The Daily LITG – 15th September 2019, Happy Birthday Donny Cates

The Daily LITG – 15th September 2019, Happy Birthday Scott Dunbier

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday Marvel Comics Cancels Their Future…. Foundation “The Orville”: What the Series Can Teach “Star Trek: Discovery” [OPINION] Doomsday Clock #12 – […]

"Gaslands: Refueled" to be Released Soon!

“Gaslands: Refueled” Hits Highways on September 19th!

Osprey Publishing, a publisher known for their model-agnostic games such as Frostgrave, Gaslands, and others, is coming out with a re-release for Gaslands, their take on a post-apocalyptic car-driven wargame. It’s called Gaslands: Refueled, and it’s slated to come out in book form in the next five days, on September 19th, 2019. According to, the website […]

Over My Dead Body – an Image Comics OGN by Jay Faerber and Simone Guglielmini

Comic book writer Jay Faerber of Noble Causes, Titans and Copperhead has a new original graphic novel out from Image Comics in January. With art from his collaborator on Image’s Near Death, Simone Guglielmini and Gigi Baldassini, coloured by Ron Riley and cover by Jacob Phillips. Jay posted to Twitter saying, I’ve got a new […]

Roxas Has Returned to save "Kingdom Hearts" with New Bring Arts Figure

Roxas Has Returned to Save “Kingdom Hearts” with New Bring Arts Figure

Roxas and his storyline can be quite confusing for the most part. Summed up, he is the “ghost” of Sora after the events of Kingdom Hearts. His ghost looks like another man from the past, Ventus. This is because 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts, Ventus lost his heart and child Sora answered is […]

nancy drew

“Nancy Drew”: Meet Nancy’s “New Crew” – One of Them Might Be a Killer [TEASER]

With Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage’s Fake Empire, and CBS TV Studios’ new take on Nancy Drew set to follow the team from Riverdale on The CW‘s Wednesday nights beginning October 9, fans are learning a little more about the mysteries that surround Horseshoe Bay, Maine. When a current murder shows possible supernatural connections to the town’s dark […]

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Gingerbread Family Gets Nice and Cozy with New LEGO Set

Gingerbread Men and Women are fast, so fast that you can’t catch them. LEGO is flipping the script with them this year though. They are all enjoying a peaceful and quiet life with their new beautiful house. However, they will need your help to build it though! LEGO has just revealed a sweet treat for […]

Venom: First Host #3 Second Printing Rockets In Price Despite Venom #18

Venom: First Host #3 Second Printing Still High In Price Despite Venom #18

The appearance of the Sleeper symbiote in Venom #17 and #18, with a connection to Dylan, Eddie’s son suggested that the two would hook up in #18. And create a new symbiote relationship. A living codex with its own powerful symbiote. And that’s certainly what writer Donny Cates seemed to back up earlier in the […]

Enjoying "Windjammers 2" & "Streets Of Rage 4" At PAX West

Enjoying “Windjammers 2” & “Streets Of Rage 4” At PAX West

During PAX West we paid a visit to the folks at Dotemu to check out Windjammers 2 and Streets Of Rage 4 just to see where they were at. We’ll start with Streets Of Rage 4 where I jumped in with another member of the press to mess around with some new levels. I dove […]

better call saul

“Better Call Saul”: Rhea Seehorn, Giancarlo Esposito Confirm Season 5 Filming Wraps

While fans of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould‘s Breaking Bad prequel/sequel/parallel series Better Call Saul patiently await the official premiere date for the series’ fifth season return in 2020 (as well as speculate over rumors that the sixth season will be its last), series stars Rhea Seehorn (Kimberly “Kim” Wexler) and Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo “Gus” Fring) shared some good news […]

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Hulk Becomes the Time Stone in Walmart Exclusive Funko [Review]

