Author: Erik Amaya

Iron Giant Returns To Theatres; Blu-ray Announced (Updated)

I saw Brad Bird's feature debut, The Iron Giant, at the time of its release in 1999 in a mostly empty theater at the old AMC Century City 14 in Los Angeles. It was a brilliant film largely ignored at the time. Bird went on to direct The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. […]

Star Wars Takes All The IMAX

Today's Star Wars report — which I'm thinking of calling "Imperial Dispatch" — takes us to this article in The Hollywood Reporter in which they reveal the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will screen in all the IMAX theaters in North America during its first month of release. It will also appear on […]

Podcast: Tread Who Perilously Series 2 – Episode 6

Tread Perilously is a weekly "worst of television" podcast hosted by Erik Amaya and writer Justin Robinson. They discuss poor decision making in the form of episodic television. Previously centered on the Lifetime limited series The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, lifelong Doctor Who fan Erik decided to subject Justin — a watcher of exactly two 2014 […]

Home Video: Manimal Complete Series in November

Manimal was one of those shows people just seemed to know about when I was in college. Or, rather, they knew the show was something of an embarrassment to NBC. The network aired it from September to December 1983 and it had a remarkable second life airing on the then-named SciFi Channel after The Misfits […]

Joaquin Phoenix and M. Night Shamalyan Re-team for New Film

Joaquin Phoenix will re-team with his Signs director M. Night Shyamalan for an untitled project, according to The Hollywood Reporter. They also confirm Shyamalan will direct the picture, produced by Jason Blumhouse, whose Blumhouse Productions brought us such films as the Insidious series, Oculus, and award-darling Whiplash (perhaps the scariest of the lot). The project […]

Luke Cage Villain Revealed In Story Breakdown

The character Willis Stryker, aka Diamondback, will appear as a villain opposite star Mike Colter in the first season of Netflix's Luke Cage series according to Heroic Hollywood. Anonymous sources provided the website a story breakdown which states: "Luke Cage is a former gang member who is framed for a crime. In prison, he volunteers […]

Michael Fassbender Thinks Different In New Steve Jobs Poster

Universal sent over this new poster image for the forthcoming Steve Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender as the Apple mastermind, Seth Rogen as computer wunderkind and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, a member of the original Macintosh team. Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Danny Boyle, the film paints a […]

Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer: Co-Stars, Co-Writers

Nearly free of her franchise commitments to The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence tells the The New York Times she and Amy Schumer are co-writing a film for the pair to star in. "We play sisters," she expalined. "We're almost done writing. It just flowed out of us. We've got about 100 pages right now." After […]

Mads Mikkelsen Not Rogue One Villain

In the English-speaking world, actor Mads Mikkelsen has a reputation as a screen bad guy. He has that presence that serves the face of evil well in big budget films. He also made people take notice of the Hannibal TV series. It seems natural he would don an Imperial uniform in the upcoming Rogue One: A […]

Kong: Skull Island Adds Jason Mitchell

The cast of Kong: Skull Island expands again as word comes via The Hollywood Reporter that Jason Mitchell — Straight Outta Compton's Eazy-E — is in negotiations to join the expedition. He will join the previously announced Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Toby Kebbell and Compton castmate Corey Hawkins on the journey to the primordial, […]

Wes Ball To Film Fall Of Gods

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Maze Runner director Wes Ball will direct Fall of Gods for 20th Century Fox. The project, based on a crowdfunded illustrated novel from Denmark, centers on Vali, a retired warrior "tending to his farm and trying to forget the battles he fought…and the crimes he committed. But one day […]

Animators Lawsuit Against Major Studios Moves Forward

It's hard out there for an animator. Stories of terrible working conditions and low pay abound. Many do it for their love of the medium despite insane deadlines and the meager wages. Whether the artist is working on an animated feature or special effects for a blockbuster, it is clear the work is often devalued […]

Home Video: James Spader On the Age of Ultron Set

Avengers: Age of Ultron was not one of my favorite summer movies this year. It wasn't even my favorite Marvel summer movie this year, but it had a handful of great ideas, like casting James Spader as Tony Stark's unleashed id in the form of Ultron. Now that could be just because I'm a big […]

Luc Besson Talks Valerian

While discussing the nature of his distribution company, director Luc Besson, of The Professional and Lucy fame, told Deadline a little bit about his ambitious project, Valerian. "This is such an adventure for me, and I know it's really a turning point. This is a huge film. It's expensive. It's in 3D. It's on IMAX," he said […]

Gabriel Chavarria On The Planet Of The Apes

20th Century Fox's reimagined Planet of the Apes franchise is one of the more creatively successful relaunches. Both films take the premise of the fourth and fifth films in the original series and present the creation of ape civilization in genuinely intriguing ways. Also, they showcase the talents of Andy Serkis and truly stunning visual […]

Chiwetel Ejiofor "Excited" for Doctor Strange

This is what happens when actors are asked about projects on the horizon. Chiwetel Ejiofor tells Entertainment Weekly that he's excited to reunite with Benedict Cumberbatch when they shoot Marvel's Doctor Strange. The two appeared together in 2013's 12 Years A Slave, for which Ejifor received an Academy Award nomination. As announced at the D23 […]

Man Of Steel 2 On Permanent Hold?

We all know there's a certain trepidation regarding Superman as an on-going film concern. Since the aborted Superman Lives, Warner Bros. made a concerted effort to rethink the character for the sake of the perceived belief that modern audiences find the whole concept hokey. Zach Snyder's 2013 Man of Steel was the culmination of that […]

Lea Seydoux To Join Gambit

Deadline reports actress Lea Seydoux is in talks to play Bella Donna Boudreaux in Fox's Gambit solo film, starring Channing Tatum as the Cajun mutant of X-Men fame. Created by Jim Lee and Scott Lobdell, Bella Donna and Gambit have a star-crossed lovers past filled with rival guilds, arranged marriages, angry lashing out and Gambit's […]

More Kylo Ren, First Order Details Emerge

As Star Wars: The Force Awakens becomes part of the daily menu of film news, Empire offers a few tidbits from their upcoming issue and interview with director J.J. Abrams concerning the identity of the film's apparent Dark Side baddie played by Adam Driver and the Imperial-looking army backing him. First, as many have assumed, […]

Quentin Tarantino Talks Hateful Eight, Timely Westerns

In a wide-ranging interview with New York Magazine, director Quentin Tarantino talks about the rush to complete his eighth film, The Hateful Eight, and the inadvertent timeliness of westerns, among other topics. As of the interview, "a little bit more than a hour" is complete and now the rush is on to meet the January […]