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Whitechapel Challenge – Redesigning Jenny Greenteeth

The “Remake/Remodel” challenge, founded by Warren Ellis, gives artists of all abilities the opportunity to show-off what they can do in the midst of the vast community at Whitechapel. It’s quite simply the best, and certainly the best-read, of its kind. Every week participants are given the name of a character – often Golden-Age heroes […]

Power Girl Invades Attack of The Show’s Bustice!

One is a clear parody of the sexualisation of superheroines that repeatedly crosses the line in becoming that which it parodies. And the other is Attack of The Show’s Bustice. Now starring Power Girl. Warners? It’s a parody. Honest.

Ken Lashley On The DC Comics New 52 – “There’s Always A Reset Button”

Flash artist/writer Francis Manapul, Animal Man/Frankenstein writer Jeff Lemire and Blackhawks artsit Ken Lashley are profiled together by their local paper, The Star, in the light of the DC Comics New 52 relaunch. Manapul expressed his excitement. “The more you think about this initiative and the books that are spawning out of it, potentially what […]

Marvel Launches Android App Today

My inbox is often full of people asking me when Marvel will launch an App on Google’s Android system. I tell them I don’t know. We did report when some kind of Marvel service went live with ComiXology on Android by accident a week ago. It was a John The Baptist moment. Well, today, Marvel […]

NYCC Debut: Dead Man’s Party #1

Debuting at New York Comic Con… Title: Dead Man’s Party #1 Creators: Jeff Marsick (Writer) and Scott Barnett (Art) Available: Booth #2950 (Small Press area) High concept: It’s known as a Dead Man’s Party: an assassin puts a contract out on his own head and a handful of peers have thirty days to fulfill it. […]

Amanda Hocking’s Hollowland From Dynamite

Amanda Hocking is one of the true success stories of e-books, selling over a million of them, without having previous publishing experience or media exposure. So much so that she now has a two million dollar deal for her first physical books. First physical prose books that is. Because she’s also a comic book fan, […]

Did The DC Comics Relaunch Boost Marvel’s Sales?

Every month ICV2 take Diamond’s comparative sales figures and try to plug some actual numbers in, and extrapolate sales figures for the whole line. They have just released their figures for the month of September, including the DC Relaunch, and there are a few points to make. Now DC have stated that Batman and Action […]

The Evolution Of Ewoks And More, Courtesy Of Barney Stinson

Last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother featured Ted Moisby taking his Architecture class on a field trip, that ended up with Barney Stinson failing to give a lecture on the history and culture of the Ewok. He had to flick through his presentation really quickly, but here are the frames, preserved, with […]

Tuesday Runaround – Sigh

QuoteWatch: “I don’t have a copy of Watchmen in the house. I’m glad the work is out there in the world, having an effect, but it’s like I’ve gone through a messy divorce. – Alan Moore. QuoteWatch2: Things From Another becomes a testinomial case for buySAFE. “ utilized a split A/B testing methodology to […]

Avengers #1 From Brian Bendis And Mark Bagley?

You may have noticed that Marvel Films will be releasing a movie, The Avengers, next summer starring Samuel L Jackson, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Emsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlet Johannson and the like. With all that attention, it looks as if Marvel Comics thought they deserved a little as well. Bleeding Cool has been […]

Spoiling The Ending Of Avengers 1959 #1

It’s been almost a week. I think we can get away with this now. At the end of the first issue of Avengers 1959 by Howard Chaykin, the younger Nick Fury, after getting up to all sorts with his late fifties Avengers team, meets an unidentified Brit. Unidentified to some, maybe. And he may not […]

Lying In The Gutters – 10th October 2011

By Eve Johnston (6) By the next Lying In The Gutters, NYCC 2012 will be over… but for this week, if you want to get in touch while I’m in town (Wednesday to Thursday), you can email me on, text me on +44 7801350982,  leave a message for me at the New Yorker Hotel […]

Phoenix Jones Attacked By Stiletto – The Full Assault Video

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on the arrest of Phoenix Jones for assault, and his own claims that he was intervening in a street fight. Thankfully he had a camera crew with him, and they seem to back him up. Even if they didn’t when he was being attacked by a woman and her shoe. […]

Digital Delights – Chip Mosher Leaves Boom For ComiXology

JobDelight: I got a press release from Boom’s Chip Mosher earlier today, promoting Boom’s comic Outcast. By this afternoon, he was no longer at Boom, but had been named Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations and Business Development at digital comics distributor ComiXology. Boom! have seen their books published by ComiXology and also had their […]

Phoenix Jones Arrested For Assault

Bleeding Cool have covered the real life superhero antics of Phoenix Jones, who patrols the streets of Seattle challenging the like of drug dealers, car thieves and, now it seems, clubbers. He was arrested by Seattle Police yesterday morning after he is alleged to have pepper sprayed a group leaving a nightclu at at 2.30 […]

Dredd Goes Digest

Rebellion are to repackage a number of Judge Dredd tales in a manga-sized format for 2012 to appeal to a new audience generated by the Dredd movie. The first is The Cursed Earth Saga by Pat Mills, John Wagner, Mick McMahon and Brian Bolland and will be released in February, as Dredd tries to cross […]

The New York Post Spoils Wonder Woman #3 Big Time

This article has spoilers. Obviously. Today’s New York Post sees a DC-arranged spoiler, talking to Wonder Woman writer Brian Azzarello and co-publisher of DC Comics, Jim Lee. *** SPOILER SPACE *** SPOILER SPACE *** SPOILER SPACE *** SPOILER SPACE *** SPOILER SPACE *** SPOILER SPACE *** That should do it. Anyway, in the paper, we […]

Robert Rodi To Write Jack Kirby’s Dragonsbane

In January, Dynamite are publishing a new Kirby Genesis series, Dragonsbane, by Thor‘s Robert Rodi and Fritz Casas, with Alex Ross and Jack Herbert covers. Here’s the promo; Spinning out of the epochal events of KIRBY: GENESIS comes the saga of Sigurd Dragonsbane, the greatest champion in all Valhalla. Since time immemorial tales of his […]