Hulk did what he had to do to u so what Thanos has done. He took the sacrifice and embraced the power of the infinity stones. Funko has done it again with their newest Walmart Exclusive Chrome Hulk figure. A lot of collectors lately have voiced their adamant opinions on how bad they hate chrome […]

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Why I Brought Ichabod Jones Back From The Dead

Russell Nohelty writes, Seven years ago, I finished production on the first arc of Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, and I thought that would be the end of my little psychopath’s story. I was wrong. Ichabod could not be contained in just one arc. The book came out in 2015, after a successful Kickstarter in 2014, […]

Bleeding Cool Has Bought The Snyder Cut

Bleeding Cool Has Bought The Snyder Cut

You cannot have avoided the fact that Bleeding Cool ‘reporter’ (and I use that term advisedly) Jude Terror has a bit of a thing about the cut of the Justice League movie put together by the movie’s original director Zack Snyder before he left the project and Joss Whedon took over, reshot and re-edited. He […]

New Wave of “Avengers: Endgame” Funko Pop Figures Incoming 

“Avengers: Endgame” Gets a New Wave of Funko Pop Figures

Avengers: Endgame was a cinematic landmark! It builds a world and Marvel built a universe inside the comfort of a movie theater. Being a huge fan of Funko, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, collecting Funko Pops Marvel is my main collection. I mean it could be called an obsession but that is just the collecting […]

DC Collects All of George Perez's Wonder Woman in an Omnibus, Then His Superman

DC Comics Collects George Perez’s Adventures Of Superman in Hardcover

We mentioned that DC Comics was upping its ante when collecting Wonder Woman in May 2020, ahead of the June release of the Wonder Woman 84 movie. May will see the previous announced Wonder Woman: War of Gods Omnibus Hardcover collecting his big crossover event. But it’s not the only big George Perez collection in […]

Enjoying Arena, and How You Should Too - "Magic: The Gathering"

Enjoying “Arena”, and How You Should Too – “Magic: The Gathering”

I wrote up an article exactly one month ago about the new innovations which Magic: The Gathering: Arena is slated to roll out for the near future. If you recall from that article, in 2020 Wizards of the Coast will be implementing a number of changes to their competitive structure both online and on the tabletop. […]

Donny Cates Receives Three Greatest Birthday Gifts

Donny Cates Receives Three Absolutely Perfect Birthday Gifts

Today is the most important holiday in all of comics! That’s right, it’s the birthday of global entertainment superstar, fashion icon, and former Bleeding Cool reporter Donny Cates. And the Absolute Carnage writer is having a pretty great day, by all accounts. That’s because Cates has received three of the greatest gifts anyone could ask […]

Black Cat is Stealing Our Hearts with New Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Black Cat Is Stealing Our Hearts with New Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Black Cat has always been an interesting character since here 1st appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #194. She already knows how to get Spidey on her, yeah and he falls for her every time. This newest statue by Sideshow Collectibles is defiantly a work of art. This 16” statue shows Black Cat running away from […]

DC to Collect William Messner-Loebs’ Wonder Woman Comics

Comic book writer William Messner-Loebs seems to have had the worst luck when it comes to healthcare and housing. Best known for his work on The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Epicurus The Sage and The Maxx, comics work has dried up just when he needed it most, He has been helped by the charity […]

We Explore A Little Bit More Of "Young Souls" At PAX West

We Explore A Little Bit More Of “Young Souls” At PAX West

Back when we tried out Young Souls at PAX East 2019, we mainly got exposed to the battle portion of the game. At PAX West 2019, we saw a lot more. The game has you as two siblings who have been trained to fight evil as they go to save someone near and dear to […]

Cranking It Out: We Tried PlayDate At PAX West 2019

An appointment at PAX West 2019 that kind of came out of the blue was when we got a chance to play with the new PlayDate handheld console from Panic Inc. Ever since the tiny crank-based system was introduced a few months ago, we’ve been curious what exactly we’d get as far as games. We […]


