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A prophecy says that in the comic book industry's darkest days, a hero will come to lead the people through a plague of overpriced floppies, incentive variant covers, #1 issue reboots, and super-mega-crossover events.

Scourge of Rich Johnston, maker of puns, and seeker of the Snyder Cut, Jude Terror, sadly, is not the hero comics needs right now... but he's the one the industry deserves.

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Hellmouth #4 [Preview]

Angel Has Some Splainin to Do in Hellmouth #4 [Preview]

It seems like it was just last year that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was rebooted at BOOM! Studios, but Buffy and Angel are already involved in a super-mega-crossover event: Hellmouth. And what is a super-mega-crossover event without shocking revelations? So last issue, Buffy learned the truth about Angel: that he’s secretly a vampire. And as […]

Valkyrie #7 [Preview]

In this Preview of Valkyrie #7, Marvel’s Medics Must Save Marvel Itself

Valkyrie #7 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Al Ewing, Jason Aaron, and Pere Perez. And as we see in the preview below, the stakes are high in this important comic. That’s because one of the most important characters in the history of Marvel is dying, and that death could have extreme […]

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #1 [Preview]

Police Brutality in Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #1 [Preview]

Jessica Jones: Blindspot #1 is out from Marvel Comics next week. Well, out again we should say, as this series was first released digitally and is now coming to print in single issues. From Kelly Thompson and Mattia De Iulis, we’ve got a preview of the issue below, in which Jessica Jones finds an unpleasant […]

Comics Publisher Claims Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Tip for Food Delivery

Online malcontents frequently complain that the comics industry never criticizes liberals, but comics publisher Domino Books has proven them wrong, taking to Twitter to call out a Democrat with very serious allegations of disappointing behavior. In fact, the publisher has claimed that Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, doesn’t tip for food delivery. Domino […]

Runaways #29 [Preview]

Revealing Doc Justice’s Dark, Dark Secret in Runaways #29 [Preview]

Things have been going great for the Runaways lately. Without a place to live, the team was taken in by rich superhero Doc Justice, allowed to live in his mansion. Even better, the Doc has been training them to be professional superheroes, even allowing them to wear the costumes of his old kid superteam, the […]

A Deadly Bee Weapon... My God! in this Ant-Man #1 First Look Preview

A Deadly Bee Weapon… Bees. My God! in this Ant-Man #1 First Look Preview

Marvel is launching a new Ant-Man series this February, but how do you up the ante (no pun intended) for a character who’s already starred in two major motion pictures? The answer is simple: by adding ants’ natural enemy: bees. That’s what we see in this first look preview of Ant-Man #1… As Scott Lang […]

2019 Wolverine’s Weiner X-Pick of the Year: Most Overrated X-Men Relaunch

Each week in X-ual Healing, Bleeding Cool’s weekly X-Men recap column, we choose the X-book which that week provided the most satisfying X-Men reading experience, filling one’s belly like a juicy sausage grilled by a hairy Canadian with his adamantium claws on a hot Summer day. As we enter the new year of 2020, and […]

And Now a New Power Pack Series, From Ryan North and Nico Leon

And Now a New Power Pack Mini-Series, From Ryan North and Nico Leon

Following the news this afternoon that Eve Ewing and Simone Di Meo will relaunch Champions following Marvel’s Outlawed one-shot, the House of Ideas has now announced a new Power Pack mini-series to be written by Ryan North with art by Nico Leon, also spinning out of that event. This time, Marvel chose to reveal the […]

Eve Ewing and Simone Di Meo Launch New Champions Series at Marvel

Eve Ewing and Simone Di Meo Launch New Champions Series at Marvel

Marvel has announced the new Champions series we’ve all been waiting for, and as expected, coming off successful runs on Ironheart and Ms. Marvel Team-Up, Eve Ewing will write the book spinning out of the Outlawed one-shot and setting the direction for Marvel’s teen heroes, with Simone Di Meo on art. Marvel media partner Screenrantcrush […]

Spy Island Chelsea Cain

Chelsea Cain Cain Returns to Comics Again with Spy Island at Dark Horse

Will the third time be the charm for the comics career of Chelsea Cain? The first time around, Cain ended up quitting Twitter in 2016 following backlash to Joelle Jones‘ cover to Mockingbird #8 where the character wore a t-shirt with the slogan “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda.” Cain returned a few years later […]

The Wilt Chamberlain of Symbiotes in Venom: The End #1 [Preview]

The Wilt Chamberlain of Symbiotes in Venom: The End #1 [Preview]

Wilt Chamberlain was one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but he’s equally as well known for another thing: his claim of having had sex with more than 20,000 women. Chamberlain has little competition in that area, from mere human mortals, at least, but when it comes to alien symbiotes in the Marvel […]

Could This Be Our First Look at Leah Williams’ New X-Book

Connecting the Dots on New X-Books by Leah Williams and Vita Ayala

The last time Tom Mueller tweeted a piece of a logo, it reignited speculation about the long-running theory that Wolverine has two dicks, one for f**king and one for making love, paving the way for a flood of indisputable evidence in this theory that Bleeding Cool has covered in a series of investigative reports. The […]