marvel. The Red Wing is a troop fighting as part of a Time War. […]

The Nature Of X-Men Schism And A Look At #2 And #3

X-Men: Schism #1  by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco, is released today. We’ve been covering Schism since we first learned of it in February, and the Israel comparison is one we’ve been talking about. Cyclops sets down his take on things pretty clearly in issue 1, with Storm arguing the other case. Basically Cyclops is […]

Green Lantern #67 Sets Up The DC Relaunch Green Lantern #1 (SPOILERS)

It was the realisation a couple of months ago that War Of The Green Lanterns was less about plot, character and dialogue, but pretty pictures – and how that wasn’t a bad thing – that made me warm much more to Green Lantern of late. I was able to treat it in the manner of […]

Bendis And Bagley Make Me Cry Like A Little Girl

I rarely cry at TV or movie shows. Last time I blubbed properly was watching Doctor Who: Father’s Day with my three month old daughter in my arms. There was a certain welling up during Tom Stoppard’s Rock’N’Roll play. But it’s a rarity. But I’m not sure if it’s ever happened reading a comic book […]

John Byrne’s Cold War Gets Its Cover Blown

The Associated Press reports details on John Byrne’s upcoming book that Bleeding Cool teased previously, Cold War: The Damocles Contract, under the Michael Swann Dossier banner. The first issue of the four issue mini-series is published in October from IDW and stars ex-spook Michael Swann, working black op freelance for the British government in the […]

Wednesday Runaround – Who Will Kill Cock Robin?

CockWatch: From the solicited cover of Red Hood And The Outlaws #2. It’ll never make it to print. ThorWatch: The cover to the San Diego Comic Con exclusive version of Walt Simonson’s Thor: Artists Edition. Courtesy of Walt Simonson. BoothWatch: Com.X show off their booth livery for San Diego Comic Con. SongWatch: Gail Simone’s Yellow […]

Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung Fu In Video

A motion comic trailer for Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung Fu from Top Shelf Comix. It looks amazing with some well constructed fight scenes towards the end too. And the graphic novel debuts at San Diego Comic Con next week. If you’re still on the fence, you can read the first 250 pages for free right […]

San Diego Debut: Heaven’s Echo by Siike Donnelly

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con… Title: Heaven’s Echo Creators: Siike Donnelly Publisher: Arcana Available: Booth # High concept: From the cover… Imagine for a moment, turning on the television as you get ready for work. On it, you see a man throwing a car at a helicopter, or a girl flying through the sky. […]

A Comic Show – On Bendis And Fraction Being Sell Outs

Aaron, Beaten-Up Mike and new star Atom, given the chance to plug all his stuff, run through this week’s comics, flexing in their very hands. There’s palpable joy for issue ones of X-Men Schism,  Captain America and Ultimate Fallout, the end of the War Of The Green Lanterns and the planet-blowing-up habits of John Stewart. […]

Paul Jenkins On Being The Other Half Of David Finch’s The Dark Knight

So DC released their solicitations for Batbooks in October. And Paul Jenkins is listed as the writer on The Dark Knight #2 with David Finch as artist. A curious affair, since it was reported that this was David Finch’s big writer/artist project. So I had a wee Skype with Paul Jenkins. Who’s having a mad […]

Oh, So The Mighty Are Spinning Off In Their Own Series In December?

The latest Marvel teaser for something new in December, being announced at the Fear Itself Panel on the Sunday of San Diego Comic Con is making things clearer. Iron Fist, Dr Strange, both members of The Mighty in upcoming issues of Fear Itself... which will be finished in December. So is this a book spinning […]

Lee Bermejo Vs Lex Luthor’s Lies

Bleeding Cool understands that creator Lee Bermejo has called for the latest Italian print run of the recent Lex Luthor: Man of Steel collection to be withdrawn from sale. He told Comicus that he wrote a biography for himself for The Joker that quoted Daniel Day Lewis in the movie There Will Be Blood, in […]

San Diego Debut: The Walking Dead Board Game

Title: The Walking Dead Board Game Creators: Z-Man Games. Publisher: Image Comics/Skybound Available: Booth #2729 High concept: the opportunity to play Rick, Shane, Andrea, and other favorite The Walking Dead characters as they deal with zombies, collect supplies and pick up the pieces of their lives. Format: Board game for 1-6 players Print run: TBA […]

A Few San Diego Variant Covers From Image

We’ve seen some of the exclusive debuts as San Diego from Image, including Marksmen, The Infinite #1 HC and XXX. But what about the exclusive variant covers to existing books? What about those? Well I’m glad you asked. Let’s have the new Skullkickers HC Con variant, the Samurai’s Blood #2 SDCC Variant, the Artifacts #8 […]