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The Avengers’ last hope lies in a series of suicide missions across the realms, starting with the rescue...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/20/2019

But also no sign of Brian Azzarello's Suicide Squad relaunch in May 2019 solicitations, so we will see...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/18/2019

It sounds like we all might have spoken a bit too soon when it comes to James Gunn's new Suicide Squad...

By Kaitlyn Booth, on 02/15/2019

Harley Quinn was the breakout character of Suicide Squad and giving her an all-girls spin-off is a fun...

By Kaitlyn Booth, on 02/14/2019

There are also reports that Harley Quinn won't be returning to Suicide Squad, which isn't really a bad...

By Kaitlyn Booth, on 02/13/2019

Squad #56 (1991) Superman and Batman vs....

By Rich Johnston, on 02/09/2019

. #6 Killmonger #4 Archie 1941 #5 Curse Words #20 The Curse of Brimstone #11 Suicide Squad...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/08/2019

Squad, which will NOT be a sequel to David Ayers 2016 Suicide Squad, and will instead reimagine the...

By Mary Anne Butler, on 02/01/2019

Pictures The Suicide Squad, which Gunn wrote the script for....

By Mary Anne Butler, on 01/30/2019

And lastly, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad (relaunch of David Ayers' Suicide Squad film) has a release...

By Mary Anne Butler, on 01/30/2019

And that he managed to survive to fight another day in Suicide Squad?...

By Rich Johnston, on 01/30/2019

This could be for one of two reasons: maybe, because Batman saved Harley in Suicide Squad from the sinking...

By Mary Anne Butler, on 01/29/2019

"There Will Always Be Another Dante" ARROW/The CW Lyla and Diggle are putting together Suicide Squad...

By Joey Mills, on 01/29/2019

Harley with raver babe styling is much much better than the Suicide Squad booty shorts, but we're still...

By Mary Anne Butler, on 01/28/2019

Angry when Diggle tells her that he's just recruited Diaz for a new iteration of Ghost Initiative, the "suicide...

By Joey Mills, on 01/21/2019

Collects SUICIDE SQUAD #59-66....

By Rich Johnston, on 01/19/2019

SQUAD #49 $3.99 DC 73 102 27.70   SPAWN #292 $2.99 IMA 74 55 27.40   MERRY X-MEN...

By Rich Johnston, on 01/18/2019

Squad #50 Man Without Fear #3 Marvel Comics Presents #1 Firefly #3 House of Whispers #5...

By Rich Johnston, on 01/18/2019

Squad, Grifter and WildCATS Ryvre Hardrick of G-Mart Comics, Chicago Charles Yoakum, inker on...

By Rich Johnston, on 01/18/2019