When Richard Meyer Tried To Gaimansplain Neil Gaiman Over His Own Career

Last week there was a bit of a Comicsgate howl of rage against a decision by Marvel to hire academic, writer and visual artist Eve L Ewing to write IronHeart, the new ongoing series starring Riri Williams, with the thrust of the message being that no one gets hired to write an ongoing comics series at Marvel […]

Kickstart My Heart by Siike Donnelly

     Siike Donnelly writes for Bleeding Cool; Some of the regulars to this site know my story. Brain aneurysm. Flat-line. Relearned to walk and talk. Lost my ability to draw. Granted, I was still pretty amateurish and still had a long way to go before becoming an artist, but I did always want to […]

Lulu Awards For Long Beach Comic Con 2010. Bring Swimwear

There’s been a lot of queries about the state of comic industry female activist/awareness pressure group Friends Of Lulu, with current President Valerie D’Orazio talking about folding down the organisation, after various expressions of frustration. However, that all seem to have done a 180 degree turn of late, with the organisation announcing the Lulu Awards […]

Lying In The Gutters – June 14th 2010

Lying In The Gutters Another week, with major Bleeding Cool changes to come… what’s been going down where, why and when. 1. On Set Footage From Thor Sir Anthony Hopkins in a eyepatch. And a very very big Thor indeed… 2. VIDEO: Batman XXX A Porn Parody – The Official Trailer For the sixth week […]

Marvel Discounts 1300 'Rare' Variant Covers to Retailers

Marvel Comics Discounts 1300 ‘Rare’ Variant Covers to Retailers

The Diamond Retail Summit 2019 in Las Vegas kicks off tomorrow, where comic book publishers, creators, activist groups and Diamond Comic Distributors all pitch up to talk about the comics industry with comic book retailers from around the world (but mostly North America). Which is a good time for Marvel Comics to discount a tonne […]

Snoop Dogg Reciting the ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Opening Wins Our Week [VIDEO]

When NBC‘s long-running police drama Law & Order: SVU first premiered in 1883 as a telegraph-based monthly series, the show’s future didn’t look too promising. Yey through two world wars, the civil rights movement, and parachute pants, the show not only survived but prospered. Sadly, Time has a tendency to fuel our loss of appreciation […]

The Full DC Comics Catalog for December 2018 + Solicitations

DC Comics’ December 2018 solicits – the full magazine catalogue, in video, in image and then followed by the text solicitations.   THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 written by SCOTT SNYDER art and cover by JOCK variant cover by BEN OLIVER blank variant cover available “A Batman who laughs is a Batman who always wins.” Left […]

Jesus Should Have Been a Superhero – Talking to Mark Russell

By Mike Sangregorio writes: Mark Russell is the writer of such titles as the late lamented Prez revival (with artist Ben Caldwell) and, from DC’s Hanna-Barbera line, the Flintstones (with artist Steve Pugh). This year he was nominated for Eisner awards in three categories, including Best Writer. Though he unfortunately did not win, he still […]

Marvel Zombie Returns in Full Marvel Comics October 2018 Solicitations

It’s time for Marvel Comics’ October 2018 solicitations — and it’s all gone Spider. Seriously, how many Spider-launches do you make this? Vault of Spider I hadn’t heard of… Then there’s more Infinity Warps, new Shuri, Black Panther vs. Deadpool, Shatterstar, X-Men Black, What Ifs…. and — wow — Marvel Zombie. Singular. You know, the […]

Full Details of All 254 Friday Panels at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Are you making a list? Checking it twice? Here are the agonising decisions that those going to San Diego Comic-Con 2018 will have to make on the Friday of the show. Which panels to go to and which to have to miss. At least they have the option… Friday, July 20 10:00am BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment […]

The Full DC Comics Catalogue for July 2018 – Batbells Are Gonna Chime…

Here’s another way of looking at the DC Comics solicitations for July 2018, the DC catalogue that will be seen alongside next week’s Previews, complete. In which Dan Jurgens has moved from Action Comcis to Green Lanterns with MIke Perkins, Batgirl leaving Burnside for Gothamis , Kenneth Rocafort surprisingly returns to Sideways, the New Age […]

The Full DC Comics Catalog for June 2018 + Solicits – Preludes and Weddings

Here’s another way of looking at the DC Comics solicitations for June 2018, the DC catalogue that will be seen in next week’s Previews, complete. HAWKMAN #1 Written by ROBERT VENDITTI • Art and cover by BRYAN HITCH • Variant cover by STJEPAN SEJIC Retailers: These issues will ship with two covers each. Please see […]

The Full DC Comics Catalogue for May 2018

Here’s another way of looking at the DC Comics solicitations for May 2018, the DC catalogue that will be seen in next week’s Previews, complete. DC NATION #0 • BATMAN wedding prelude written by TOM KING with art by CLAY MANN • JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE PRELUDE written by SCOTT SNYDER, JAMES TYNION IV and […]

Top 500 Most-Ordered Comics & Graphic Novels of January 2018

Here are the Top 500 comics book and Top 500 graphic novels and trade paperbacks as ordered by comic stores in North America from Diamond Comic Distributors as part of the direct market, for the month of January 2018. And you can see Doomsday Clock and Metal well ahead of the pack. But Avengers, Walking […]