COSPLAY 9-1-1: 5 Things This Cosplayer Needs You to Know Before NYCC [OPINION]

Hi there! This is your friendly neighborhood cosplay kid here, Always Adriel Cosplay. I’m not in the game so much anymore, but before I was a world-renowned television commentator/reviewer for Bleeding Cool? I was super active in it not so long ago and still hold costuming, conventions, and the culture close to my heart. For […]

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We Messed Around With Google Stadia During PAX West 2019

One of the surprise appointments I was able to book for PAX West 2019 came in the form of meeting with Google Stadia reps and playing on the platform. During the meeting, I had a chance to sit down and play a couple of games on the system as we tried out DOOM Eternal and […]

Rob Liefeld Says Goodbye to the X-Men With Love Letter to Claremont/Byrne/Austin

Rob Liefeld on Todd McFarlane: “And People Give Me Hell For My Feet”

Superstar artist Rob Liefeld has taken to Twitter to call notice to feet as drawn by fellow superstar artist and fellow Image founder Todd McFarlane after someone posted an old McFarlane Spider-Man drawing where Spider-Man has unnecessarily pointy feet. And people give me hell for my feet! — robliefeld (@robertliefeld) September 14, 2019 This […]

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Our Reality Is Warped With “Superliminal” At PAX West 2019

It isn’t too often we get a game at a convention like PAX West 2019 that messes with our vision, but Superliminal managed to pull that off a tiny bit. Created by Pillow Case Games, this is a first-person puzzle game that got a little bit of early buzz from the trailer you see below, […]

Doomsday Clock #12 – In Or Out Of Continuity?

Doomsday Clock #12, the final issue of the unauthorised comic book sequel to Watchmen by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, published by DC Comics, will be out on the penultimate Wednesday of 2019. Just in time for Christmas Day. And in the wake of the unauthorised TV sequel on HBO. So, yes, that will continue […]

Who's Driving The Van? We Played "Moving Out" At PAX West

Who’s Driving The Van? We Played “Moving Out” At PAX West 2019

Team17 came to PAX West 2019 with an armada of games, but the big one they showed off was unannounced until the con as we played Moving Out. This is a four-player scramble game in which you all play employees of a moving company. Your job is to go in as a team and move […]

DC Comics' 5G is Definitely Still a Thing

DC Comics’ 5G is Definitely Still a Thing. But What?

Back in June, Bleeding Cool made the first mention of something at DC Comics called 5G. I’d like to say straight up that I still have no idea whatsoever what 5G is, at a push I may guess it is something like the fifth generation of superheroes at DC Comics – Golden Age, Silver Age, […]

We Played "The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics" At PAX West

We Played “The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics” At PAX West

One of the absolute surprise joys we got at PAX West 2019 was having En Masse Entertainment bring The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance Tactics. When this game came onto our radar along with the Netflix series, I was ecstatic. Not just the fact that a game was being made off of a Jim Henson […]

The Purrrrfect Shooter: We Are The “Cat Lady” At PAX West 2019

VIZ Media and Rose City Games brought with them the most adorable twin-stick shooter to PAX West 2019 in the form of Cat Lady. This is one of those games that the minute you see it, you either fall in love or thinks it’s ridiculous. We went with the former back when the game was […]

Love N Life Tops 100 Comics Read Digitally on Graphite in August 2019

For the second time, this is the Top 100 list of the most-read comics on new digital comic book reader Graphite which offers comics for free with ads, or ad-free for a small fee. Mark Waid‘s Irredeemable drops from number one to number three as webtoon newcomers to the app, Love N Life from Kirinu and […]

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" - Top Five Sexy Scenes That Slayed [OPINION]

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: 5 Sexy Scenes That Slayed [OPINION]

Back in the day, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the sexiest shows on broadcast television. Airing on the fledgling WB network, Buffy and the equally angsty Dawson’s Creek set the tone for the channel. But Buffy pushed boundaries right from the start. The dark lighting, abundant black leather, and sizzling chemistry between stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and David […]

