The Return Of Deadline Magazine – Again

Four years ago, we started to hear about a revival of the classic comics-and-music magazine Deadline that originated the comic character Tank Girl by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. It featured reprints of American strips like Hate, Love And Rockets and Milk & Cheese. It profiled the British music industry and rising bands, through Madchester and into early Britpop and crossed over the audiences for both. And it was utterly brilliant.

Created by the late Brett Ewins and the late Steve Dillon, carried on by Si Spencer and Dave Elliott, it also gave us Wired World by Philip Bond, Planet Swerve by Glyn Dillon and Alan Martin, Hugo Tate by Nick Abadzis, Cheeky Wee Budgie Boy by Jon Beeston and Philip Bond, Timulo by D'Israeli, A-Men and Space Boss by Shaky Kane, Johnny Nemo by Peter Milligan, and much more. Dark Horse reprinted much of the comics side and originated new work as Deadline USA. Gorillaz was inevitable lovechild, as that's how Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett met – the latter interviewed the former for the magazine – and they then moved in together in 1997. It came, it was published from 1988 to 1995.

And a revival has been threatened for some time, as Missed Deadline. Since then, there have been releases of character ideas and logos, cover designs, burlesque profiles, agony aunts, previews of lined up comic book strips, funding and even a music festival. But all went quiet for a while. It kind of missed its deadline. Now, however, it seems it's full speed ahead, all tank turrets blazing.

We'll be watching…

The Return Of Deadline Magazine - Again

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