Square Enix is Opening a Theme Park That's Unrelated to "Final Fantasy"

Square Enix is Opening a Theme Park, But It's Not Related to "Final Fantasy"
Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix is hard at work opening its own large-scale theme park, but it doesn't have anything to do with Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, or even Kingdom Hearts.

But it's still a pretty cool idea – the theme park will be opening in Tokyo Tower, and will be packed with special ninja-themed attractions. It's called Ninja Tower Tokyo, and it's in the works right now.

According to Square Enix's Live Interactive Works, the location is perfect for the theme, since Tokyo once had a special village full of ninja in the Edo period that protected a mausoleum filled with the shogun's personal guard.

Unfortunately, there's very little we know about Ninja Tower Tokyo right now, so hopefully additional details are still coming down the pipeline. Maybe if this theme park does well, hopefully some theme parks based on some of Square Enix's biggest properties will be on their way soon enough.