Psylocke and Havok Join Another Dysfunctional X-Men Team in March

Yesterday, we told you about Marvel's latest teaser for a new X-Book featuring what the House of Ideas claims is the most dysfunctional X-team ever. The teaser showed what appeared to be eight characters in silhouette only, with a promise that Marvel would reveal new characters at noon each day of this week.

Well, the first reveal is out, and it features Havok and Psylocke.

Psylocke and Havoc Join Another Dysfunctional X-Men Team in March

Havok, we had guessed based on his iconic headgear, and in retrospect, we should have suspected Psylocke, but since she's starring in Fallen Angels which is supposedly only going on a break in February, we didn't realize she'd be joining another X-Team so soon. We're not sure how that bodes for Fallen Angels. As far as dysfunction, Psylocke is used to that from Fallen Angels, and Havok has featured in multiple dysfunctional X-teams, including X-Factor and in the most recent Astonishing X-Men run.

As we noted yesterday, we're betting Nanny and Orphan Maker are featured in the middle there. Is the one with the tail Squirrel Girl? And is that Mister Sinister on the bottom right? Some of our commenters suggested both of those, along with Vulcan, Emplate, Feral, and Wild Child. Tell us what you see, and we guess we'll find out more tomorrow.

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