"Stardew Valley" Sold a Whopping 10 Million Copies Worldwide

"Stardew Valley" Sold a Whopping 10 Million Copies Worldwide
Credit: ConcernedApe

We all know Stardew Valley is popular, but now it's nearly quantifiable.

The game just passed an important milestone. It's reached over 10 million copies in sales ever since it first debuted in February 2016. That's 4 million more than the last time any sort of sales figures were reported, and that's quite impressive.

It's even more so when you look back into the game's history and realize it's mostly the work of one man: Eric Barone. No, he's not a member of the Everybody Loves Raymond cast, but he goes by the name of ConcernedApe. He worked on the PC version nearly solo for that long and later on had it published through Chucklefish on several platforms, even mobile devices.

Barone then took over publishing and everything else, for that matter, for several aspects of the game. And it continues to be a farming sim powerhouse. In fact, who knows how many copies it will have sold by the time the next update rolls around?