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Avatar Plug of the Week: Crossed Family Values #5

It’s been a busy week on the Avatar/BC campus, and this preview might’ve gotten by me except of course, as Lapham says — you know it’s Crossed Day when the you sick fucks tweets start. So when I got this reminder from a friend, I knew it was time to get this plug posted. Dear […]

The Terrible 25 of Pre-Code Comic Book Horror

You see a lot of lists like this around Halloween, and most of ’em are fun to glance at, but they largely all cover the same unhallowed ground  every year — EC’s (deserving though they are) and a small handful of other well-known classics. There is an entire lost world of vintage comics out there […]

Walking Dead Pre-Game Runaround

Firstly, here’s the last chance to keep Bleeding Cool on the Walking Dead board.. please check it out. Okay plug done. And no, I’m not talking about the Vikings/Patriots game… much. But it’s been a Zombie kind of week on the BC US campus. Drunken costumed Halloween revelers stumbling around the neighborhood due to the […]

John Carpenter On Board for Darkchylde Film

Things are looking good for the film version of Randy Queen’s 90s-era classic Darkchylde comic. It’s been a couple years since WETA entered the picture, Newsarama revealed some WETA test footage for the film this summer, and now a press release has John Carpenter signed on to direct. Queen had this to say: “I’m beyond […]

Sinestro Corps Keeps Fear Alive at Stewart/Colbert Rally

With key congressional elections just days away, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert staged a rally to — in the Washington Post’s words — “redeclare Americans’ ability to get along and work together, regardless of their ideological differences,”  and poke fun at the typically overheated media conversation that surrounds US politics in the process. The rally […]

Wowio Granted Patents for eBook Advertising

In what would appear to be a huge coup for the company, digital comic and eBook publisher Wowio has been issued a Notice of Allowance for a group of 32 claims covering a range of ad-supported eBook concepts and implementations. According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, a Notice of Allowance indicates that “it […]

New Hulk TV Series Being Developed for ABC

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop tonight that Marvel and ABC are prepping Hulk for a return to television, with Cloak and Dagger also being developed for ABC Family. Punisher is apparently being discussed as a possible cable tv series. Hulk is one of two projects that are priorities at Marvel Television, Marvel Studio’s TV […]

Is This the Most Significant Piece of Comic Art Ever Offered in a Public Sale?

Even in a comic collecting subculture which has developed an unimaginably complex set of rules about how it attempts to assign value, the original art market is considered mysterious. Top-end pieces often trade hands in private transactions for undisclosed amounts. The existence and provenance of major pieces is often relegated to friend-of-a-friend rumor, and just […]

Rumor: Marvel Following Suit in Cover Price Drop?

News is surfacing from ICV2’s Digital Comics panel that Marvel may be dropping prices in January 2011 as well. According to The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald, Marvel’s David Gabriel cites digital comics as one reason for the move. Rich has just landed in NY, so we’re certain to have more coverage of what is quickly turning […]

DC Comics Dropping Cover Prices to $2.99 in 2011

Well, the NYCC week news is fast and furious today.  Here’s a DC bombshell: Beginning January 2011, DC Comics will implement a line-wide pricing adjustment, lowering the prices of all standard length 32-page ongoing comic book titles currently priced at $3.99 to $2.99, it was announced today by DC Comics Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan […]

Stan Lee To Create 30 New Superheroes for The Guardian Project

Rich was just mentioning a couple days ago how busy Stan is these days, and this is just the latest example.  30 new superheroes, one for each NHL franchise. The pr: Stan Lee’s vision for his latest superhero franchise, The Guardian Project, which will encompass the creation of 30 Guardians (one to represent each NHL team) […]

New Comic Releases For 10/13 — What looks good?

Here’s next week’s new release list courtesy of  Vince at Diamond’s PREVIEWSworld site. Hm, looks like a light week for me. I may have preordered Magnus and Turok as I’m a Valiant junkie from way back.  I’ve been meaning to catch one of these Skullkickers #1 printings also.  What are you getting? DARK HORSE COMICS […]

New Trailer for Grandville Mon Amour

As reported by BC in August, Grandville is returning for a second installment this year called Grandville Mon Amour. The 108 page hardcover created by Bryan Talbot is set for release in December, and here’s the new trailer promoting the release: And here’s a preview of the material: Grandville Mon Amour is scheduled to hit […]

Comic-Con To Stay In San Diego

News is breaking tonight that Comic-Con International has chosen to stay in San Diego, at least through 2015. The San Diego Union-Tribune says: Ultimately, Comic-Con International’s decision to stay, which will be announced Friday morning, hinged on detailed contracts negotiated with the 64 convention block hotels committing them to prescribed, discounted rates through 2015. Concerns […]

Bob Harras Named EIC of DC Comics (UPDATE)

UPDATE from Rich: Last week Bleeding Cool reported that this position was about to be filled – though we didn’t know by whom. But choosing Bob Harras as the new editor-in-chief is interesting for two big reasons. First, as X-Men editor, it was on his watch that Jim Lee became the superstar (and now Co-Publisher […]

The Morning After Sharktopus Runaround

Half the industry was watching Sharktopus on SyFy last night, it seems, and according to twitter it was somewhere in between that bad and so-bad-it’s-good area. That was probably the point, but it makes me wonder why no one’s doing anything with the Pre-Hero Marvel Monsters on TV yet. Somebody get on that, please. Meanwhile, […]

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Legion of Substitute Runarounds — Saturday

Rich is off to the Treviso Comics Festival for a few days, and I think the industry may be catching its breath a bit this weekend anyway — but there’s always some links: An Audience With The Oracle: Director Patrick Meaney Talks About Getting Grant Morrison On The Record I first heard about Grant when […]

More Shake Ups at Warner Bros

As Barry Meyer promised last week, Warner Bros continues to roll out structural changes, these coming on the heels of yesterday’s DC Comics-focused announcements. Among today’s changes: NEW YORK, September 22, 2010 – Jeff Bewkes, Chairman and CEO, Time Warner Inc., announced leadership changes at Warner Bros. to position the company for succession. As part […]

Warner/DC vs Disney/Marvel: Game On?

Barry M. Meyer, Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, told attendees at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications & Entertainment Conference that DC will be playing a significantly expanded role in the company’s business, according to the Hollywood Reporter: Meyer relayed the story of such a meeting while talking about how DC was […]

1936: An Industry On The Brink

The past few years have been good times for comics historians, particularly for those interested in seeing how comics were bought, sold, and read throughout our industry’s history. Google’s Life Magazine archive has been a treasure trove of images of comics on the newsstand and elsewhere, and even flickr has turned up some interesting surprises […]