Nintendo Spent $46m In U.S. Television Advertising In 2019

All those Nintendo Switch consoles and games that got bought this year came at a relatively affordable price for Nintendo. At least, in the United States. The report comes from Venture Beat, who broke down advertising in the U.S. for all major forms of entertainment. In the Video games area, Nintendo made up only 14.6% of the overall total in 2019, while Sony made up 34% and Microsoft 31.3%. The company's two major competitors spent a combines $3.07 billion while Nintendo only spent $46 million. Even if you divide that in half between the two companies, it means Switch advertising only cost the company about 4.6% of what the others paid.

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Credit: Nintendo

Basically what we're getting to here is that Sony and Microsoft spent a hell of a lot of money on advertising this year. While Nintendo spent a fraction of their individual amounts and managed to get pretty decent results out of it. Don't expect those numbers to change much either as both companies have new consoles they want you to buy next holiday season.

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