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George Paul Gatsis writes, The elevator pitch, if you happen to be on a crazy fast up and down...

By Rich Johnston, on 03/04/2019

George Peter Gatsis, Cerebus fan, collaborator with Dave Sim and creator of spinoff media, has been working...

By Rich Johnston, on 05/29/2018

George Peter Gatsis is one of the thousands of followers of J....

By Rich Johnston, on 07/30/2016

So George Peter Gatsis has been creating a model for a Cerebus action figure for quite some time...

By Rich Johnston, on 02/11/2015

And giving that ball-riding robot a little more screentime, Thank you George Peter Gatsis......

By Rich Johnston, on 12/04/2014

From George Peter Gatsis and Daniel Grant, the first draft design for an upcoming Cerebus action...

By Rich Johnston, on 08/30/2014

George Peter Gatsis has taken the pirate version, improved the art, and put it up for sale from

By Rich Johnston, on 06/03/2014

 - George Peter Gatsis ++++++ Bleeding Cool has always since it's inception provided a platform promoting...

By Rich Johnston, on 06/01/2014

The activation of the world's most powerful computer virus, the film is being created by George Peter Gatsis...

By Rich Johnston, on 04/07/2014

George Peter Gatsis writes; Greetings everyone, George Peter Gatsis here, with a unique opportunity...

By Rich Johnston, on 09/28/2013

And even Gatsis' own work may do the job....

By Rich Johnston, on 07/25/2013

Sincerely, George Peter Gatsis

By Rich Johnston, on 07/03/2013

AMAZING DESIGN Via George Peter Gatsis, a Steve Ditko fifties comics cover with a familiar left panel...

By Rich Johnston, on 06/24/2013

George Peter Gatsis, recently famed for his work on Digital Cerebus, takes us through the creation of...

By Rich Johnston, on 04/22/2013

George Gatsis developed the CEREBUS PAGES IN THE WILD program ( to try to...

By Rich Johnston, on 12/27/2012

George Peter Gatsis writes to Bleeding Cool, regarding the recent news of a fire, which destroyed Cerebus...

By Rich Johnston, on 08/28/2012

Scanning the original art and comics DAVE FISHER, who edited the Cerebus TV show GEORGE PETER GATSIS...

By Rich Johnston, on 06/30/2012

Grayscale AND 600 dpi CMYK and forward the digital files to me on disk by escargot mail or to George Gatsis...

By Rich Johnston, on 06/20/2012

Literally Hundreds Of First Look Images From Transit Thanks to Grace Randolph, George Peter Gatsis...

By Rich Johnston, on 01/23/2012

Sincerely, George Peter Gatsis

By Rich Johnston, on 01/22/2012

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