Is BioWare Teasing a New "Mass Effect" Remaster?

Is BioWare Teasing a New "Mass Effect" Remaster?
Credit: BioWare

Okay, BioWare. Time to 'fess up. Are you hiding something Mass Effect-related behind these recent tweets you've been posting? Because it certainly seems like you are.

Earlier today, the official BioWare Twitter account posted a scene from the beginning of the original Mass Effect along with a caption tagged "#MassRelays." The tweet had no additional information, but it certainly looks like BioWare is teasing some kind of reveal. We're way too far out from N7 Day for it to be a "celebration."


Previously, the official BioWare account also teased something with an additional quote from the Mass Effect series as well as a photo of the Normandy.

All of this certainly looks to point to a potential release, perhaps a remastered collection of Mass Effect 1-3, or something similar. After that God-awful Mass Effect Andromeda poked its head out, Mass Effect fans deserve something to sink their teeth into, after all.

We'll be keeping an eye out on BioWare's social channels to see what's going on and update you accordingly. Hopefully all this teasing ceases and there's some sort of actual announcement soon. It's getting to be like Jennifer Aniston claiming there's a Friends reunion special coming at this point.