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Exploring A New Spot In “Journey To The Savage Planet” At PAX West

The second game that we got to have a little bit of fun with at PAX West 2019 from 505 Games was Journey To The Savage Planet. The demo we played was a bit of a co-op adventure as you explore a planet filled with alien creatures you’ve never dealt with before. The premise of […]

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

The Death of the Marvel Universe in This Guardians of the Galaxy #9 Preview

Things are heating up in Guardians of the Galaxy and the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe as we race toward Guardians of the Galaxy #12 and the Annihilation Scourge super-mega-crossover event. We’ve got a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy #9, in stores next week from global entertainment superstar Donny Cates and Cory Smith. […]

"The Goldfinch" Review: A Lifeless and Boring Slog

“The Goldfinch” Review: A Lifeless and Boring Slog

The Goldfinch is a boring slog of a film where it non-linear storytelling somehow makes it even more incoherent. Director: John Crowley A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy Upper East Side family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a lot […]

We Gave "Indivisible" A Shot During PAX West 2019

We Gave “Indivisible” A Shot During PAX West 2019

During our time at PAX West 2019, we had a chance to visit with our friends over at 505 Games. The first of two we got to try out at their booth was Indivisible. This is a cool little action-platforming RPG in which you play as a young woman trying to save the world from […]

Rob Liefeld Says the Watchmen Movie is Better Than the Comic

Rob Liefeld Says the Watchmen Movie is Better Than the Comic

Yesterday,one of the most entertaining comic book retailers Dennis Barger posted on Facebook, that the Watchmen movie was the best thing that director Zack Snyder ever did. It’s an arguable point, certainly, though some will prefer 300, Batman Vs Superman or even Sucker Punch. Barger added “I loved the changes I’ll tell you why for […]

"Stranger Things" Is Officially Coming To "Dead By Daylight"

“Stranger Things” Content Will Be Added To “Dead By Daylight” Next Week

Those of you wondering when Behaviour Interactive will finally add the Stranger Things content to Dead By Daylight, wonder no more! For the past few weeks, the content has been sitting in the test servers as people have been able to play in the Hawkins National Laboratory: The Underground Complex. The devs have been testing […]

Let's All Read Excalibur #31 in the Light Of HOXPOX

Let’s All Read Excalibur #31 in the Light Of HOXPOX

Ah, Excalibur #31, published in the early nineties, in the dark, dark days of the between-Alan Davis runs of that mutant spinoff. I’ve been rereading a few in an attempt to find the first US mentions of Marvel being the 616 universe. Excalibur #44 is out earliest so far. Any previous? But during which I […]

Nightwing and the Teen Titans Are Coming Soon to Kotobukiya 

Nightwing and the Teen Titans Are Coming Soon to Kotobukiya 

Nightwing is the one man to rise outside of Batman’s shadow. He learned the ways to channel his loss and grew from it. DC Universe is has brought the spotlight back on Dick Grayson with the new Titans show, a show that I highly recommend! Kotobukiya helping bring more focus on Dick as well with […]

Has Anyone Else Lost Their Marvel Unlimited History?

Has Anyone Else Had Their Marvel Unlimited History Deleted?

There’s a Bleeding Cool reader… let’s call him Gerry. Because that’s his name. He is a subscriber to Marvel Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat streaming service for Marvel Comics back-issues, which also lets you download titles, lets you know which titles you have read and lines up new comic books. Well, this is how his conversation went […]

Bring Your Lightsaber Fantasy to Life with Ultrasabers [Review]

Bring Your Lightsaber Fantasy to Life with Ultrasabers [Review]

The lightsaber, the iconic Star Wars tool of the Jedi and the Sith. Each one is special to their owner and each detail gives you the essence of who that warrior is. Ultrasabers is a company I happen to come across while at Wizard World. The company is known for letting create your own lightsaber […]