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Phoenix Jones Trains His Successor, Nightstick

Real life super hero, Phoenix Jones, after revealing his secret identity, Ben Fodor, has also revealed he has a sidekick, called Nightstick to patrol the streets of Seattle with him. Foder befriended Nightstick in the mixed martial arts world and, according to Fodor, has phsically broken up criminal behavior and handcuffed a drug dealer to […]

NYCC: The Arkham City Panel

Eric Glover writes for Bleeding Cool Salivating fans of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game got a tasty new tease of its highly anticipated sequel Batman: Arkham City on Friday, as well as some behind-the-scenes reveals by Rocksteady Studios creators and voice actor Kevin Conroy. The event kicked off with Arkham City’s launch trailer, and followed […]

Glénat Sells Glénat SPAIN In A Management Buyout

The Spanish branch of one of the bigger French comics publishers, Glénat, has been bought out by its management, led by Felix Navarro and Joan Sabaté (pictured). Initially, Glénat decided to sell the branch to Panini, but the Spanish board was against the move  and so intervened themselves. The move has just been announced at […]

The Fantasy Teaming Of Munchkin And Skullkickers

Skullkickers was a major fantasy comic book launch by Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huangfrom Image last year that Bleeding Cool played a small part in popularising. Munchkin is a major fantasy card game with a game Munchkin Skullkickers will launch next year, as the lead characters fight their way through the World Of Munchkin. It […]

Three New Image Books – Fatale, Hell Yeah And Mind The Gap

Three books. Hell Yeah from Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz,  Mind The Gap by Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo (Morning Glories covers) and Sonia Oback, and Fatale from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (previously Bleedingcooled back in September) We were shown the Hell Yeah tagline, “If you see something say something” seems to be the tagline […]

NYCC – The Vertigo Visions Panel

Josh Kopin reports for Bleeding Cool from New York Comic Con. The Vertigo panel began with a search for editor Karen Berger and, when she could not be found, Shelley Bond and Will Dennis got started by introducing the various panelists. Karen walked in during the middle of the introductions, made a joke at her […]

Jim Lee To Design Free Comic Book Day T-Shirt 2012

This is the normal Free Comic Book Day in the first half of 2012, not the new Hallowe’en Free Comic Book Day for one year’s time. But Justice League bestselling artist Jim Lee will be designing the official shirt. I would be surprised to see a little Justice League in the DC Free Comic Book […]

New York Comic Con Sold Out For The Weekend… Except When It’s Not

The New York Comic Con has been justifiable boasting about its sellouts for the weekend, with only Friday tickets available this morning. Odds are they will be a bit on the scarce side as well. Well, the owner of Bleeding Cool, William Christensen on Avatar would like me to point out that there are Avatar […]

Action Presidents!

Bleeding Cool reporter Josh Kopin lets us know the news from the floor of New York Comic Con that Fred Van Lente And Ryan Dunlavey’s next book will be Action Presidents!, a thematic sequel to their Action Philosophers. Basically imagine this, but with top hats, combat jackets and wheelchairs.

Heather Kenealy And Stephen Green Win The MTV Stan Lee Seekers Competition

Heather Kenealy, the Marvel zombie comic shop clerk who has been running reviews of the DC Relaunch first month on Bleeding Cool has won the competition to find a new writer for Stan Lee’s The Seekers comic from MTV. And we couldn’t be more proud! Her work will be published and she’ll earn a very […]

NYCC Debut: Don’t Be Afraid

Title: Don’t Be Afraid Creators: Cover by Darick Robertson & Richard P. Clark; Writers: Dan Rivera, Joe Sergi, Joshua Osborne, Justin Heggs, and Eric Drumm. Interior art by Randy Valiente, Cecilia Latella, DaFu Yu, Jonathan Zajdman, and Marc Jameson Publisher: Elevator Pitch Press High Concept: All people have one thing in common, hiding deep within […]

The Joe Casey/Nathan Fox HAUNT Ashcan From Image

The Haunt comic from Image was very much definitely by Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo, whose work has a certain sympatico quality. The new team on the series however brings a very different sensibility. Artistically, somewhere halfway betweenMike Allred and Duncan Fegredo. It’s a radical jump for the book, but one that deserves to bring […]

Friday Runaround – The Distant Spoils

StanWatch: This is Reggie The Veggie Crocodile, from Stan Lee’s new kids comics line from 1821, launching at San Diego Comic Con today. The comics, including canine cops The Fuzz Posse were created by Stan Lee and 1821’s Paris Kasidokostas Lastis and Terry Dougas. Dani Jones has also brought his Monsters Vs Kittens comic to […]

NYCC Debut: Neonomicon TPB by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows

Title: Neonomicon TPB Creators: Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows Publisher: Avatar Comics Available: Booth #1930 High concept: What if the horrorific fantasies of HP Lovecraft were far more than that, and reflective of another reality – and one that FBI agents find themselves both investigating, and being investigated by. A horror story worthy of the […]

The Last Original Art Of Kevin Maguire?

Along with hundreds of comic book artists, Kevin Maguire has a table in Artists Alley at New York Comic Con, where he is selling original artwork. Buy it while you can, this may be his last. Kevin told Bleeding Cool that, along with the likes of Brian Bolland and Dave Gibbons, he is going digital […]

NYCC Debut – Epic #1 by Tyler James and Matt Zolman

Title: Epic #1 Creators: Tyler James (story) and Matt Zolman (art), with Vic Moya (inks) and Arsia Rozegar (color) Publisher: ComixTribe Available: Booth #2537 (Small Press Area) High concept: A freak accident gives teenager Eric Ardor incredible abilities, letting him become the masked superhero EPIC. Unfortunately, he’s just discovered his only weakness…beautiful girls! While other […]


Title: NOBODIES, Volume 1 Creators: Ed Brisson, Ray Bruwelheide, Cairns, Richard S. Carbonneau, Leo Castaneda, Anat Even-Or, Habbenink, Renee Keyes, Alvaro Lopez, Vic Malhotra, Erin Mehlos, Elizabeth Morris-Julien, William Morris-Julien, Victor Ochoa, Ben Passmore, Xurxo G. Penalta, Ben Philippe, and William Tempest Publisher: DRAWMORE INC. Available: Booth #3040 (small press area) High concept: A refreshing […]

NYCC Debut: Buffalo Speedway by Yehudi Mercado

Title: Buffalo Speedway Creator: Yehudi Mercado Available: SuperMercado Comics Small Press Table #3048 High Concept: The day is June 17th 1994. Today the Rockets will battle the Knicks in the NBA Finals, America will host the World Cup and OJ Simpson will lead the LAPD on a slow speed chase. A perfect storm of events, […]